7 Things To Ask When Meeting A Guy For Marriage

Friends and family around, lots of food and snacks on the table, lots of whispers in the air and your mother’s jewellery to wear, how does it feel to stand in the middle of all this with almost 20 pairs of eyes gazed at you?

Did we just speak your mind? Yes, this is to all the girls out there who’s wedding bells might ring any moment. How weird would it sound to have a marriage where you don’t really know much about your life partner? Confused? Well when meeting the guy, there are few things you got to ask him and you need to know about him. Here’s how we would want to help you with the dreary process of interviewing your life partner.



It would be weird to actually start such conversations. He is nervous as much as you are, but doesn’t want to show it. So start by asking him what are his hobbies, likes and dislikes. One of the best ice breaking questions would be – what is the meaning of his name (Not that difficult right?), chances are that he might laugh out or seriously fall for that one.

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“They say to get into one’s heart is through feeding their tummy”. This applies not only to men, but to women as well. To all the women who would like to sit on the kitchen slab waiting for their ‘pancakes’ hot from the pan, this is surely the first question you should already be asking.

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We’ve all got career goals, and we sure have come a long way already. Marriage shouldn’t be a barrier at all, but if it does then, either marriage is not your cup of tea or he is not your cup of tea. Choose one!

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If he loved your coffee already and munched half of the snacks on the table, he is the one for you. Only a foodie can understand the pain of another.


A scroll through his music playlist could definitely help you understand the kind of person he is. And, if he has new music for you consider him important already.

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  1. ABOUT YOUR ‘X’, BUT ‘Y’?

This might be a tricky one! As tricky as it sounds, it is not that difficult at all. We’ve all had those extra shots, mistaken night stands and short lived romances. If he shares his craziest mistake with you then; alas! He is out of the ‘friend zone’ already!


Wait, wait! Before you guys put on your thinking caps let us tell you. Ask him about his idea of an ideal marriage and what he is looking forward to in it. This may sound pretty serious at the moment, but you’ll never know. In you, he might be looking for a partner for pillow fighting or someone to surf with or a friend or a confidant. This will help both of you understand each other even better, and for all you know he might be the one you’ve always wanted to make a snow castle with!

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So the next time you’ve got guests and the groom in your house, you already know what to do!

Thank us later ladies!

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