Lord Krishna & Radha Love Story: A Symbol Of Divine Love & Devotation


The Radha- Krishna entanglement was such a pure and mythical tale. Wasn’t it? Even today, this amour stands as one of the most adulated stories of all time
Krishna, the 8th incarnation behind Vishnu, is the Supreme Power of all Gods. Being such a powerful God, you must have thought that he wouldn’t have time for love. Today you are going to read an amazing love story of Radha & Krishna.

But hey folks, you won’t believe that Krishna had almost 16,000 to 16,100 wives! Incredible. Isn’t it?
Well, he had thousands of wives but his heart ached only for Radha. Lord Krishna’s devotees are increasing day by day. 

It is believed that he is still present on earth as “Khatu Shyam”, which is a very famous temple of an avatar of Lord Krishna in Rajasthan, India. You can find so many conversations “Samvad” of Lord Krishna in the holy book, “Shrimad Bhagvat Geeta’.

In this holy book, Lord Krishna had given so many life lessons that once anybody reads it, they will just get so spiritual and amazed by it!


How did Radha meet Krishna & fall in love?

When Krishna was a small little lad, he would go by the lake, in Gokul, and start playing the flute for the grazing cows.
One would say he became the best flute player due to the daily playing of the flute!

Lord Krishna’s flute sound was so melodious and was like magic for all! The time sound gets into anybody’s ear it would just make them dive into Lord Krishna’s devotion.

Young lovers!

As he played so brilliantly just as a virtuoso, all the cowgirls and Gopis stopped their work, flocked and dance around him. Thousands of Gopis would run up to Krishna, while playing the flute, and would try to woo him.

Gopis in awe!

(He had monsoon-blue skin, almond-shaped eyes, lotus-pink lips, curly black hair, a chiselled body, and a few peacock feathers in his hair to tie up the look) Krishna was a nasty little fellow during his youth. Many young girls wanted him as their better half, but Krishna’s heart yearned for Radha.

There is a book called “Radha Chalisa” in which it was mentioned that Radha was one of the most important Gopi in Raas (Sacred Dance). She is also called “Radharani”, “Radhe” and “Radhika”.

Radha had the purest of hearts. One would say that she looked more gorgeous than Krishna. Her dance to the music of the flute of Krishna made him fall in love with her even more. In this way, Radha & Krishna’s love blossomed.

Radha married a landlord, Krishna left Vrindavan but love never die

However, this love story never reached its maturity because Krishna left Vrindavan at the age of 12 to study at his Gurukul.

As she was getting younger Radha’s parents’ concern for her marriage got increased. That’s why she was married to another man.

Meanwhile, Radha was married off to a wealthy landowner named Abhimanyu. As she was getting young.

You know, the truth was that Lord Krishna and Radha married once in their childhood but it was in a fun way! Though the marriage was playfully done! But, Radha devoted herself completely to Lord Krishna.

Lord Krishna and Radha were not bound in holy matrimony and yet they were soulmates.

As Radha was also married, she tried to cease the feelings she had for Krishna, but in vain. Nevertheless, she accepted her devotion to Krishna.

True devotee

Krishna’s divine love for Radha

As Radha was deeply devoted to Krishna, Radha Krishna is taken as the relationship between a devotee and God.

Radha thought about Krishna each second of her life. Krishna on the other hand was a King and had duties to fulfill. He was sent on earth to teach everyone about life! But, he only got to learn so many things.

Indeed he was an incarnation with a purpose to complete!

Love is everything

He never married Radha and was not able to meet her after he left Gokul and became King. Radha and Krishna though are two different names, but they are just so darn in love with each other that both their names have combined into one; now isn’t that just admiring?!

Lord Krishna & Radha’s relationship a proof that true love does not mean marriage

According to the Vedas, Krishna believed that Love doesn’t require marriage. Marriage is an agreement and Love is a selfless, pure emotion shares by two lovers.

Love is True. Love is Pure.

Marriage happens between two individuals. Radha and I are two bodies having one soul. How is it possible to get married then?

To show that their love story wasn’t based on physical desires, Lord Krishna settled on not marrying Radha. Radha and Krishna were soulmates since they took birth. It was all a matter of heart and soul! 

Do you think that if two persons have a soul connection, they are supposed to marry always?

There was one more myth that supported their negligence of marriage. Radha was a simple girl and thought she wouldn’t fit in the world of a prince or a kingdom.

On Rukminis’s request, Krishna dauntlessly kidnaps her and sneaked off with her to prevent her from getting married to evil Shishupal.

He was quite a chivalrous and gallant man. Wasn’t he? Finally, Rukmini and Lord Krishna got married to each other. As, Krishna though was a god but has to complete his life as a being to fulfill the purpose for which he was sent to earth!

The last day of Radha’s life brought Radha & Krishna closer

In the last moments of her life when Radha was on the point of death, Krishna appeared before her and granted her a final, departing wish.

Radha said she wanted ‘nothing’ but to hear Krishna play his flute for her.

Krishna played the most melodious tune that was never played before and dedicated it to Radha.
Listening to its sweet and divine melody, Radha merged with Krishna.

Lord Krishna’s flutes were meant for Radha’s raas. He was so filled with sorrow while playing the flute for the last time for his true love.


With this, Krishna decided that it was his final rendering of the flute. He broke the flute and threw it away in the bushes.

Lord Krishna died after the death of Radha

As for Krishna, mistaking the sleeping Krishna for a deer, a hunter named Jara shot an arrow that succumbed to him to death.
Krishna as benevolent as he was, forgave Jara and then perished away.


Krishna had to leave the world some the day after he completed the purpose. Once, his purpose was completed, The supreme gods wanted him to leave the place.

That’s why this Jara incident happened! If we talk about Radha and Krishna, we all know our body dies but not the soul! So, Radha and Krishna, Maybe they had a pact of meeting in heaven. And surely they must be together now!

7 Promises of love we learn from Krishna & Radha love story

Whenever we talk about “Love” the first name that comes to mind is Radha & Krishna. Both of them taught us so many morals and values of “True Love”.

There are “7 Promises of Love” (7 Vachan) given by Lord Krishna and Radha. Those 7 Promises have deep meanings and actual definitions of “TRUE LOVE”.

The 7 Promises are:– 1. No matter how is the situation, true lovers must stay together.

2. Keep Patience when you’re in true love with someone.

3. You should not get distracted if you love a particular person truly, stay focused.

4. Don’t love someone for their looks instead go for what they are?

5. Once you love someone you should be responsible to protect them from any negativity and wrong paths in life.

6. Awareness of each other’s true personality is the symbol of healthy bond.

7. Their troubles are yours and vice-versa.


How did Radha fall in love with Krishna?

Radha fell in love with Krishna by listening to his melodious and magical flute. She was also mesmerized by his beauty and elegance.

Was Krishna in love with Radha?

Yes. Lord Krishna and Radha were madly in love with each other. The love between them was far from just a physical sense. It was a complete true soulful love.

Was Radha married before falling in love with Krishna?

Radha got married to a man when she got an adult. Before that, in her childhood, she was playfully married to Krishna at Vrindavan!

Why Didn’t Radha marry Krishna?

Krishna left to gain knowledge at Gurukul. Till then Radha become young and her parents decided to marry her to someone.

Did Krishna finally marry Radha?

No, Krishna finally got married to Rukmini. Radha and Krishna met each other after they died!

Conclusion Of Krishna & Radha love story

You cannot say Krishna without the word Radha and vice versa. That’s the beauty of it! Radha Krishna’s relationship love can never be approached from any earthly definition.

Radha and Krishna’s love story encompass the love present in the Universe and that’s the reason why it prevails as one of the most empowering and mythical love stories even in this modern world.

Their Love is just like the flowing wind. Which will keep waving in the air forever and ever.

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