Deepika Padukone Shared First Pic of Valentine Vacation 2020

deepika shared first picture of valentine vacation

Finally, Deepika Padukone has released her first picture of valentine vacation in 2020. On 6 February Deepika informed fans about Valentine’s vacation. Although she did not tell us the name of a vacation place.

But now Deepika Padukone started flaunting photos and pictures of holiday. Deepika posted a photo on her official Instagram account. Along with love quotes for his dear husband Ranveer Singh.

Finally Deepika and Ranveer successfully Steel time for spending time together on holiday as mentioned in ndtv.

With a heartwarming note for Ranveer, Deepika has written “I will always lean on you to show me the way” #His& hers #vacation. With this line, she posted a photo on Saturday on her Instagram.

Soon after posting a picture from vacation. Fans started requesting Deepika to post a selfie with Ranveer. Some fans were asking the name of place where Deepika and Ranveer are celebrating Valentine’s week.

Before this vacation, Deepika Ranveer celebrated vacation time on her first wedding anniversary in November 2019. On the first marriage, anniversary couple visited Golden Temple and Tirumala temple. here are the sneak peek

Deepika Ranveer married in November 2018 in Italy.

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