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Love Story Movies: “There will be someone that comes along one day. Someone that offers you an entire galaxy when you only expected a single planet”. A lover who looks at you like may be you are magic. The same you will feel when you put your eyes on the best love story movies of Bollywood.

Some love story movies are meant to be forever… etched in our hearts for eternity. So, enter a world of colour, music and romance with our countdown of 10 of the finest love stories movie of Bollywood.

  1. Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (1995)                                                                                                                                       It is a romantic drama comedy film. This romance set amid London’s Indian diaspora was a landmark in Hindi films. Kajol as Simran and Shahrukh as Raj become one of the best loved screen couple of all the time.They fall in love in European rail holiday trip, but they return to London. The couple want to get married against their parents wishes. Among all the fun are wonderful romantic songs, such as ‘Tujhe Dekha’/’When I Saw You’. Every Indian boy and girl relates his or her love story to DDLJ in one way or another.
    DDLJ holds the world record as the longest running film in the history of Indian cinema. A movie with 700 weeks of continuous screening in a Mumbai Theater.
    If you are a girl, I bet you will fall in love with Shahrukh after watching this film. It was DDLJ that made Shahrukh, the king of Indian hearts.
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    The cult classic which can never be replaced any other movie. Make sure you watch, its worth a watch.

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    And without giving away any spoilers, here’s the last line of the movie: “Come … Fall in Love“.

  2. Dil To Pagal Hai (1997)
    It is the love story of three passionate and dreamy characters: Rahul, Pooja and Nisha. It is one of the unforgettable romantic movie of all the time. A movie with a romantic music giving love altogether a different face.
    Shahrukh Khan as Rahul is featured as a brainchild who doesn’t believe in love. Karishma Kapoor as Nisha is featured as a cute and fun-loving girl who is an outstanding dancer. The two of them are the best of friends but Nisha is secretly in love with Rahul.
    But Rahul fall in love with Pooja, a girl who believes in true love and awaiting for her prince charming. But Pooja is already engaged to her childhood friend, Ajay (Akshay Kumar).
    Shahrukh khan is really a master of act, I must say. And you will also agree after watching this movie. How they will find their love … will their dreams come true?? Must watch the movie to know this exciting love story.Here’s the heart capturing line:   “Somewhere, someone has been made for me… and someday I will definitely meet him“.

  3. Pyaar To Hona Hi Tha (1998)
    It is an Indian Hindi romantic comedy film starting Kajol and Ajay Devgan. The film is a remake of the Hollywood film ‘French Kiss”. The movie is all about a woman, Kajol as Sanjana, seeking a lost love. On her way, she meets a charming thief, Ajay Devgan as Shekhar.
    When Rahul, Sanjana’s lost love, leaves her for a woman he meets in India, Sanjana refuses to give up. Shekhar becomes her fake boyfriend to make Rahul jealous. Amidst the drama, Sanjana falls in love with Shekhar.
    Go watch the movie and then come back and tell me, it aren’t make you to fall in love. It’s not possible.A beautiful line from the movie to remember: “Every person should fall in love atleast once in life… Because love makes a person very good“.

  4.  Hum Dil De Chuke Saman (1999)
    This is the story of a half Italian, the wonderfully named Sameer (Salman Khan), who comes to lavish palace in India. The boy falls in love with his teacher’s daughter, a beautiful girl, Nandini (Aishwarya Rai). Their romance forms the first half of the film, but it is the second romance that is truly moving.
    Nandini has to choose between Sameer and Vanraj (Ajay Devgan). Sameer, the man who taught her to fall in love. Vanraj, the man from whom she learnt how to abide and fulfill promises of love. Nandini has an arranged marriage to Vanraj, who fell in love with her.
    The twist turns the seemingly transgressive story into a very conventional one, that of love developing after marriage rather than before. This movie is a class in itself depicting true love. Go watch the movie and feel the depth of love.This movie features a powerful, yet simple message: “Love is not in our happiness … instead it is in the happiness of the people you love“.

  5. Mohabbatein (2000)
    A film about the battle between love and fear, between two stubborn men and their opposing beliefs. Shahrukh Khan as Raj Aryan who stands for love, he would go to any lengths for it. Amitabh Bachchan as Narayan Shankar, a strict disciplinarian who stands for fear. He believes that love leads to pain and weakness.
    It is an Indian musical romantic drama film directed by Aditya Chopra. The film stars Amitabh Bachchan and Shahrukh Khan in pivotal. The film is notable for being the first time that Bachchan and Khan appeared on-screen together.
    It is also the story of six young debutantes who have to learn to follow their hearts against all the odds. And the outcome of their love stories will decide what will finally triumph … love or fear.                                                        You will get a chance to see different and beautiful colours of love. Must watch the most romantic movies of all times.Here is one of the heart touching quotes of the movie:”There is so much hatred in the world. But still, there is love in the hearts. Even if, the people you love die and your friends disappear, their love always remains alive“.

  6. Kaho Naa… Pyaar Hai (2000)
    A cute and romantic movie of Bollywood. The featured actors Hrithik Roshan as Rohit and Amisha Patel as Sonia, dazzle the screen of Indian cinema.
    Sonia is from a rich family and Rohit is from a poor family. Both fall in love with each other. But the status difference between the two becomes a barrier for their love. This grows harsh situations for the two.                 The young girl meets doppelganger of her deceased boyfriend. And now has a chance to find the people who have murdered him.
    Watch this intense love story. I am sure as the title suggest you will end up saying ‘Pyaar Hai’.A line to remember:”Beauty lies within simplicity … And to see you, I don’t need these eyes“.

  7. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (1998)
    A movie which you will never forget, if you will see it once. A Bollywood romantic movie with the innocence of friendship and the intensity of love.
    The movie fearured the most romantic couple of Bollywood cinema, Shahrukh khan as Rahul and Kajol as Anjali. It also featured Rani Mukherjee as Tina. Rahul and Anjali are best friends and Anjali unknowingly is in love with Rahul.
    Rahul meets Tina and fall in love with her. Both of them get married and blessed with a cute daughter named Anjali, but Tina dies. Later on, Rahul realises his love for his best friend Anjali.
    Watch the movie to know how the cute couple will confess their love for each other. It will be cute and romantic too …
    Here’s the best line from the movie: “Love is friendship… if she can’t be my best friend, then I cannot fall in love with her. Because love cannot happen without friendship … simple, love is friendship“.

  8. Veer-Zaara (2004)
    This movie is all about one of a handful of Indian-Pakistani romances. Squadron Leader Veer Pratap Singh (Shahrukh Khan) falls in love with Pakistani Zaara Hayat Khan (Preity Zinta). When Veer learns she loves him, he leaves his job to go to Pakistan.
    The guy forced to withheld his identity for the love of his life and he is imprisoned as a spy.This film was seen as the great Yash Chopra’s tribute to Punjabiyat or Punjabiness.
    The dramatisation in the film and the music is the finest example of Chopra’s skill. The song ‘Tere Liye’/’For You’, about being willing to sacrifice for love. Another song, ‘Dekh Lo’/’Look’, about how love can overcome difficulties.
    This one is classic inspite of being modern, it makes you feel that love is beyond the boundaries. Watch the eternal love story …Here is one of the best lines from the movie:”Whenever you feel the need of a friend. Just remember that there is one guy at the border who will give his life for you“.

  9. Jab We Met (2007)
    This romcom was much loved superstar Kareena Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor. Kareena’s as Geet depiction as a feisty Punjabi girl who meets Shahid as Aditya on a train. The incessant talking of the Geet initially irritate Aditya, but he eventually falls in love with her. The trouble is Geet is in love with someone else …
    The film romance is about the chemistry between the couple, who were known to be an off-screen pair at the time. Kareena’s perfomance as the lively girl and Shahid’s as the depressive boy were perfectly matched.
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    A depressed wealthy businessman finds his life changing after he meets a spunky and care-free young woman. This joyful movie makes you laugh and cry all the way. A movie with the spice of romance and adventure ..Here’s a great line: “When someone is in love…then there is no right wrong“.

  10. Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi (2008)
    A romantic Hindi movie full of love, drama and tragedies. A breathtaking, goose flesh igniting, awe inspiring love journey of an ordinary man and his ‘total opposite’ love.
    The movie featured Shahrukh Khan as Suri and the cute new comer, Anushka Sharma as Taani. The movie is all about the struggling of the two, to find the true love of their life.
    Suri and Taani are forced to marry each other because of the unwanted circumstances. Suri is already is in love with Taani. But Taani closed all the doors of love for herself.
    No one can ever forget this movie of romance. Romance of an ordinary man and his wife which makes him change himself and be a macho man. Watch the movie to see the unique journey of love …Here’s a Heart warming line from the movie:”A girl only wants … someone love her to the extend that on one has ever loved anyone“.


Bollywood love story movies are the only reason we have got malls and multiplexes. Because they are just that good. Bollywood has always been in the limelight for it’s outstanding fairy tale romance. So this is my list of top romantic movies and I am sure you have loved it too.


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