Jay Kotak & Aditi Arya’s love story: Former Miss India & Co-Head of Kotak took vows

Jay Kotak and Aditi Arya Love Story.

Who wouldn’t want to fulfil their passionate vision of holding hands and making a vow to never part? It sounds incredibly romantic and like something out of a book or webcomic to meet someone at a party, make love to them, connect with them on Instagram, gradually grow to love each other’s company, and then get married and live together forever. Jay Kotak and Aditi Arya’s love story is the same !!

For Jay Kotak and Aditi Arya, that is real and lovely. They have proved that love can happen at an instant, even just by seeing someone for the first time. To read more about Jay Kotak & Aditi Arya’s love story, scroll down.

Who is Jay Kotak?

Jay Kotak is the son of Uday Kotak, a banking tycoon who has an astounding fortune of $13.4 billion, making him the 15th wealthiest Indian. He finished his education at John Connon School and the Cathedral.

Jay Kotak received his MBA from Harvard Business School and completed his history bachelor’s degree at Columbia University. He presently oversees strategy and product development as co-head of Kotak 811, a fintech that Kotak developed.

Who is Aditi Arya?

Aditi Arya is a Chandigarh native. She did her bachelor’s degree in business studies at Shaheed Sukhdev College, University of Delhi, and subsequently received her MBA from the Yale School of Management. Aditi Arya won the title of Miss India in 2015 and went to China as the nation’s representative in Miss World 2015. She achieved a Top 30 ranking.

Aditi Arya has performed in several multilingual films and online projects. In the Ranveer Singh film 83, the actress debuted in Bollywood as Inderjit Bhardwaj, the wife of renowned Indian cricket player Mohinder “Jimmy” Amarnath, also known as Jimpa.


Jay Kotak & Aditi Arya’s love story started as Strangers

Jay Kotak & Aditi Arya’s love story started after initially interacting at a party, where they were both drawn to one another but didn’t say much to one another. The love story bloomed when Jay Kotak messaged Aditi Arya on Instagram upon taking the first action.

Jay Kotak and Aditi Arya's love story.

They bonded nicely, and they continued to communicate after that. After everything went well for them, they began dating.

Jay Kotak & Aditi Arya were engaged in 2022

According to rumours, the couple got engaged in August 2022 in the vicinity of the Eiffel Tower, one of the most picturesque and romantic locations.

Jay Kotak revealed on Instagram in May that he was engaged to Aditi. He congratulated his future spouse for finishing her MBA at Yale University in an affectionate post.

Jay Kotak & Aditi Arya took vows in 2023

The stunning couple exchanged vows on November 7, 2023. Aditi glittered in a stunning red lehenga studded with Kundan ornamentation, while Jay looked similar to the royal in an ivory sherwani with a dab of crimson pagdi.

Jay Kotak and Aditi Arya's love story.

The setting was magnificent and sumptuous, with floral embellishments.


Before meeting at the party, were Jay Kotak and Aditi Arya acquainted?

No, Jay Kotak and Aditi Arya bonded and communicated effectively after meeting at a party for the first time.

Was the engagement between Jay Kotak and Aditi Arya a secret ceremony?

No, there wasn’t a secret ceremony; instead, they announced their engagement in front of the Eiffel Tower.

Who is Jay Kotak married to?

Jay Kotak is married to the former Miss India, Aditi Arya. Their wedding was a big-fat Indian wedding ceremony held on November 2023.


Inspiration from Jay Kotak and Aditi Arya’s love story

Jay Kotak & Aditi Arya’s love story, which sparked after they met by chance at a party, clicked, fell in love, and made a pledge of eternal love, seems like a contemporary fairytale. It helps us believe in the cliché of “love at first sight” and makes our hearts skip a beat in adoration and loyalty.

Jay Kotak and Aditi Arya are made for each other and inspire faith in the possibility of true love. Share your opinions with us by leaving a comment below.

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