Helen Keller: Biography & Hidden Love Story

Hellen Keller do have Hidden love story

The lady with physical disabilities but full of mental & emotional abilities. Yes, she is non-other than energetic HELLEN KELLER. Don’t you think we have learned so much from Helen Keller? By the way today we will not discuss her enthusiasm & positive mindset. In fact, we will talk about her HIDDEN LOVE LIFE.

Hellen Keller TRAGIC Childhood

Before discussing Helen’s SECRET LOVE. Let us dive a little bit about her tragic childhood. She was born as a normal child in 1880. But as Helen turned to the 19th month. An unknown disease trapped her. As a result, Helen became deaf and blind.

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Helen Keller

As she entered in adolescent age, Helen turned wild and shabby. But her life started changing in March 1887. She received Anne Mansfield Sullivan as her teacher & companion. Anne taught Helen to read, to play & manners. Although Helen failed to act like a normal child.

Throughout her life, Helen was dissatisfied with her speaking style. In fact, Helen considered herself as a weird girl. Even as a child Helen asked every visitor to the home. Only about her look and style. In fact, Helen preferred MEN over WOMEN. But the man was not in her DESTINY.

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Helen Keller SECRET Love Life

Love is the same for all the human being on the globe. Because every individual has a similar heart with emotions & feelings. The same condition occurred with Helen Keller too. Although Helen was a disabled girl. But she too had a romantic desire. So I am going to explain her secret love story.

Helen Keller

We already know that Helen’s choice as men. In her youthful days at Radcliffe College, her classmates used to date with boyfriends. But Helen studied. Or kept busy herself in social work with Anne. During that moment Helen read a romantic novel secretly.

Helen Keller

But many times Anne caught Helen reading novels. And instructed her to give up romantic feelings. Because disable girls have no right to led a love life. Although Helen’s parents also thought the same. They did not allow a man in Helen’s life. By the way, parents tried hard to keep Helen away from romantic life.

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How Did Helen get TRUE LOVE

As time passed by and Helen erotic feelings got mature. Fortunately when she reached her thirties. And became famous too. One day her teacher cum companion Anne Sullivan fell ill. Her illness brought tonnes of love & romance in Helen’s life. Anne’s husband replaced Anne with a 29 years old Boston Herald reporter. Now a handsome Boston reporter Peter became Helen’s private secretary.

From her thirties, Helen smelled the fragrance of love. Which she was hunting since her teenage. The pair initially infatuated. And soon fell in love deeply. Only for Helen, Peter learned sign language. Soon Peter started reading books, articles in Helen’s palm. And in this way, Helen got her TRUE love.

Even Helen and Peter planned to elope. But destiny was not on their favor. Helen’s parents interrupted her love life. And ordered her not to live a romantic sexual life. Because Helen was a physically disabled girl. And in this way, Helen killed her burning desire for love. And finally, she gave of the idea of love romance for the sake of parents and society.

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