Arjuna’s Love Story With Draupadi, Subhadra & Two Other Women


Arjuna, the legendary warrior, and hero of the Indian epic Mahabharata is known for his skills with the bow and arrow & for his romantic escapades. Arjuna is one of the characters of that mythological Hindu epic! His love life is filled with intrigue, drama, and passion. Making it one of the most enduring love stories of Indian mythology. Arjuna’s Love Story with Draupadi & Subhadra & two different women are still unknown to many people.

He is one of the brothers among the “Pandavas”. Arjuna and Lord Krishna’s “Samvad” (conversations) have some great values and morals of life.

Everybody knows that Arjuna married Draupadi and Subhadra. But did you know that he had two other wives also?

He was married to four wives! Draupadi, Subhadra, Uloopi, and Chitrangda. Are you curious to know about his four different love stories with four different women?

Who was Arjuna?

Arjuna was a great warrior and the main hero of the Indian epic Mahabharata. Everybody knew him for his archery skills and keen observation. Arjuna was a knowledgeable person!

He was a strong competitor on the battlefield. Arjuna had a close relationship with Lord Krishna throughout the “Mahabharat”.

He was the son of Mata Kunti and Pandu. Arjuna was trained by his Guru “Dronacharya”. Dhananjay and Partha are other names of Arjuna!

He was born after Lord Indra blessed Mata Kunti and Pandu. According to a Hindu epic, “Devi Bhagvata” Arjuna is believed to be the incarnation of a Rishi named “Nara Rishi”.


A small introduction to Arjuna’s love life & four wives

Arjuna, the valiant hero of the Indian epic Mahabharata, is known for his warrior skills and romantic relationships. One of the most intriguing aspects of his love life is his marriage to four different wives.

Each with a unique story and background. Draupadi, his first wife, was won by Arjuna in a competition that involved shooting a fish while looking only at its reflection.

The second wife, Ulupi, was a serpent princess who fell in love with Arjuna and helped him in his battle against a powerful demon.

Chitrangada, his third wife, was a warrior princess who challenged Arjuna to a duel and later fell in love with him.

The fourth and final wife, Subhadra, was the sister of Arjuna’s close friend and ally Lord Krishna. Arjuna’s love for each of his wives was unique. And their relationships were marked by devotion, trust, and mutual respect.

The story of Arjuna and his four wives is a fascinating tale of love, sacrifice, and the complexities of human relationships in ancient India. Although Arjuna’s Love Story with Draupadi & Subhadra attracted today’s generation more.

Arjuna’s marriage with Draupadi at “Swayamvar”

Draupadi was in love with Arjuna even before seeing him. As Arjuna’s archery skills and intelligence were famous everywhere.

One day, there was a “Swayamvar” at Draupadi’s palace for her marriage. She has to choose her life partner!

So, there was a competition for all the men who were invited to marry Draupadi. The competition was that a golden fish was hanging on a rope.

Arjuna's Love Story with Draupadi & Subhadra

Whoever will target the fish’s eye and hit it with an arrow will marry Draupadi. Arjuna with his keen skill in archery won the competition.

Draupadi was happy to marry Arjuna as she was in love with him for many years! Finally, after winning the competition, Arjuna and Draupadi married each other.

Draupadi had to marry all the Pandavas!

Though Draupadi loved Arjuna and luckily she got to marry him. But, due to some reasons, she had to marry Arjuna’s brothers too! As Arjuna was one of the Pandavas.

She had to marry all five Pandavas! This decision wasn’t a happy one for Draupadi. But, she needed to do this because of her mother-in-law’s misunderstanding!

It is believed that after marrying all five Pandavas, Arjuna stopped loving Draupadi! It wasn’t like that!

Though she was the wife of all five brothers. But, still, the bond between Arjuna and Draupadi was different! They respected each other and were caring toward each other.

Arjuna married a Naga Princess, Uloopi and she gave him a boon in return

Arjuna was exiled and living in the forest. During that time, a Naga Princess named “Uloopi” impressed by Arjuna’s beauty. She got attracted to him and fell in love with him.

Her attraction grew so strong that she wanted to marry Arjuna. She didn’t know that Arjuna was already married to Draupadi.

So, one day she expressed her feelings for Arjuna in front of him! Arjuna refused to marry her as he was already the husband of a woman.

But, Uloopi was so mad in love with him that she planned to abduct Arjuna and marry him! Finally, her plan succeeded. She married Arjuna. She convinced Arjuna to marry her by giving him a boon.

The Boon was that Arjuna will never debilitate by water. Now, Arjuna had two wives, Draupadi and Uloopi! Arjuna’s Love Story with four different women! didn’t end here. After Uloopi, he fell in love with another princess!

Arjuna fell in love with another woman during his exile phase!

After marrying to Uloopi. Arjuna continued his exile and went to Manipur. There he saw a princess, “Chitrangada”. She was the daughter of the king, “Chitravahana”.

Arjuna fell in deep love with Chitrangada and decided to marry her too! Oh, My god! The exile for Arjuna was full of love and attraction, right?

Arjuna kept his marriage proposal to the King, Chitravahana. The king accepted his proposal but had one condition. The condition was that if Arjuna and Chitrangada will have a child then that must succeed the throne of Manipur!

Arjuna agreed to this and got married to the beautiful princess, Chitrangada.

Arjuna’s fourth wife, Shubhadra was Lord Krishna’s sister!

Arjuna was about to complete his exile. At the end of his exile, he reached the place “Dwarka”. There he met Shri Krishna.

He was very blessed to end his exile with Shri Krishna’s morals and values! There he saw Lord Krishna’s half-sister called Shubhadra.

He was amazed and fell in love with her. Arjuna wanted to marry Shubhadra too! But, he wasn’t able to propose because Shubhadra’s brother Balrama chose Duryodhana for his sister!

Arjuna told about his feeling towards Shubhadra to Lord Krishna. Then, Lord Krishna suggested he abduct Shubhadra and marry her!

Arjuna at first got nervous to do so. But, he was in love with her so much that didn’t want her to let go!

So, Arjuna abducted Shubhadra and they married each other. Meanwhile, Duryodhana was from the Yadavas dynasty. The Yadavas got angry about this and tried to take legal action against Arjuna.


But, Lord Krishna handled everything so that the two love birds can live their life happily!

Who was Arjuna in Love with?

Arjun loved Draupadi, Uloopi, Chitrangada and Shubhadra.

Which wife did Arjuna love the most?

It is believed that Arjuna loved Shubhadra the most.She was her fourth wife.

At what age Arjuna married Draupadi?

Arjuna was 30 years old when he married Draupadi, who was 18 years old at that time.

Final words on Arjuna’s Love Life

In conclusion, Arjuna’s love story with his four wives is a complex and fascinating aspect of the Indian epic Mahabharata. The tale of how he won each wife & his relationships with them is unique. Despite the challenges, Arjuna’s love for his wives was unwavering.

And he always upheld his responsibilities as a husband and protector.

Though Arjuna also loved them a lot! But, now it was his huge responsibility to equalize his love and affection among his four wives!

Arjuna’s Love Story with four different women tells us that it is easy to marry anybody. But, real love is how a person keeps their marriage happy and secure!

Their story has continued to captivate and inspire generations, and it remains an important part of Indian mythology and culture.

What did you understand from Arjuna’s Love Story with Draupadi & Subhadra? Share in the comments section!

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