Katy Perry Has a Controversial Broken Love Life

Katy Perry Has a Controversial Broken Love Life

Beauty with voice Katy Perry is known for her superhit songs. She is a beautiful diva with a beautiful love life. Katy has a colorful life with so many boyfriend and a husband. Although Katy did not express her love life very publicly. But according to controversies and bizarre news we somewhere know little but more. So let us ride on the love life of Katy Perry. Katy’s love life is somewhere very dramatic. Come with me and out some romantic drama. Here is Katy Perry love story.

Katy First Love Johnny Lewis, {2005-2006}

Katy and Johnny dated each other for one year only. Their one-year romantic relationship could not go so long. But Katy was in love with Johnny madly.

katy perry love story

She had to end the relationship because of her career. Actually Johnny was in trouble but Katy could not help her. In fact, Johnny’s premature death in 2012 broke Katy deeply.

Most of her song is inspired to her memorable love life with Johnny.

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Katy Second Love Travie McCoy {2006-2007}

After the death of her first love, Katy was lucky to find true love again. This time she found love as Travie. Both were in love very deeply and seriously. In fact, the situation was like exchanging the ring.

The couple looks made for each other type. Together they look great. But after living in a relationship for a year. Katy decided to end the love story. Although the couple did not share the reason behind the breakup.

Katy Sent Breakup Mail

Travie did not expect rude behavior from her girlfriend. Katy did break up with Travie over an email. She sent harsh and rude breakup mail to Travie. For Katy, it was wasting time and energy with Travie. Travie was not more than a f**king guy for Katy.

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Katy Marriage & Divorce With Russell Brand {2010-2011}

After an on-off love life, Katy was expecting constant love life. Fortunately, she got true love as Russell Brand. Katy Perry love story again. The pair met in October 2010. And after four months of dating, they decided to become life partners. They married in 2011.

Katy perry love story

Unlucky Katy

After one and a half years of marriage, Russell expected divorce from Katy. In fact, Russell told Katy for divorce via text message on new year’s eve in 2011. Although Katy loved Russell more than herself. Katy did not tell the reason of divorce publicly. She hides it as a bad memory.

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Katy On-Off Love John Mayer {2012-2014}

After heartbroken divorce, Katy fell in love again. This time she exchanged her heart with John Mayer. But this relationship was nothing more than an on-off love relationship.

katy perry love story

It was like break up, patch up for Katy. This relationship left Katy frustrated. Although she tried best to keep alive the relationship. But somewhere John did not wish to maintain the love.

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Break up-patch up Romance

Katy-John came in contact with each other in 2012. Then split within a month of the relationship. But they came together again in 2013 valentines’ day. This time Katy spotted with love ring. And the pair apart again in march 2013. But in June 2013 they reunited again.

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In October 2013 Katy flaunt her diamond engagement ring. Dramatically they split again in February 2014. But again in 2015, they started dating each other. But finally, they broke up. John was nothing more than a frustrated love partner for Katy.

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