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Best online gift for a friend, husband on Diwali

The auspicious occasion of Diwali is a festival of lights. Every year we celebrate Diwali by greeting friends and families, attending pooja, and exchanging gifts. But it takes too much mind blogging and researching to get a perfect and unique gift for your loved one. Especially during the current pandemic times, we have the only option to buy gifts online. Also, it takes too much effort reviewing and short-listing the best Diwali present that will fit in our budget. Are you looking for the best gift for a friend, husband on Diwali that you can buy online?

Don’t worry, here I am with the list and reviews of some cool, unique, and extraordinary gift ideas from Amazon and Flipkart. It ranges from showpieces to aromatic candles and much more. This would surely help you decide the best gift for a friend, husband on Diwali.

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Often we gift crockery sets, pack of dry fruits, or chocolates to our dear friends. But if you are planning to gift something extraordinary. Then the below list of Diwali gifts is a must go.

We have a suggestion of trendy gift items available online, which are as tangy as your tangy relationship with your friends. Be it your school friends or society friends, they will surely be surprised by the surprise you will gift them.

All listed items are available online. Hence even if your friend lives far away from you, you can easily make the gift deliver at their place and wish them a very Happy Diwali.

1)Maxime Jasmine Scented Candle 

This is a very unique concept of a scented candle in which the entire wax structure is placed inside a jar container. The idea of scented candles as a gift dates backs to the Monarchian era when travelers from distinct kingdoms gifted these aromatic candles to kings of the respective region as a gratitude gift for the hospitality offered to them.

Over a period of time, common people also exchanged aromatic candles among themselves. But it still holds a special category in unique gift idea’s list of the best gift for a friend, husband on Diwali. So, treat your friend like a king or a queen by gifting them this jar scented candle.

Best online gift for a friend, husband on Diwali


  • Pack of one aromatic jar candle available on Flipkart.
  • It has a very nice aroma of Jasmine which uplifts the ambiance of the surroundings.
  • The candle has a burn lifespan of 35 hours. Because of its special jar structure, you can burn the wick and put it off as required.
  • It comes in a proper jar with a lid, so no worries of wax falling down here and there.
  • The same dealer also sells similar scented candles in various flavors at just Rs.200

2)Parag Rakhi Christmas India Art Decorative Elephant Tea Light/Candle Holder

This unique set of five elephant candle holder is something extraordinary which you won’t find so easily in the market. Although the structures are miniature they can also be used as showpieces for home decor.

These candleholders come wrapped around in fancy cloth thereby making them look like puppets. Each structure has a small basket structure on the back where therefore one can place the small aluminum candle-bars.

If you and your friend know each other since childhood, or they like something traditional, then this gift is sure to go for the best online gift for a friend on Diwali.

Best online gift for a friend, husband on Diwali


  • It contains a set of five elephant-shaped structures miniature candle holders.
  • This set is pocket friendly at the price of Rs.230 available on Amazon.
  • Each candle holder has a different color and looks very cute on the table set up. Hence, they can be used for any occasion like birthdays, festivals, or anniversaries.
  • To add a contemporary theme to your decor, your friend can place these in bedrooms and offices.
  • The dimensions of each candle holder are 1.5 X 3 X 2.5-inch.

Precautions: The candle holders can catch fire as they are wrapped in synthetic material. Handle them very carefully.

3)Ascension-Flower Design Metallic Tealight Candle Holders for Side or Center Table Dining Room

How about gifting, not just one candle holder but a set of floral candle holders. These are handmade candles decorated with pearls and roses and look highly attractive when lit with aluminum candles. Each candle holder has a golden candle holder at the center of its structure.

These traditional design tealight candle-holder can be used for Pooja, Diwali, Spiritual lucky gift, Wedding, Navratri, thanksgiving gift, Birthday gifts, Return gifts, etc. It is a perfect festival gift for several occasions. And that’s the specialty which makes it to the list of best online gifts for a friend, husband on Diwali.

Best online gift for a friend, husband on Diwali


  • These floral candle holders are available in the set of 1, 2, 4 at prices 199, 299, 499 respectively on Amazon.
  • It is hand-crafted and embedded with decorative pearls and roses.
  • These candleholders are round-shaped and have an antique traditional design.
  • Moreover, it has a metallic finish and comes in multi-color.

4)Decorative Unique Umbrella Lady Candle Holder for Home Decor Gift Set of 2 by Nexplora Industries Pvt. Ltd.

The main reason that you should gift this to your friend because this kind of candleholder is rarely found. It can also be used as a showpiece and a candleholder. So it is a two-in-one gift.

This candle holder is very attractive both with its color and theme. The set contains two women figures with an umbrella with each of them. This candle holder can be used for brightening dull interiors, mood lighting at indoor and outdoor parties.

candle holders


  • The two stick figures are metallic in material with a te design for umbrella and dress.
  • Each candle holder has a round metallic platform where you can keep small aluminum candles.
  • It is available on Amazon at the price of Rs. 425
  • The women figures look tribal and hence very attractive as home decor.

Precautions: This candle holder has no basket-like structure for candles to keep. Instead, it only has a plain horizontal flat surface. Take care of the leveling of the surface to prevent fall off of candle.

5)Ganesha Statue Playing Bansuri with Wooden Flower Tealight Candle Colorful Stones and Wooden Base – from TIED RIBBONS

Wish your beloved friend a very Happy Diwali with this cute Ganesha Idol which comes along with a wooden tray, a candle holder, and other decoratives. The best gift you can give to your loved ones for wishing them prosperity and good luck is an idol of the god.

This golden Ganesha idol clearly falls under the best online gift for a friend, husband on the occasion of Diwali. Also, the product comes securely packed and the idol is that of Lord Ganesha holding a flute.

Best online gift for a friend, husband on Diwali


  • The product contains one Ganesha idol, one black tray, one tealight candle holder along with a candle, decorative flowers, and a pack of decorative stones.
  • The product weighs 400 grams and it is 35 x 12 x 22 Centimeters in its dimensions.
  • This wonderful set is available at just Rs.599 on Amazon, therefore a double bonanza for you.
  • The product is Resins in material and also waterproof.

6)Vinayak’s Terracotta Clay Lakshmi and Ganesh

This unique terracotta statue of Lord Ganesh and Goddesses Laxmi is a perfect gift for the occasion of Diwali. The product comes only in one symbolic color brown. In earlier days, people worshipped idols made up of clay. Terracotta idols are eco-friendly plus they give a holistic appeal during pooja.

These types of idols are rare these days and look extremely beautiful.

Best online gift for a friend, husband on Diwali


  • Terracotta clay material hence it is eco friendly and very unique.
  • Has a joint structure of deity Ganesh and Laxmi.
  • This unique product is available at a pocket-friendly price of just Rs. 199 at Amazon.
  • The idol is very handy and easy to carry around, so one can easily place it anywhere like in offices, living rooms, praying areas, etc.

7)Crafticia White Box German Silver Bowl with Spoon & Tray Serving Set of 5 With Royal Velvet Gift Box Showpiece For Home Décor

We often gift crockery sets or dining sets considering that as the most ideal gift item. But I suggest you get this unique set of two bowls and spoons along with a tray which comes packed in a beautiful red box.

The product material is nickel and the product is gold in color. It is the best online gift for a friend on Diwali that can be utilized for both serving and eating purposes.

Unlike other common glass bowl sets, this is much more unique and looks highly attractive. Your friend will definitely be happy seeing such a cool and classic gift item.

Best online gift for a friend, husband on Diwali


  • The product box is 8.8 inches wide and 4.8 inches deep.
  • This set of 5 german-silver product is available on Flipkart at the price of Rs. 549.
  • It is the best gift idea if your friend is newly married or soon to be getting married.
  • This spoon bowl set looks very classy and highly attractive.

8)Fully Diwali Gift Items Basket for Fruits, Chocolates

Wish your dearest friend a healthy Diwali with this unique golden-colored fruit basket. Moreover, the design of this product is very unique and stylish.

It is a multi-purpose product and therefore can also be used as a showpiece or article holder. Firstly, this basket is strong enough to hold quite a load. Secondly, it can be gifted on any occasion like anniversaries, festivals, etc.

Best online gift for a friend, husband on Diwali


  • This product is user friendly and you can also use it for the purpose of home decor.
  • You can buy it from Amazon at the price of Rs. 245.
  • A similar type of product is available in various sizes, sets, and colors by the same dealer.

9)Itiha Acrylic Shubh Labh Door Hanging

On the occasion of Diwali, we always hang or stick ‘Shubh-Labh’ on the entrance door and windows. The common red-colored ones are easily available in the market. But this special type of sticker is rarely seen.

Your friend will gleam with happiness after seeing this present. Go gift them these unique ‘ Shubh-Labh’ and wish them a prosperous Diwali.

Best online gift for a friend, husband on Diwali


  • Although a bit costly, it is worth your expenses. You can buy it from Amazon at Rs. 449.
  • This peacock-shaped product has an acrylic base and is decorated with blue stones.
  • Because of the transparent base, the main features of the product stand out hence making it look more dominant and attractive.
  • High recommendations with 4.5 stars making this a perfect online gift idea for friends on Diwali.

10)Techno E-Tail Blossom Flower Fairy String Lights

You must have heard of fairy lights, but I guarantee you haven’t seen such a unique flower-shaped light series until now. But what the best surprise it can be for your best of friends!

This a perfect fancy starry light for home decor be it on the occasion of Diwali or Christmas. It looks gorgeous and is user friendly with 20 white glowing flowers.

fairy lights


  • Contains 20 LED lights with a 360-degree lighting angel.
  • You can use it for both indoor and outdoor purposes
  • The best part- it is waterproof!
  • It is ENERGY EFFICIENT and SAFE AC 220v therefore, a one-stop energy-saving product.
  • Comes with Two PIN Indian Power Plug
  • You can buy this unique product from Amazon at the price of Rs. 399


Sparkle some love by buying the best online gift on the occasion of Diwali for your dear Husband. Often you would select shirts, kurtas, or lamps as a gift for him because these are easily available in the market. But here I am with a list of some special and trendy gift articles which make its way to the list of best online gifts for a friend, husband on Diwali.

The below content contains handpicked and reviewed gift suggestion which if you gift to your husband, he would surely gleam with pleasure and happiness. Because it is the festival of lights- Diwali, gift your husband good luck of prosperity!

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1)Bright Shop Aroma Scented Pillar Candle (Lavender Fragrance )

Brighten up your husband’s mood with these aromatic candle pillars which come in 4 distinct sizes. Scented candles uplift the aura of the surroundings. Hence, they are considered as the symbol for positive vibes.

Your husband can use it while sleeping, or in his office. These candles come in a perfect cylindrical shape and are purple in color. The broad-thick shape of these candles makes it look more attractive and nice.

scented candles


  • Enriched special aromatic oils, each candle can last up to 24 hours.
  • This product comes in a set of 4 candles of different sizes, packed in ascending order.
  • These candles have a special wick for effortless smokeless burning.
  • The candle is made of all-natural, non-toxic, Eco-friendly wax. Therefore it is an all-in-one eco-friendly product.
  • These candles are available at the price of Rs.449 on Flipkart and is a perfect gift for any festive occasion.

2)Glass World Hanging Glass Votive Tealight Candles Holder

Don’t just give a simple transparent candle holder, gift your husband this exotic hanging glass candle holder. Honestly, small glass holders are easily available in the market. We can find them in the common shape of fire-lamps. But this variety of hanging candle holder is exclusive.

For your loving extraordinary husband, this extraordinary gift is a sure go. The very simple design gives a very holistic appeal in your surroundings. Those tiny flickering wicks of candles when placed in this beautiful candle-holder will look like tiny sparks of light floating in the air.

Best online gift for a friend, husband on Diwali


  • If you are looking for something elegant to upgrade your home decor, then definitely buy this product.
  • A pack of 4 hanging glass candle holders is available on Flipkart at the price of Rs. 749.
  • These beautiful candle holders are a perfect showpiece that your husband can use in his office areas or study areas.
  • An attention grabber and a perfect one-stop solution for home decor.

Precautions: handle with care, these candle holders are made up of glass. Although they can be hung, it is suggestive to place it securely on platforms and hang them only on special occasions. Don’t hang them never windows or doors. Your beautiful candle holder might break because of the wind.

3)ExclusiveLane Terracotta Handpainted Shankh Shaped Table Tea Light Holder

If your husband is a religious and spiritual person then you can gift him this multi-colored shank-shaped candle holder. I assure you that your husband will fall for you after receiving such a pretty present from you.

This single tea-light candle holder has a carved flower design on its body. So when you place it a dark room with a lit candle, you can observe flower-shaped shadows on the walls of your room.

Best online gift for a friend, husband on Diwali


  • This is a hand-painted, terracotta product.
  • Moreover, it has cut designs carved on the body.
  • A very unique gift if your husband loves hand-crafted products.
  • The candle holder is painted with bright multi-colors.
  • Although a bit costly, but worth your expenses. It is available on Amazon at the price of Rs. 649
  • The dimensions of this candle holder is a perfect cube net of 12*12*12 centimeters.

4)Set of 2 Mosaic Glass Votives Tealight Candle Holders for Side or Center Table

The mosaic trend is gaining new popularity nowadays. Therefore you must have noticed that you can always find a photo frame or showpiece with some tiny pieces of tiles or stickers, arranged in a specific pattern against a white background, in every house.

If your husband loves arty things or is himself a painter or arts man, then surprise him with these two tea-light candle holders. The authentic look of this product is what makes it fall in the list of the best gift for a friend, husband on Diwali.

Best online gift for a friend, husband on Diwali


  • The product is a set of two handcrafted mosaic tea-light candle holders.
  • They are embedded with colors blue, yellow, and orange. Hence, this will create a romantic aura in the surroundings.
  • They can be placed anywhere like on the dining table, study table, or as a show-piece in the glass cupboards.
  • You can buy a set of 2 from Amazon at the price of Rs. 349.

5) 4 Buddha Monk Statue with Tealight and Stones for Decoration 

Statues of Lord Buddha are gifted as a symbol of prosperity and happiness. You can always find the calm meditating statue of Lord Buddha in the list of special gift articles. But here I am suggesting an even more special set of 4 cute states of Lord Buddha. This is a must buy in the list of best online gift for a friend, husband on Diwali.

The person who is the reason behind all your smile is your husband. Gift him these smiley statues and wish him new luck filled with prosperity this Diwali.

lord Buddha


  • The product contains 3 sitting statues and 1 standing statue of Lord Buddha. All idols have a different posture.
  • The idols are colored white and golden and look very cute with their childish expressions.
  • These statues are Vastu friendly and in addition to that, it is made up of polyresin material.
  • You can buy them from Flipkart at the price of Rs. 2173
  • Your husband can place them anywhere like in his office, in his study, or in his bedroom.
  • Each statue has a dimension of 10 cm x 20 cm x 10 cm .

6)Lord Ganesha Statue with Matki Candle and Wooden Tray for Home Living Room Bedroom Decoration from TIED RIBBONS

Celebrate this Diwali by gifting this auspicious Ganesha idol to your husbands. I am sure that whenever you go shopping to buy a Ganesha idol, you would always look for a unique posture. This product will definitely suit your needs because of the ironic Ganpati Bappa’s posture. That’s the specialty why this product falls under the list of best online gifts for husband on Diwali.

Best online gift for a friend, husband on Diwali


  • The golden Ganesha idol comes with matki-shaped candles and a black colored wooden tray for the purpose of the platform.
  • The superfine resin statue has intricate designs that look highly elegant and beautiful.
  • The material of the idol is polyresin.
  • You can buy this unique set from Amazon at the price of Rs. 749.

Precautions: For cleaning purposes only use a soft cloth and avoid the reach of direct sunlight.

7)Adiidev Floral Pattern Silver Plated Brass Bowl With Red Velvet Box Brass Decorative Platter

Gifting a product made of gold or silver has been always considered auspicious especially during the festival of Diwali. But if you have a budget constraint then you can go with this beautiful silver coated bowl and spoon packed in a red box.

This elegant silver-plated bowl and spoon is something in which your husband would be happy to indulge in.

bowl-spoon set


  • The main material of the product is brass and the outer layer is plated with german silver.
  • Your husband can also use this for decorative purposes or as a showpiece.
  • The spoon-bowl set comes with a red velvet box which gives it a very royal appeal.
  • The handcrafted product is available on Flipkart at the price of Rs. 598

Precautions: Handle with care and store in a cool and dry place when not in use.

8)Indian Art Villa Copper Bottle With Glass

Nowadays whenever we go around, we always carry a bottle of water with us. In not all places freshwater is easily available and sometimes one has to pay for those plastic packed water bottles. But I have a super cool best online gift for a friend, husband on Diwali.

You can gift this copper water bottle which comes along with two glasses to your husband. Moreover, drinking water stored in copper has several health benefits like a strong immune system. Wish your husband a Healthy Diwali with this unique gift.

Best online gift for a friend, husband on Diwali


  • The copper bottle is leak-proof and can store up to 750 ml of water
  • Each glass can hold a capacity of 300 ml.
  • The set comes in a well-manufactured box and special ‘pitambari’ powder for cleaning purposes.
  • Firstly it has a solid metallic structure. Secondly, it comes in a shiny brown color which makes it look highly attractive and classic.
  • The product is available at the price of Rs. 895 on Amazon.
  • You can buy the same product having a higher capacity like 900ml, 1000 ml if you want to gift your husband a bigger copper bottle.

Precautions: Refrain from storing something sweet or bitter in it.

9)Makrana/Sangemarmar Marble Round Peacock Painting Golden Emboss Kundan/Meenakari Work Kalash from GAURA ART & CRAFTS

Marble items are a very unique idea for a Diwali gift item. This ‘Kalash’ comes in a detailed peacock design and looks very beautiful and pretty. If you are looking for something authentic and elegant to gift to your husband this Diwali, then surely go with this handcrafted Kalash.

Best online gift for a friend, husband on Diwali


  • This handcrafted pot is embedded with Kundan work and can be used as a showpiece or for religious purposes.
  • In addition to it, your husband can also use this as a flower pot.
  • Also, the special peacock design symbolizes spirituality, holiness, beauty, and vitality.
  • A made in India product handcrafted by rural artisans.
  • Buy this from Flipkart at the price of Rs. 538.

10)Mushroom Shaped Glass Table lamp from Earthenmetal

This Turkish-style inspired lamp is a perfect go with indigenous home decor. The color theme will splatter a romantic sura. This would be best if you will gift this to your husband to place it on side tables. The intricate design consciously handcrafted gives it a very holistic appeal.

This present will surely awestruck your husband. Go and sparkle his Diwali with this wonderful lamp. The extraordinary appeal of the product makes it fall under the list of best online gift for a friend, husband on Diwali.

table lamp


  • This table lamp is 9 inches long and comes in a domed structure. Therefore it looks more attractive and unique.
  • It is beautifully handcrafted with high-quality multi-color glass beads.
  • The amazing pattern of mosaic on its body will cast an awesome light on the walls of your room. Also, you can use this for the purpose of home decor.
  • This is a sure buy as it comes in Rs.789 available on Amazon.
  • The lamp comes with a plug and bulb. All you need is a bulb to make it glow.

Precautions: Avoid water contact as it is an electric product.

Finally completing the full list of best online gifts for a friend, husband on Diwali. The golden rule of online shopping has always been- firstly, check-in products according to your budget constraints. Secondly, look for appropriate ratings. It takes a huge amount of time and effort to select a perfect gift for your loved one. But I hope the above list helps you get a classic present be it your friend or your husband on the auspicious occasion of Diwali. Wishing you all a prosperous happy Diwali in advance!!!

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