Love Story Of Gurmeet And Satpreet: Love dies after Marriage? Think again

Together since 1996. But in love since 1994. This is the love story of one of the most sweetest and beyond perfect couple. Their relationship is a dish with all ingredients that makes a story or a marriage a successful one. There is so much more to the love story of Gurmeet and Satpreet. A couple which fell for each other after their engagement was fixed. Though it’s said to be an arrange marriage for many, only the duo knew it wasn’t just a marriage arranged by both the families. Got engaged in 1994 on the 7th of November when the wedding date was decided as 21st of April 1996.

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Almost, a year and a half more to go. They had a love at first site kind off a story as the engagement day was the first time they saw each other. The “2 States” relationship, where the groom is from the Southern India and the bride is from the Western India. Though having different life style didn’t  stop them from falling for each other. Both were in thoughts thinking what must my partner be doing. During this journey did Gurmeet know how scary it is when you call your dear one but her father answers the call. The blush on Satpreet’s face when he had confessed his love through the phone.

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There had a started a journey of sending gifts, greetings and romantic audio cassettes.
And now after 21 years of marriage and togetherness, wouldn’t say that nothing has changed, there are alot of changes there is now a strong understanding, There is a happy family and most importantly there is this never ending love between them. The couple that was meant to be and always together…

Life has a meaning wen you are a part of it
You have brought me a happiness kit
You found me in the darkest of time
You were and will always be my prime…♥

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