Charlie O’Connell & Anna Sophia Berglund Love Story

Charlie O’Connell And Anna Sophia Berglund Love Story: THE BACHELOR’S PLAYBOY
Charlie O’Connell And Anna Sophia Berglund Love Story: THE BACHELOR’S PLAYBOY

It’s not necessary that you need to be in a reality show in order to find your one true love. It’s just a matter of time and your perception about being in love. And moreover falling in love with the same person again and again. The Bachelor dating reality show star Charlie O’Connell got married to his Playboy Playmate girlfriend Anna Sophia Berglund. Let us read Charlie O’Connell & Anna Sophia love story.

Charlie O’Connell breakup with Sarah brought him closer to Anna Sophia

The 43-year-old, Charlie was the former star of The Bachelor Show. During the show, Charlie was dating another of this co-star of the show, Sarah Brice.

The two were in a relationship from 2005. But the two ended up their relationship in the year 2007.

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But it was seen later in 2008 that the two had been together again. And this time there were rumors about the marriage between the two. But in April 2010, the couple finally broke up forever.

Anna Sophia Berglund breakup with Hugh brought her close to Charlie

Anna Sophia Berglund was announced as the Playmate of the Month in the January 2011 issue of the “Playboy”. Not just that, she has even acted in several shows. She had been dating Hugh Hefner but that relationship did not last for long.

Charlie O’Connell And Anna Sophia Berglund MARRIAGE

Charlie O’Connell and Anna Sophia Berglund got married to each other in 2018. The bride looked stunning in her floor-length off-shoulder wedding gown and the groom looked rely handsome on his suit and polka-dot bowtie.

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It was Charlie’s brother, Jerry O’Connell, who officially announced about the engagement between Charlie and Anna. They were seen together in an amazing photograph, with Anna wearing a diamond engagement ring.

The couple vowed in the ceremony to be for each other and they walked down the aisle and spend some time with the family and their friends.

The wedding reception took place in Montauk Style. The couple is blissfully happily married. I hope you loved Charlie O’Connell & Anna Sophia love story.

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