The Ultimate fight for Love: Love Story Of Bharti And Arvin


A fight between North India and South India, to prove which is superior is known to all. From social media chatrooms, to friends’ circle with diverse culture, north and south has never joined hands. But, what if the north and the south joined hands to fight to win their love. This is one such true story of how 2 people met, fell in love and fought to make theirs a successful life.

It all started in 2007.  Arvin was a carefree and enthusiastic bachelor, working with a well-reputed software company in Chennai. He loved spending time with his friends and enjoyed every moment of life. Everything seemed perfect, except for the fact that he was waiting for the right girl to fall in love with. He is known as the well-trusted guy who loves everyone and cares for them.

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One evening, Arvin and his friends decided to go out for dinner. After having some good time, Arvin decided to leave and one of his friends asked him to drop her off at her hostel. He agreed, and as they reached the destination, it started to rain and the friend asked him to wait in the shade as she got him a rain jacket. It was pouring and he had to wait. He waited for almost 5 minutes, as he was about to call his friend, he heard a female voice which said, “Arvin?”. He immediately turned. There she was, Bharti. As he nodded his head, she gave him the rain jacket and ran inside the hostel. What a romantic first meet right? The perfect way in a perfect weather!

Arvin wanted to know more about this girl and so he decided to call his friend. He got to know that Bharti, a Nagpur based girl has to come to Chennai for her passion towards architecture and is working with an architecture company. Everything that his friend said, Arvin keenly listened.

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After few days, this friend was leaving to US. So Arvin, Bharti and all their friends decided to throw a party for her, during which Arvin opened up to Bharti about him liking her. To his surprise, Bharti also told him that she’s heard a lot about him and really likes him. Haah! Love was indeed in the air for this couple! Life was going smoothly for this couple, little did they know there was going to be a big fat twist to this, which might put an end to their love story.

Bharti was a North Indian Hindu, and Arvin, a South Indian Christian. So what right? Well, the situation in India, as we all know, is a little different, RELIGION PLAYS A MAJOR ROLE! This is a true fact, and so Bharti’s family were reluctant to the relationship. Her parents took her back to Nagpur. The couple fought a lot with them, from begging to Arvin’s father trying to convince, but her parents just won’t accept. After a lot of struggle, the couple decided to elope.

Bharti, with the help of her friends left her house and reached the Nagpur airport where Arvin was waiting for her. To their luck there were exactly 2 tickets available. They flew to Mumbai, and then to Chennai. They got married on 03rd Jan,2011. After a lot of struggle, Bharti’s family decided to accept their marriage.

Despite all these, the couple decided to stay strong and together, as their love for each other was pure and true. Today, Bharti and Arvin live in Chennai and have a very cute 3-year-old daughter completing their family. Both their family are in good terms with them and they visit both their family once every year. Today when you ask the two what’s the best part about their marriage, Arvin laughs and says “The sweet little fights, that make our bond even stronger!” and Bharti happily agrees.

Their story might be simple, but these two are living a beautiful life to show us and the world – ‘to fight for what is yours and if it meant to be yours it will be’. It is time to showcase your love too!

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