Tale of Kama & Rati: A Story of Passionate Love & Lust in Hindu Mythology


Kama, who is also known as Kamdeva is the “God of Love and desire”. Rati was Kamdeva’s wife and “Goddess of Lust, desire, and pleasure”. Kama and Rati’s Story of Love and Lust is interesting to read!

Kamadeva and Rati’s Love story involves the relationship between “Shiva and Parvati” Love story. Kamadev was born to spread love in the world. Whereas, Rati being his wife was there to aware people about love and desire. Their Love Story didn’t get completed in their first life!

They again had to re-born to recognize themselves and complete their love story. In their second life, they were in a mother-son relationship. But, Kama and Rati married each other in their second life.

This sounds very weird, right? That How a Mother could marry her son? Let us know about the whole love story!

Who were Kamdeva and Rati?

Kamdeva was born from Brahma’s mind. He was like a human being having wings and an “arrow of love”. Kamdeva used this arrow to spread love among people.

His arrow was made up of sugarcane and bees. The tip of the arrow contained different aromatic flowers, which had sweet fragrances. Kamdeva’s vahana (vehicle) was a parrot! He used to go on his parrot in the world and spread love.

Whereas, Rati was one of the daughters of King Daksh Prajapati. He made Rati with his sweat! As instructed by Lord Brahma. Rati was the wife of Kamdeva and was there to aware people of love, desire, mating and pleasure!


The mischief of “Tadakasur” and Lord Brahma’s action on it!

When Lord Shiva was in grief at losing Mata Sati. He cornered himself from the world and went into deep meditation.

At that time, there was a demon called “Tadakasur” who started creating mischief in the world. Lord Brahma was informed about this incident and he suggested that only Lord Shiva’s son can kill “Tadakasur”.

Kama and Rati's Love Story.

But, for this Lord Shiva has to come out of his grief and meditation and should marry Mata Parvati, who was the re-born of Mata Sati.

Kamdeva used his arrow on Lord Shiva

Lord Brahma instructed Kamdeva to use his arrow of love on Lord Shiva. This could help Lord Shiva to get out of his pain and grief. It will inculcate the feeling of love again inside him.

Kamdeva along with his wife Rati went to Lord Shiva to shoot his arrow of love on recluse Shiv. He shot his arrow and Lord Shiva came out of his meditation.

But, who knew that this would cost Kamdeva’s life? Lord Shiva got angry at Kamdeva for his deed! He opened his Third Eye and burnt Kamdeva due to his anger!

Seeing this Rati started crying and requested Lord Shiva to return her husband. After Lord Shiva got calm, he realized his mistake and gave back his life to Kama.

Though Kama got his life back, he got it without a “Body” and thus named “An-anga”.

Kamdeva and Rati’s re-birth to complete their love story

Kamdeva and Rati’s love story was incomplete due to Lord Shiva’s anger. But, a true love story can never be incomplete!

Kama was born again as the son of Krishna and Rukmini. He was named “Pradyumna”. Pradyumna was abducted by a demon named “Sambara”.


Pradyumna was born to kill this demon “Sambara”. When he was kidnapped by the demon, Sambara’s wife Mayadevi used to take care of Pradyumna as her son.

Mayadevi was the reincarnation of Kama’s earlier wife Rati. She protected Pradyumna from her cruel husband Sambara.

Pradyumna married his mother Mayadevi & reunited love again

After some years when Pradyumna got younger. He killed Sambara, the demon. Till then both Mayadevi and Pradyumna were unaware of their past relationship between them.

But, later on, Pradyumna realized his true self and who was he in his past life. He got to know that Mayadevi, who was his mother in his present life was Rati, his wife in his past life.

Soon, he tried his ways to make Mayadevi realize that she is her wife Rati. So, that they both could marry and complete their love story.

Mayadevi also got to know about all the incidents of how she got separated from her love, Kama.

After they both recognized each other. Pradyumna and Mayadevi (Kama and Rati) married each other.


Are Kamdeva and Rati Husband and wife?

Yes. Kama and Rati are Husband and wife of each other.

Who is the Husband of Devi Rati?

Kama or Kamadeva is the Husband of Devi Rati.

Who is the wife of Kamdeva?

Rati, daughter of Prajapati Daksh is the wife of Kamdeva.

Conclusion on Kama and Rati’s Story of Love and Lust

Kama and Rati were meant to make people realize desire and passionate love. They were specially created by Lord Brahma for this purpose.

Kama and Rati’s fate led to their separation. But, they both were meant for each other! Finally, they took re-birth and married each other. Though people have misconceptions about a mother-and-son marriage. But, it was the re-birth of two souls who fell in love in their first life!

Kama and Rati’s Love Story needed to be completed to look after the world. As they were born with the purpose to create a loving and romantic world.

Kama and Rati’s Love Story is an example of One’s devotion toward their purpose in life!

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