10+ Signs He Is Secretly Attracted To You.


Do you like a guy? And do you think there’s a slight chance he might like you too? But are you just too confused? Don’t worry. You have come to the right place. Here are 10+ signs he is secretly attracted to you. If you wanna find out if your dream boy likes you or not, keep reading!

Some of us might expect that if a guy likes you he will come up and confess to you directly. Unfortunately, that does not happen always. But as we all know, most of the men have a hard time expressing their feelings for a girl they really like. They tend to get nervous around women.

But can the eyes lie? Of course not. That’s a weakness men can’t hide! If a man likes you, his behavior and body language will assure you. He will try to make sure that you know him but he would do it in a very subtle way. You have to observe him very carefully to understand that!

Also, you need to keep in mind that if a guy is sending you mixed signals. It does not mean he is not interested in you, it mostly means that he does not know how to express himself. So you should not get the frustration. Remember no man is perfect but a man who is willing to try and be a better person for you is worth your time. Don’t let that man go. So let us begin with the signs he is secretly attracted to you.

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1. He stares at you and looks away.

10+ signs he is secretly attracted to you

Is the guy staring at you? And is he looking away every time you look at him? People tend to look at things that please them, right? So if you catch him staring at you there is a possibility that he is attracted to you.

Men try to do everything in their control not to express their feeling or to be very subtle in doing so. So that it doesn’t look desperate or creepy.

Well, we have to agree on this, sometimes. when the “wrong guy” stares at you for a long time and try to drop hints it does become creepy and uncomfortable. But when the right man does it, we are over the top, right?

Most of the men cannot control their gaze when they really like you. Isn’t that adorable? If there’s a room full of girls and he is still staring at you that clearly means, to him, you are the most attractive girl in the room. And you shouldn’t let go of that opportunity. Girl, this guy is really into you.

Men tend to read your body language and try to drop hints by staring at you. But sometimes he can be too shy to make eye contact. So don’t worry if he doesn’t. That might just mean he’s not too experienced with these things and is really shy to ask you out.

Don’t get all excited yet. Before you take any action you need to make sure you did not misread the situation. So be with us until you are absolutely sure that this man is secretly attracted to you!

2. Signs He Is Secretly Attracted To You Is That He Makes Eye-contact With You

Have you ever noticed yourself trying to catch a guy’s attention you really like by making eye contact? Yes, right? You only wanna make eye contact with someone you like or with someone you are attracted to. So if a guy is making long-lasting eye contact with you. Trust me, that is a sign he is secretly attracted to you.

If you observe carefully the eye contact might come with a smile if you continue making eye contact with him. Slowly, he will proceed and might start talking to you, trying to get to know you. And a man does that only when he’s attracted to you right? So if you see him smile at you, you should definitely smile back and give him the green light!

Eye contacts are really special and intimate. Though it is a kind of old school, most people think its really romantic. So if you have a guy like this in your life, you should totally pay more attention to his other activities towards you.

3. He Is Self Conscious Around You.

Most guys do not really care about their appearance normally. But they sure take extra care to dress up and look good around that special girl they really like.

If a guy is being self-conscious around you. There is a high possibility that he is secretly attracted to you. You should closely take a look and observe.

You might notice him fixing his hair too many times or correcting his posture. There might even be some changes in his dressing sense and beard(if he has any) or hair.

You only wanna look good if you are trying to make an impression right? So don’t stress out, he really likes you! And he must really try to make you not notice all this because if you notice then he might become suspicious that you got to know about this.

4. He Finds Ways To Talk To You.

A guy would only talk to you if he likes talking to you right? So, if he keeps coming back to you just to enjoy your company, he is really attracted to you. This shows that he is making an effort to connect with you. You should do the same.

If you guys are communicating mostly over texts through social media like WhatsApp, Instagram, then you should take a closer look at the way he texts, the type of emojis he uses.

Though men try to be very subtle, everyone becomes a little loose while texting, right? You can talk more freely about your feelings or emotions over texts. It is rather difficult to do so in calls or face to face.

So you might notice he talks really nicely to you over text and uses a very comforting vocabulary to communicate. He uses heart emojis and other things that signify that he might like you.

But don’t assume he likes you just because he using sweet emoji’s and talking to you nicely. It might also mean he is trying to be nice and wants just friendship with you. It does happen, so we should be on the safe side and try not to misread the situation.

So you should be absolutely sure before taking any step or action. But nothing to worry about. We’re here to guide you thought this!

5. Signs A Man Is Secretly Attracted To You Is That He Makes You Laugh.

Who doesn’t like a funny person? We all wish to have a partner who is super funny but at the same time cares about your feelings too. So if you pay attention properly, you would notice that he cracks jokes quite often just to make you smile. Isn’t that adorable?

Also, it might happen that he laughs at your jokes when nobody else does. But if you actually think about this you would realize the jokes were not even hilarious but he still laughed just to make you feel good.

He would do everything in his power to impress you. If a man is doing this just for you, you should definitely appreciate his efforts. You just need to take a closer look at this and appreciate his efforts towards you.

It is clear that this person thinks you are really an interesting person and he would like to spend a lot more time with you and just not that, it is important for him to make sure that you know that he’s interesting as well.

6. He’s very nervous around you.

A person would be nervous only around you if he really likes you, right? And he is scared that you might understand that he likes you. So he tries to hide his feelings and that is why he becomes nervous around you.

You might catch him sweating while you are around him. He stammers while talking to you. These are clear signs he’s into you, but he’s just too shy or nervous to express his feelings for you. You might also notice his hands and legs shake a little bit while he’s around you.

This happens only when a person is extremely nervous. What you should do is make him feel comfortable around you and start talking to him casually. He might not even be aware that he behaves like this around you and you should not tell him anything about it because it will only make things more complicated and awkward between you two.

7. He Blushes Around You.

A person only blushes if he’s shy or he is head over heels for a girl. We can control our emotions in almost every situation but when it comes to that one special person, we always mess up. We either show too many emotions all at once or we act too proud and end up being rude.

But you can always notice the rosy cheeks when a person is being shy in front of you. And the more self-conscious you become about it, the more you start to blush and your cheeks become redder.

It can become really embarrassing if the other person does not reciprocate your feelings. So what you can do is be supportive and not bring up awkward things in the conversations.

8. He Find Ways To Spend Time With You.

A man would only wanna spend more and more time with you when he’s madly interested in you. He would find ways to talk to you on any random topics. If you guys are in the same class, he would try and sit beside you so that he can be closer to you.

You can notice him stealing glances at you and making up excuses to talk to you. That’s sweet, isn’t it? He would try to engage you in conversations and he would definitely help you with anything you need. And this is all to impress you because he is clearly attracted to you.

If you reciprocate the feelings then you should definitely play along and show equal interest in him. He might ask you personal questions, for example about your family or your goals in life just to get to know you better. So you should put equal efforts too. Make sure he understands that you like him to. And trust me he would be over the moon!

9. Signs A Guy Is Secretly Attracted To You Is That He Gets Jealous

Signs a guy is secretly attracted to you is that he gets jealous, not on you of course. When another guy looks at you or gives you attention, you might notice that he acts differently and he gets really jealous. That shows that you mean a lot to him and he does not like it. When you get attention from somebody that you should be getting from him.

He’s not your boyfriend but he still gets jealous, that obviously means he wants to be more than friends right? But he would do anything to hide his jealousy as you guys are not in a relationship. But he might fail and you can see the look on his face and see how disappointed and sad he is.

Whenever you mention a new guy in your life. he might become very curious and would even tell you to stay away from him as he is not the “right guy”. Well, there’s more to that. He obviously doesn’t wanna see you with somebody else but on the other hand, he can’t confess his feelings too for whatsoever reason. He gets insecure just by hearing the name of any other guy in your life.

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10. He Hugs Or Kisses You On Your Cheeks.

You probably hug or kiss (on cheeks) your male friends all the time. A subtle kiss on kiss is friendly but when this guy kiss you on your cheeks you can feel its difference. It’s not all in your head. He really does feel different.

You can notice whenever you meet up with him he gives you a warm hug and a subtle kiss on your cheeks that might make you blush completely. He feels different than your other male friends and you can completely feel it. You keep telling yourself its nothing but you feel it again and again.

Don’t beat yourself up. Probably you are right. He wants to be more than just friends with you and maybe you should loosen up a little and allow him to enter into your personal space and see how things work out. If he’s putting efforts to stand out from all your other male friends just for you to notice then he is definitely special. This just shows how much he is secretly attracted to you.


When a guy is attracted to you and he is willing to let you know about his feelings, he would move mountains for you. He would put as much effort as is needed to make you his priority. But make sure he is the right man for you. You should always look out for yourself before anybody and so should he. Always remember a man who truly loves you would always understand and respect you. You should always know your value and act accordingly. Don’t let anybody fool you and always trust your instincts. Ladies, you deserve no less than the absolute best!

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