Mandodari, Sita and Ravana Love Story: Line between Love and Lust


History has many secrets buried inside of her, many love stories yet to be discovered one of those is Mandodari Sita and Ravana Love Story. Let’s dig into the soil of history and uncover one such beautiful story of unconditional Mandodari Sita and Ravana love story.

Which has somehow managed to escape our attention. Who says Love triangles are among the new generations? It’s not like that! We have an instance of Mandodari, Sita, and Ravana Love Story: Line between Love and Lust.

Who is Mata Sita?

Mata Sita is the daughter of King Janak. Though she wasn’t the biological daughter of the king. King Janak found her when he was ploughing his field for farming. Mata Sita was then found in a furrow in the field.

She is also known as “Mata Janaki”. She is the consort of Lord Rama and has two kids with him, Luv and Kush. Mata Sita was the better half of Lord Rama. She even accompanied him during his exile for fourteen years.

Who are Ravana & Mandodari?

Mandodari was the daughter of the king of demons, Mayasura and the apsara Hema. Mandodari was the wife of Ravana. She had two kids with Ravana, Meghananda and Akshaykumara.

Mandodari was a very beautiful woman and that’s how Ravana wanted to marry her. He got mesmerized by Mandodari’s beauty and elegance!

Ravana was the most intelligent king of Lanka. Ravana was the eldest son of sage Vishrava and rakshashi Kaikei. He was a multi-headed being with 10 heads and was a great devotee of Lord Shiva.

Ravana is depicted as evil but he was a scholar in all the Shastras and all the four Vedas. But, his knowledge led to his death!


History of Ravan, Sita and Mandodari Love Story

Let’s dive into Ramayana. I know what you are thinking, there is just one beautiful love story in Ramayana – Sita and her Maryada Purushottam Ram. But, here my friend, you are wrong.

Ramayana also depicts the deep-seated, unconditional and loyal love which Mandodari had for Ravan and Sita and Ravana love.

Ravan Sita and Mandodari love story.

The story begins when Ravan, the powerful king of Lanka, pays a visit to Mayasur, the father of Mandodari. During his stay, he sees Mandodari and is instantly struck by her stunning beauty.

This shows that Ravana was very wise, knowledgeable, and a whole-hearted Lord Shiva Devotee. But, was a womaniser too!

How Ravan and Mandodari’s Love Story started?

Mandodari was beautiful indeed and a devotee of Lord Shiva just like Ravan. And this common interest attracted him towards Mandodari. He wanted to marry Mandodari anyhow- by hook or by crook.

Following her father’s denial of the marriage, when Ravan threatened to destroy Mayasur’s kingdom, Mandodari stepped up and saved the honour of her father and her kingdom.

Although Mandodari had no love for Ravan initially, following marriage, Mandodari was truly devoted to her husband and her relationship. She took up the responsibilities of an ideal wife.

Unlike any sensible life partner, Mandodari too was aware of her husband’s shortcomings and his potential weakness towards women and their beauty. Mandodari, being a righteous woman, tried to pull back Ravan from going in the wrong direction. But then came a turn and occurred the tragic abduction of Sita.

Ravan’s Love for Sita was true love, revenge or lust?

It all started with Ravana’s loving sister Soorpanakha. One day she was in the forest. There Soorpanakha saw Rama. She was amazed by his beauty.

Soorpanakha tried to talk to him and convince him to get married to her. But, Rama was a loyal husband of Mata Sita. He directly refused her saying that he truly and completely devoted himself as a life partner to Sita.

Listening to this Soorpanakha got angry and started speaking badly about Sita. Then, Lakshmana (Rama’s Brother) got angry and cut the nose of Soorpanakha in his anger.

Soorpanakha told about this incident to Ravana and planned to provoke him by telling him about the beauty of Sita. As she also knew that her brother was a womaniser.

Falling prey to his lust, Ravan was attracted to Sita’a beauty, and when he couldn’t have her by fair means he decided to forcefully abduct her and keep her captive in Lanka.

Ravana’s plan to disguise and trap Sita

After knowing about Sita’s beauty and the incident. Ravana decided to bring Sita to Lanka and marry her. Ravana made a plan. One of his men took a disguise of a Golden Deer and went into the forest.

Mata Sita saw that Golden Deer and requested Rama to get it for her. Rama being a caring husband went inside the forest to catch that Deer. Till then Lakshmana was with Mata Sita to protect her.


But, suddenly Ravana made a sound like Rama and it was the sound of grief. Listening to this Mata Sita got worried and forcibly sent Lakshaman to check what happened to Rama.

By that time, Ravana came as a Sadhu Baba to Sita to ask for some food. The time she got the food for him he held her hand and took her away!

Ravan and Mata Sita’s Relationship

Ravan abducted Mata Sita out of attraction and revenge for his sister Soorpanakha. But, do you know all these were already written for the death of Ravana?

Because of his so many mistakes in life, all these were plotted by gods so that Ravana can be killed due to his “Karma”. Mata Sita and Ravana had only a relationship of a kidnapper and a victim!

It was all only from Ravana’s side that he wanted to marry her. But, Sita was only committed to Lord Rama. She had sorrowful days after her long separation from Lord Rama!


How is the story of Mandodri Ravan and Sita Love?

The story of Ravana, Mandodari and Sita is like a love triangle where love, lust and revenge are present.

Why was Ravana attracted to Sita?

Ravana was attracted to Sita because of her spark of beauty and also due to revenge and his ego. It was the end of his life and a big mishap he created because of which he died.

Did Ravana want to marry Sita?

Yes, Ravana though abducted her due to revenge on his sister but he eventually got attracted to her beauty. That’s why he wanted to marry Mata Sita. His wife Mandodari though made him realize that what he is doing is wrong. But, he didn’t listen and was stubborn to marry Mata Sita.

Did Mata Sita fall in love with Ravana?

Sita was the consort of Lord Rama. She loved him wholeheartedly. Sita was kidnapped by Ravana against her will and she never liked him. She was waiting for Lord Rama to come and take her away from that womaniser Ravana!

Did Ravana was in love with Sita?

No, Ravana wasn’t in love with her. He just wanted to marry her because of her beauty and the revenge he wanted to take from Lord Rama for his sister soorpanakha.

Mandodari’s support and sacrifice for her Husband Ravana! An epilogue on the trio love story.

Here we see two situations,  Ravan and Mandodari and Ravan and Sita. What Mandodari had for Ravan was love and dedication, devotion and loyalty and a true sense of commitment.

Sita and Ravana love even after numerous failed attempts of forcing Sita into marriage, Ravan was not ready to let go of her.

Mandodari pleaded with Ravan innumerable times to let Sita go back home, but when he didn’t listen to her at all, she knew her husband’s end was near.

Even then she didn’t step back, rather took the downfall with him, just like a truly devoted wife. On the other hand what Ravan had for Sita was just a physical attraction, which worsened over time and turned into a form of enforcement of Sita and Ravana’s love.

Mandodari’s act was a true act of sacrifice. Many people make sacrifices in love, maybe it is a form of showing love, but the same can never be said for enforcement.

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