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Rubina Dilaik true love story

The heart-throbbing girl Rubina Dilaik was born in Shimla. Rubina is as beautiful as Shimla. The charming actress knocked the world on 26 August 1987. Because Rubina was fond of her dream. After completing her necessary education. Soon Rubina rushed to Mumbai. And Mumbai T.V industry gave her true love. She found her soulmate during shooting. Let me tell you Rubina Dilaik true love life.

True love life of Rubina
Rubina at a photo shoot

Rubina does not like to share her earlier life. So we only know about the post-life of her. After becoming a famous actress.

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Life as an actress

When Rubina left Shimla for her dream career. She did not even think of becoming a famous actress. After reaching the film city Mumbai she appeared in countless auditions. Because she is damn pretty, she had not to struggle a lot. Soon Rubina was selected for her debut T.v serial.

True love life of Rubina
Rubina during a shoot

“Choti Bahu-Sindoor bin Suhagan” became icecream of Rubina’s life. She got name, fame and 1st love as well there.

True love life of Rubina Dilaik
Rubina Dilaik in a T.v serial Choti Bahu

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Rubina Dilaik 1st Love

Although 1st love is a memorable moment in anyone’s life. But Rubina is not a lucky girl in her first love. By the way, she assumes her dream career as first love. But we know that her co-star Avinash became her chocolaty lover. The duo worked for a long time together in the serial.

Rubina with x-boyfriend Avinash

They decided to take their on-screen romance in real life. After dating for several years. Rubina & Avinash reached the final destination of their love story. Avinash contacted Rubina’s grandfather and give his marriage proposal.

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Heartbroken Rubina Dilaik.

Rubina was so happy about her forthcoming life. Everything was like a fairytale for her. The dream job, understanding lover.

Soon she came to know about Avinash betrayal. He was dating another actress along with Rubina. The cheating broke her very deeply.

True love life  of Rubina Dilaik
Heartbroken Rubina

Rubina went into a mental trauma for months. Slowly but firmly she recovered from it. Her life returned on the road. And she overcomes love battle.

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Rubina true love

Rubina Dilaik and Abhinav worked together in a T.v serial “Choti Bahu”. But they did not mingle too much. After deep heartbroken Rubina was also looking for a true heart.

And Abhinav entered her life. The lovely love pair met at a friend’s house during Ganpati Pooja.

Rubina with 2nd boyfriend Abhinav

Abhinav was impressed by Rubina’s hot Indian beauty. On that day she wore saree and looking fabulous. The splendid look took Abhinav’s heart.

Within no time he fell in love with her. Now Abhinav was looking for an opportunity to contact Rubina. And express his love for her.

Fortunately, Abhinav got that fabulous chance. During a photoshoot, he commented on her. And asked her permission to let him shoot her picture.

Abhinav craze for photoshoot made Rubina fall in love with him. Their shared passion for travel, adventure, the long drive made them life partner forever.

True love life of Rubina Dailik

The couple admits that the habit of surprise keeps a love bond alive. Rubina confirms that Abhinav helped her as a godfather.

The romantic love and passion for Rubina led to marriage. The love birds tied the marriage knot in June 2018. How romantic is Rubina Dilaik true love life, is not it? Touchwood to the happy couple.

Rubina is with husband Abhinav

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