Deepika Padukone Shared First Pic of Valentine Vacation 2020

deepika shared first picture of valentine vacation

Finally, Deepika Padukone has released her first picture of valentine vacation in 2020. On 6 February Deepika informed fans about Valentine’s vacation. Although she did not tell us the name of a vacation place. But now Deepika Padukone started flaunting photos and pictures of holiday. Deepika posted a photo on her official Instagram account. Along … Read more

Love Story of Ranveer Singh Deepika Padukone: Opposite’s Attract

Can you guess an adorable couple, with spectacularly splendid chemistry and personalities that are poles apart? The man whose personality lights up the entire surroundings with his over-enthusiastic behavior. And the woman whose calm appearance and heartwarming smile, with a sensual dimple lights up the hearts of people. So, to end your arousing curiosity, the … Read more