Kunal Bahl Love Story
Kunal Bahl Love Story
Kunal Bahl, the CEO of Snapdeal made his forever deal by tying the knot with his love Yashna.


Yashna was an independent entrepreneur. She ran a confectionary shop before she tied knot with Kunal.
2009 was the year where very first of the two on each other occurred at the very same place. Their story is one that blossomed between the sweet candies and chocolates.


The two shares a common deal. Their tastes for food and travel. Along with the professional works, his love and passion for food is also involved and is a big deal for him. The two are very great food loves. This is one of the reasons why they used to meet in restaurants and various other food shops.
Their continuous meet brought the two together to each other. They eat to fulfil their cravings and they always make sure that they never waste any food.
Even between the hectic and heavy schedules, they find time for each other and spend together. They go out once in a week to have food from outside.
Their regular destination spot is Bangkok and Dubai. Bahl says that he lives and travel to eat. The two like all the other food lovers also have their own favorite food tastes and preferences as well.

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Even if he is busy working, he always makes sure to cover up his appetite according to his cravings. And even said that food gives him something to look forward in his life.


The two food and travel lovers decided to get married and tied the knot on 16th December 2015. They have two children, a girl and a boy.
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