Love Story Of Sweta and Rajesh: END IS THE NEW BEGINNING


“Mujhe tumse shadi nahi karni hai. Mai apne family members ko ye baat saaf saaf bata dungi” typed Rajesh and sent it to Sweta.

In reply Sweta said:

“Mujhe bhi koi interest nahi hai apse shadi karne me. Mai bhi apne mummy Papa ko kahi dungi.”

It started with denial, on a bitter note but it ended in a devoted marriage. This is the story of a shy girl, Sweta Prasad from Jamshedpur and a determined and career oriented guy, Rajesh Gupta from Pune.

It is the year 2013, you just saw them fighting over Messages. Apparently they don’t want to get married to each other, about which their parents had already discussed and agreed upon. Actually Sweta and Rajesh were somehow related. Since both families knew each other, their parents thought it would be good if their kids got married. Being from a conservative background, both of them were not informed by their parents until things were finalized. When they came to know about this, they instantly said ‘No’.This seems like the end but it isn’t.

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After the bitter fight and denial for marriage, Sweta and Rajesh decided to just stay friends and nothing more. They used to have occasional chats. As time passed by, these occasional chats grew into frequent and longer messages, and the “JUST FRIENDS” became “MORE THAN JUST FRIENDS”. They enjoyed each others company and began to spend more and more time talking to each other. Sweta says:

“He was very supportive of things related to me. I remember I was about to have my exams and I was having a hard time. I was really nervous. But he was there with me. He helped and supported me all along. That’s when I knew he was a good man at heart.”

Over a year had passed, in this itsy-bitsy messages and they had realised that they had begun to feel for each other, but what they didn’t realise was the fact that their families had been driven apart. Their denial for marriage had caused immense bitterness to develop in between the two families, which only grew with time.

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Sensing this bitterness, both Sweta and Rajesh knew their relationship didn’t stand a chance. Disheartened as they were, they decided to end everything that they had between them. As a last wish, Rajesh asked if he could meet her. Sweta agreed, as she hadn’t seen him much during an year’s span. Rajesh, who at that time worked in Delhi, decided to come to Jamshedpur to see Sweta, one last time. It was 1st of May 2014, they had to meet near the station itself because Rajesh was in Jamshedpur only for sometime and his train for Delhi was in a couple of hours. They met each other, said their goodbyes and went back home. But was this really the end? No, it wasn’t. It was the beginning of another chapter.

On reaching home, Sweta received the biggest surprise of her life. There was her mom, her dad and her elder brother, everybody looking at her with suspicion. Even before she could ask what was the matter, she is bombarded with questions:

Why was Rajesh here? He should be in Pune right? Why was he here, talking to you? Why did you go and meet him?

Nervous as she was, yet she confesses everything. Listening to her daughter, Sweta’s mom decided to call Rajesh and arrange a meeting. She wanted to listen to his part of the story as well. Nervous and terrified, Sweta didn’t understand what to do, she could just wait for her parents to come back. Each passing moment felt heavy on her and she was having a hard time.

Her mom comes back, Sweta was expecting her to be mad and angry at her, but she wasn’t. She is calm and quite, quite surprised herself. Turns out, Rajesh, during his meeting with Sweta’s parents, had confessed that he really liked Sweta, she held special place in his life and he wanted to marry her. Rajesh tried convincingly her parents for marriage and soon they agreed. After all every mother wants a son-in-law who would truly love her daughter.


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Everything fixed! Problem solved right? Wrong. This time the groom’s parents didn’t give a green signal to their marriage. But Rajesh was not ready to give up. It took him over a year of hardships and sufferings to convince his parents. Sweta mentions that for once he was banished form his own house and had to live in a rent house for quite sometime, but he was reluctant to drop the thought of having a life with Sweta. Finally things changed. Both the families agreed and this happy couple got engaged on 21st April 2015.

By this time Rajesh had completed his studies and has secured a stable job. But he received a surprise just after a week of their engagement. He had been trying hard to get his hands on the London Project and finally he received it. Maybe it was a present from God to the happy couple. They didn’t wasted any more time and tied the knot on 31st January, 2016, and hurried off to Goa on their honeymoon.


Sweta and Rajesh’s story has everything that has Bollywood movie has. This couple has lived through the test of time, just because they love each other and respect each other’s choices. He considers her to be his lucky charm. Sweta says:

“I like the way he respects and considers my choices. He understands that the choices of my life as as important as his own. Be it higher education or personal decisions he is always there to help me.”

This story may have begun with a denial but it ended in a happy marriage. And Sweta says that she is very happy to embark upon the life of a married woman.

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