Warning Signs Of Unhealthy & Toxic Relationships

Signs of unhealthy and toxic relationships

Relationships face various situations where the dynamics change between the two partners. It is very obvious that all of us want a healthy and happy relationship with our partner. But not everything that we want we get. Today I am going to share the top signs of unhealthy and toxic relationships. Some of these I also have experienced previously.

It can be natural to have one or two signs of these. But unhealthy and toxic relationships generally show multiple signs from these top signs. And you will see that the signs are very much present in your relationship. But if you were unable to understand those, I am here to help you guys.

signs of unhealthy and toxic relationships.

Read this article where I have listed top signs of unhealthy and toxic relationships. And do not worry if you find out that your relationship is unhealthy. Because at the end of the article I will give you some advice to fix your unhealthy and toxic relationship. And for that come and read along with me.

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Relationships are not only based on love, but it is also based on trust. You have to work on your relationship with your partner to have a healthy relationship. You can not expect your relationship to be always smooth. But that also does not mean that your relationship is always having problems and fights.

signs of unhealthy and toxic relationships.

Having serious problems in a relationship in every other day is not an ideal thing. You are maybe wondering that are these signs normal to have or not. And for that, I am giving you a list so that you can find whether you are in an unhealthy relationship or not.

1. You two do not have emotional support from each other

In a relationship, it is very important to have your partner’s emotional support. Because sometimes we face difficult situations in life and it is important to have someone’s back.

We can handle everything on our own but having that support from our loved one is really essential. It makes us even more strength to face any situation.

But if you are facing hard situations and you see that your partner is least bothered about your situation, he or she probably is not your ideal match. Because when we love someone our natural instinct is to support that person through thick and thin.

But if in your case you hardly see that your partner has your emotional back, it is not the right relationship for you. And that is because your partner does not feel any emotional connection with you. If they felt it, they would have there for you in your rough situation.

signs of unhealthy and toxic relationships

So, if you are facing these constant emotional vulnerabilities even though having a partner, it is better for you two to step out of that unhealthy relationship. Because you deserve emotional support too even if you two just have started dating.

2. Your partner intentionally is creating distance between you and your loved ones

I know a relationship and a partner is important in all our lives. But our family and friends are important too. They have a special place in our lives and they will always have that special place. Because without them our lives seem to be incomplete.

But when your own partner is distancing you from your family and friends and that too for intentionally, nothing can be more horrible than this. It can happen because maybe your partner does not like your family and friends.

But that does not mean your partner has the right to create any distance between you and your loved ones. Because your family and friends have as much importance as your partner has.

Only when your family is harmful to your life, your partner can distance you from them. Because that will be for your own good. But friends always support us in every situation and we need them in our lives.

So, if you are feeling after the entry of your partner, your family and friends have exited from your life, it is not good for your life. You will always need your loved one in your life. And when you understand that this distance creator is none other than your partner, just get over him or her. Because he or she ain’t the right one for you.

3. Over possessive nature and jealousy are true signs of unhealthy and toxic relationships

Jealousy is a natural trait of human beings. And often jealousy brings out a possessive nature from someone. Being a little possessive about the person we love the most is very normal. It shows love for them.

But when that jealousy and possessive nature turns into a control freak personality, a relationship begins to get unhealthy. Often your partner will lash out on you for talking to someone else or even hanging out with your friends.

signs of unhealthy and toxic relationships

Your partner’s over-possessive attitude start to harm your feelings and affect you badly. And it also creates distance from your friends and family. Because your partner gets upset about every little thing you are doing.

But let me tell you something, this is not an example of an ideal relationship. You should understand that being a bit jealous or possessive is one thing. And being this control freak partner is another thing.

These are true signs of unhealthy and toxic relationships. So, when you start experiencing this over-possessive manner of your partner, it is time for you two end that unhealthy relationship as soon as possible.

4. Making you feel bad about yourself

When we are in a relationship, we expect that our partner will make us feel good about ourselves. Because it is a very natural thing to do. Every human being has their own insecurities, but our partners make an effort to make us feel good. And it is not wrong to expect this from a relationship.

Relationships are meant to be about giving and receiving. We start getting affected by our partner’s opinion. Whether it is good or bad, we get affected by it. Because we love that person and their words matter to us.

But if your partner is making you feel bad about yourself all the time, you are with the wrong companion. If he or she always tries to imply that you are stupid and they are superior to you, it is not good for your mental health.

Because no human being can know everything or can be perfect. We all make mistakes and there are a lot of unknown things for us. But if they start making fun of you for these things and intentionally make you feel underestimated, you should move on from that.

Every human being has a right to feel happy about themselves. And if someone is harming that happiness by purpose, they should be abandoned. Just move on from that relationship because it is not healthy for your life and mental health.

5. Signs of unhealthy and toxic relationships are your partner threatens you and shout at you

In a relationship, there is no place of threatening each other in a serious manner. Shouting or screaming happen in a relationship. But not very often. Sometimes we find no way out other than shouting or screaming.

But that does not mean your partner can shout or scream at you whenever he/she wants. If your partner is shouting at you for any small thing, it is not the right thing to do in a relationship. Your partner may have some frustrations but you are not a puppet for taking all the frustrations out and scream at you.

signs of unhealthy and toxic relationships

Plus if your partner is threatening you for everything, that person definitely is not good for you. For example, your partner is threatening you about abandoning you, or about leaking your personal secrets, or sharing your private photos, etc. If he/she is doing any of these, it is time for you to just leave that person for your own good.

Threatening about these things or randomly shouting on you – these are some true signs of toxic and unhealthy relationships that you need to end soon. Otherwise, you will do harm to yourself.

6. Your partner is with you for only one reason

When we involve ourselves in a relationship, we stay in that relationship for multiple reasons. For example, we get love, trust, respect, companionship, happiness, etc everything from that one relationship.

You can not want only one thing from a relationship. It is near to impossible. But if you see your partner just want only one thing from your relationship and that too does not include any of those things, there is definitely something wrong.

And more surprisingly your partner tries to tell you that they just one thing from you. It can be money or your looks or just sex. Neither of these is acceptable at all in a relationship. It shows that your partner is really self-centered and does not care about you. And that is not a healthy relationship.


We have discussed some of the signs of unhealthy relationships. But there are more to be discussed yet. Have found any similarities yet? If not, it is good for you.

signs of unhealthy and toxic relationships.

Let’s see some signs of toxic relationships that are very harmful to the persons involved in the relationship. Read and see whether any of these signs appear in your relationship or not.

1. You only imbibe bad habits from your partner

When we stay with a person it is very natural to imbibe some of their habits and virtues. In a relationship, we tend to inherit our partner’s good habits. We try to better ourselves with the help of our partner’s virtues. And a relationship is about these things. It helps in the betterment of the two individuals.

But if you are a part of a toxic and unhealthy relationship, you will see that you have not imbibed any good virtues from your partner. Rather than imbibing any virtues what you see is that you only have possessed his bad qualities.

Also, you will see that your good qualities have taken a seat back and you only are showing their vices. This thing shows up the most when your partner is a consumer of drugs or alcohol or cigarettes. You will take the quality of drinking or smoking. And to add on you will also not listen to your family to give up these qualities.

signs of unhealthy and toxic relationships

Not only drug or alcohol consumption, but you will also possess their vices of lying or shouting and many other things. These are true signs of unhealthy and toxic relationships. So when you see that the relationship is only making you worse as a person, you should not continue that relationship anymore.

2. Your partner does not respect you and your decisions

In a relationship respecting each other is a very important aspect. You and your partner both deserve respect. And similarly, you and your partner should respect each other’s decisions. Because that is how a relationship works. Mutual respect is needed always in a relationship.

But if you see that your partner does not have the minimum respect for you, it is not an ideal thing to happen. Everybody deserves respect. But if you are in an unhealthy relationship, you will witness your partner’s minimum respect for your decisions too.

Your partner will just treat you like a neglected person. Your decisions in the relationship are also not important to them. If you say no to something, they would just not respect that and do what they want to do at the end. This happens because your presence and your decisions do not matter to your partner.

3. You are the one blamed every time for everything

On this earth no man and woman are perfect. We all make mistakes and we all take blames for that too. But not every time it is our fault. And we should not be blamed for a thing that we did not do.

When your partner is a toxic person, he or she will always blame you for every little mistake. And even if it is not your fault. They will make you feel as if you can not do anything right in your life.

signs of unhealthy and toxic relationships

Even they will try to put the blame of their own mistakes on you. They will blame you for their ager and shouting issues. And you, on the other hand, will be left only defending yourself from all these unnecessary blames.

Toxic and unhealthy relationships definitely have these definite signs you can not overlook for long. Cause not every problem is related to you.

4. Your partner wants to change you according to them

When you fall in love with someone, you fall for everything related to that person. As we all know nobody is perfect in this imperfect world, we try to accept that person’s imperfections too. Because being in love means loving both the perfection and imperfection of that person.

We try to better that person’s imperfection. But we do not want to change everything about that person. Because that will ruin the meaning of love. The person you loved will be lost then.

But in a toxic relationship, a partner always tries to change their partner’s characteristics. They want to mold their partner in their own way. This is not something you should let your partner do. Because that will just take away your identity as a person.

And you will also start becoming a different person. Your family and friends will definitely notice a significant change in your behavior. But you will not accept it at the very first.

Later on, with the time you also will realize that you have turned into a person your partner wanted you to be. But it is not about being perfect according to someone else. You never should lose yourself to please anybody else.

5. You are never listened to and left alone are obvious signs of toxic and unhealthy relationships

A relationship is a concept where you and your partner listen to each other carefully. You two never leave each other alone. You are always there for your partner and similarly, your partner is always there for you. It is a general notion of a relationship.

But if you feel that your partner does not listen to you at all and does not care about your feelings, they do not have the right concept of a healthy relationship. It is very important to have that person who will listen to you no matter how rubbish you talk.

signs of unhealthy and toxic relationships

But if you are not getting that caring person in your partner, you are with the incorrect person. Also, when you are feeling low, your partner just leaves you alone on your own. These are genuine signs of toxic and unhealthy relationships.

6. You have caught your partner cheating red-handed

There is nothing more wrong than cheating in a relationship. Cheating can never be justified when you are in a committed relationship. It is very unethical and more than that playing with someone’s emotions can never be right.

So, if you find your partner cheating on you at any point, you are in the worst relationship. Dishonesty is not acceptable in any relationship. Because a relationship is built on trust. And if that trust goes away once, it hardly comes back ever.

Moreover, you need to understand that you do not deserve this ill-treatment from anyone. You have all the right to be in a relationship where your partner is committed to one and only you. So, even if your partner tries to justify the cheating, you should not listen to that crap and should get over that relationship.

Holding onto that relationship for too long will only harm your emotions. And as a result, you will start having trust issues for everyone. So be wise and end that relationship.

7. Your partner is physically abusive towards you

A relationship is meant to be happy where you and your partner address each other with love. Violence and physical abuse is a big no when it comes to a relationship.

Be it a man or a woman, your partner does not have any right to physically abuse you and hit you. We get angry at some point but that is not a justification for violence and physical abuse.

signs of unhealthy and toxic relationships

And if your partner is treating you in this way, do not waste any time to leave your partner. Always remember no matter how hard the situation becomes there is no validation for physical abuse.

And if your partner tries to justify his actions afterward saying it was out of sudden rage or anger, shut his mouth with similar rage. Just come out of that toxic relationship where you are not valued a minimum amount.

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Final thoughts on signs of unhealthy and toxic relationships

So, I have covered the most important signs of toxic and unhealthy relationships. You can have one or two of this but that does not always consider a toxic relationship. Only when those signs are really major like cheating or physical abuse. Because these two are really serious issues that can not be ignored in any case.

Relationships can be fixed with love and effort. If you feel that you are the only one giving all the efforts to the relationship, your relationship is not about you two. Your partner is missing from your relationship. Your partner needs to understand that he or she can not escape from the problems and hope for a happy and healthy relationship.

signs of unhealthy and toxic relationships

So, if you are wondering how you can fix your unhealthy and toxic relationships, do not worry I will be coming with solutions soon. Till then try to find out all the problems of your relationship so that you can have all the solutions at once. Do not stress out because what is broken can be fixed only if you have the will and love.

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