Amazing Pick-Up Lines For Girlfriend & Crush To Ask For DATE


All of us at some certain stage of our lives have a crush. A crush, we used to follow, stalk, find reasons to talk, and take pictures with. Applied a lot more fun strategies to catch their attention. There were times and there are times when we don’t know what and by which time to react. Boys’ biggest problem is how to ask for a date with a favorite crush. Guys do not know how to apply pickup lines for girlfriend & crush? Even confused about the types of best pick-up lines. No worry below are the best pickup lines waiting for you.

And obviously, there is nothing wrong with the same. Not everyone is as extrovert and confident as the other person is. This is the high time when we look for those best pickup lines to ask a girl out, that can impress our crush or even our lovers.

Doesn’t matter whether you want to take this person out on a coffee date or a brunch date or dinner. You would definitely find some impressive ways of asking your girl out. So here are some of the best pickup lines to ask a girl out.

What is the need for pickup lines for crush?

We can not ask directly to our crush or girlfriend to go on date. You boys are a little shy about directly asking to spend special time with your crush. That is why a pickup line is needed to break the ice.

Look you can directly ask a girl out with you and people obviously do that. It is basically a conversation opener with the intent of engaging a person for romance or dating.

pickup lines for girlfriend & crush

But pickup lines generally ease up these sorts of romantic and flirty conversations. Not just this, but it also makes it very impressive, and interesting along with making it good to hear.

So, rather than asking her directly, use these to impress her with your strategic pickup lines in order to convince her to go a day out with you. If you deliver these well, you are already good to go!

1. “My priest told me you’d agree to get dinner with me tonight. Was she right?”

Now definitely pickup lines could be a sort of cheesy. But at the end of the day, that’s what the pickup lines are meant for. If you ask your girlfriend in such a manner that is quite convincing and complimenting. There is no chance of her saying no.

That’s the reason why at times we mention words such as “grace me with your presence”, ” You’d get dinner with me tonight” etc. As if “it will be quite a good being alone but it would become Cherry on the top if you accompany me”.

This is going to be one of the best pickup lines to ask a girl out, which is decent and at the same time fun to speak.

2. “Is there an airport nearby, or it’s just my heart taking off?”

It’s fun, to begin with, such a pickup line to ask a girl out. I mean why not?

Anybody would smile at this statement or sentence of yours. It sounds good besides convincing the other person to listen to you. If you ask this in an even more beautiful manner, she will definitely not deny it.

Your girlfriend would love your romantic sense of humor.

Completely upon you, now how you deliver your sentence and your expressions. The stronger and charmer your expressions are, the nearer you move towards your date. It’s all up to you. All the very best!

Is not is best pickup lines for girlfriend & crush? I think your girlfriend love it more.

3. “I’m not a photographer, but I can click our photograph as a couple goal”

Definitely, it’s not mandatory for you to be a photographer in order to make this pickup line into her ears. But who cares, as far as your sentences and pickup lines are flirt and soothing to ears.

You can definitely use this pick-up line to ask your crush. It would give her a hint that you want to propose to her. And she would probably not deny.

I mean how cute is it to tell somebody that you are not a photographer by profession. But definitely, you can picture both of you together?

As far as a picture is concerned, we are not actually talking about a photograph. For sure, the person would definitely catch the meaning behind this sentence.

As if you want to be partners with them. Doesn’t matter on a date, on the dance floor or on a brunch date, or even at dinner. It means just a partner with whom you can share future photos.

4. “In last night’s dream, you spent time with me. Will you do it for real? “

Does not this line sounds more fun? It literally does. How cute is it to reflect that she is more like a dream to you? And why not? Everybody’s crush is more or less a dream to them.

It is like telling her, you are dreaming of her nowadays and consequently asking her to spend some time with you.

Just make sure not to sound like a maniac when you say the first part of the pick-up line. Instead of her time, out with you, you might get a slap across your face if you don’t do this one right.

This could be one of the best pick-up lines to ask a girl out. Because it is jolly and happy at the same time. So make sure you end up delivering it in a Jolly manner as well.

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5. “Can I follow you home? Because my parents always told me to follow my dreams.”

You can add this pickup line when she is to leave. What makes this a great pickup line is it shifts her emotions from a confused state to a relaxed one.

Do not scare her. Trust me, if you deliver this one in a quite uncomfortable manner, you are not at all good to go with.

A solid way to deliver these types of funny pick-up lines is to actually have a phone in your hand while she is about to leave. Hurriedly approach her as if there were an emergency then say your joke.

Also, it would make her feel safe and that you’re concerned about her going home safely.

Nevertheless, the reason you need to do it hurriedly is you need to catch her attention. Otherwise, it’d be pretty obvious what pickup line you’re going to say.

6. “If you don’t mind can we go for a long drive on our first date”

Are you desperate to find a date? Then try out this joke! Yes, every girl loves long drive.

It’s basically impossible for her to reject your invitation to a date with this pickup line. Just make sure to clear out that you’re not really forcing her into going out on a date.

You wouldn’t want to appear needy and impose yourself on her, would you? Make sure that you are able to deliver this one, in a calm manner. She should not be noticing any sort of hurry over your face.

These types of pickup lines for girlfriend & crush can solve half of your romantic problem. Trust me. Give it a try

If anything that way happens, it can really ruin your strategy. Well yes, she would not get a chance to say no, because the way this pickup line has been put as a question, it is cute in itself. So, cheers!

7. “Are you a time traveler? Because I see you in my future on tonight’s date”

Now here comes a big flirty and obviously convincing punchline. Sometimes it could be fruitful asking to crush to go out with but directly along with compelling them in a sweet manner.

She would not refuse to go out with you if you make her smile in such a way that she thinks your pickup line has already succeeded.

At times not asking and directly convincing her to do something in a sweet manner could be better than keeping a proposal first.

So make sure she is happy and in a good mood and then to go with you.

You can even use it with your better half, or say, your sweetie to ask her out if she is not in a good mood. Or even, if unfortunately, you guys had an argument.

We definitely can bring it back to normal!

8. “FREE your schedule, because I’m taking you on the best date of your life this weekend.”

This is the way that you can know whether or not she is free for the sake of hanging out with you. This could be one of the best pick-up lines to ask her for a day out. Also, it depicts that you are confident already.

Don’t use this pick-up line on a girl that actually looks tired. Otherwise, you might just piss her off. The goal here is to confuse her before delivering the punch line. Make sure she is in a happy or at least in a jolly enough mood.

But, as far as the line is concerned, it’s a quite good way of flirting along with asking her for a date or a day out with you. You ask her to take her precious time in order to hang out with you. You are clearly good to go!

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Conclusion on pickup lines for girlfriend & crush

It doesn’t matter if it’s your crush or your better half. Some indirect romantic lines always help in freshening up romantic relationships. So it doesn’t mean pick-up lines are only for those who are about to impress their crushes.

You can use these funny pick-up lines to make her giggle, get her number, and ask her out on a date. Sure, they’re cheesy, corny, and cute, but in the end, they’re all funny and a few are hilarious. And hey, sometimes that’s all you need to break the ice.

So what are you waiting for?

Go, impress your sweetie, because who knows whether or not you will get another chance tomorrow. I think my tips on pick up lines for girlfriend & crush helped you. What are your thought let me know in the comment box.

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