Ellen Page & Emma Portner (Lesbian) Love Story

Love has no boundaries and is beyond all the limits. Limitless and fearless love is beyond everything. Gender, caste class nothing can be a hurdle when the love is true. Ellen Page and Emma Portner have opened up about the tale in front of all. Being from same-gender their love is so pure and beautiful that it looks like a fable. They opened up about their love beautifully on their first Valentine’s Day and came up as the newlyweds. (now fabled) the relationship just days before their first Galentine’s Day together as newlyweds.

Emma Portner, who is the Youtube and Instagram sensation. She has appeared in Justin Beiber’s videos. She has also choreographed a rock musical to Meatloaf’s greatest hits, which was premiered on stage in London last year.  Emma has been dancing and filming her videos from the age of 12.

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Ellen Page rose to fame when she starred in the movie Juno as a mature pregnant teen. She was 19 at the time of her first film.

In the year 2014 Page made a strong decision of publicly admitting the fact that she is gay. It was a time which gave her happiness and inner peace.

Now she can live the way she wants. Who she actually now gives her positivity and had a great effect on her life. Emma and Ellen have an age difference of 7 years.


Ellen saw Emma’s dance videos which mesmerized her. She messaged her appreciating about her dance moves and also asked her out. Emma grew up watching Ellen’s movies and cannot deny the proposal.

Slowly and gradually their love went on peak and they soon publicly disclosed their affair and married each other on their first Valentine’s Day. They are always seen together in the events and their love story is above all other couples.

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