Maria Sharapova Love Story is Incomplete With 3 Men

Relationships are really complicated. It might not always end up being a nice one. It’s like a game. You either win or consequently end up losing the games. Today we will share Maria Sharapova love story.

The Birthday Bash

Maria Sharapova is a famous Russian tennis player. Her first ever public known relationship was with Maroon 5 Singer Member Adam Levine. The two met during Sharapova’s 18th birthday party during the year 2005. And there began the dating. But it didn’t last long and ended up after few dates.

Must-Read Love Story

The First Engagement With Sasha Vujacic

Sharapova got along with the basketball player Sasha Vujacic in the year 2009. Furthermore, the two were really supportive of each other’s professions. Likewise, has also been at the venue during various matches.

The two announced their engagement in October 2011 after two years of dating history. Sharapova revealed in August 2012 that the two had called off their engagement.

Relationship With Grigor Dimitrov

Sharapova started dating tennis player Grigor Dimitrov in late 2012 itself. This was after the broken engagement. The two tennis players dated for two years and ended their relationship in July 2015. One of the players revealed that the two wanted to focus on their career. And this was the reason why they broke their relationship.

Sharapova and Alexander Gilkes

In early 2018, Sharapova was noticed with another person. With Multimillionaire business executive and the president and co-founder of paddle8, Alexander Gilkes.


And the rumors say that the two are currently dating each other. Maria Sharapova love story is still incomplete.

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