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Nowadays the term “toxic relationship” has been very normalized which should not be the case. A toxic relationship can never be a type of relationship people want to be in. Because everyone has hopes from their relationship that it would be happy and healthy. But if you feel that your relationship is not healthy and it is toxic, do not worry I will help you with the situation. I have come with the best steps on how to fix a toxic relationship.

In my last article, I discussed the signs of toxic relationships. And I had promised you guys to come with solutions. So here I am with all the solutions and steps on how to fix your toxic relationship and turn it into a healthy relationship.

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I hope you guys have found out the problems of your relationship as I said so that it would be easy for you to take the solutions. Your relationship can turn toxic after a while of starting. It is not an ideal position to be in obviously.

Best steps how to fix a toxic relationship

But it can be fixed with effort, love, time, and self-consciousness. Both individuals need to have the same mindset of fixing a toxic relationship. Because as we all know a relationship is always a two-way street. So, let’s start the steps.

1. You both have to be willing to fix it

If you two are not willing to invest in this relationship, it can not be fixed. Both of you have to be willing to fix your relationship. You can not clap with one hand. And to make that clap which is the fixation of your relationship, you and your partner have to be equally willing.

Otherwise, there is no point in trying or making an effort. Once you two make up your mind to fix your toxic relationship, it will lead both of you to some deep conversations. Deep conversations are very important in a relationship.

You two will have some quality conversations and together you can spend a great time. It will only reduce the block between you two and you both will have a free conversation flowing. And you will see you two bonding with each other better.

2. Understanding and starting to support each other in every situation

As I discussed previously that we need emotional support from our partner. But a toxic relationship misses out of that support. When you are trying to fix your toxic relationship, you have to start understanding each other’s situations first.

Once you make that effort to understand your partner’s situation, you will see how much trouble he or she has faced. And if you understand that situation, you would automatically start supporting your partner.

Understanding makes the bond go stronger. And that is why you two need to have that strong understanding. Without this understanding, you two will never be able to support each other.

And without that support, a relationship can not be happy and healthy. It is obvious that the relationship will turn into a toxic one. And when you start giving each other that emotional support they needed, you will see your relationship growing stronger.

You and your partner would have a fondness for each other which lacked previously.

3. Forgetting the past issues and moving forward are the best steps to fix a toxic relationship

I know it sounds easy but to act on it, in reality, is pretty difficult. Erasing the past issues can be very difficult for both of you. It definitely had a huge impact on you two.

But if you want to fix your relationship you have to start forgetting the past issues. You both have to let go of the grudges for each other. As long as you will keep thinking about the past, the time will fly away and the probability of a fixed relationship will also fade out.

It is obvious to bring up past issues as you are fixing that. But that should not be the main goal. The more you will emphasize the past issues, the lesser the chances will be to fix it.

Bring up the issues and sort those out with your partner. Make some deals that these things will not be repeated later. Because relationships do not allow any deal breakers.

The moment you and your partner start moving on from past issues, you two will discover a totally new side of your relationship.

4. Start accepting things and opt for a therapy

Hearing about therapy the first thing that comes to our mind is that we are not psycho or mad. We have a large misunderstanding about therapies. But everyone in this world needs a therapy session for their own betterment.

In life, we face situations where we can not find answers on our own. And that is when we need some expert help from therapy sessions. If you and your partner do not find any way to sort things out, you two should be open for some relationship therapy.

A therapist often shows the way and understands our feelings that we also don’t understand. And for that, you need to be open to sessions for the sake of your relationship.

Also, if you feel that you have a lot of things going on in your head, you can consult the therapist for a one on one session. It will be good for both you and your relationship.

So, just push all the misconceptions away and start some therapy to have a better version of you and the relationship.

5. Listen to each other and have a healthy communication on a daily basis are useful steps to fix a toxic relationship

If you remember, I had talked about these issues of communication gap as a reason for toxic relationships. Because we all know that communication is the key. And you just can not have a healthy relationship without communication with your partner.

So, it is pretty obvious that to fix your toxic relationship you have to listen to each other carefully and need to have healthy communication on a daily basis. These are some of the most useful steps to fix a toxic relationship.

Try to avoid rough words, sarcasm, harsh comments when you are communicating with your partner. You do not want to hurt your partner. Because you two are starting afresh.

Express your feelings to your partner and make them understand how you felt all these days. Let them also express their feelings. When you will listen to each other carefully, you will be able to solve most of the problems together. And that is why having healthy communication on a daily basis is very important for a relationship.


Unhealthy relationships can be harmful to both partners. There are many signs of an unhealthy relationship. But all of it can be fixed by working together. And here are steps on how to fix an unhealthy relationship.

You guys need to have that determination to fix a relationship. Because without that zeal and determination broken relationships can never be fixed again.

1. Give space to your partner and help them to heal

You have been in a toxic relationship for a long time. And it will be quite insane to expect it to change within overnight. Because it is hard to change as a person so easily.

So, you need to give time and space to your partner to change their behavior. They are battling with their emotions. And if you are continuously nagging them, situations would go even worse.

So, give them space to battle with emotions. And help them to do that. Support your partner to heal and they will see your love and care for them. It will actually motivate them to get better as a person. They will give that effort to you too.

And in a relationship giving space to each other is really important. It will build a strong connection between you two. These things are really helpful steps to fix a toxic relationship.

2. Heal individually too

It is obvious that the experience of so many days has affected you too in a bad way. And that is why your individual healing is very important too.

If you hold on the grudges and do not let go, things will never settle down between you and your partner. So, you have to deal with your own emotions and have to heal your scars.

You and your partner need to have that space where you two can heal individually. That will help you two to fix your relationship in a more easy manner. Reevaluate how you feel and let them do the same. It will only help your relationship to rebuild on a happier note.

3. Focusing on the positive things and to your love are great steps to fix a toxic relationship

I know it is a bit hard to focus on positive things when you were a part of a toxic relationship for so long. But holding onto negativity will only create more distance between you two.

But if you are truly interested in fixing your relationship, you have to find positive things and focus on them. Try to remember the qualities of your partner that draw you towards them. Remember why you fell in love with your partner?

Focus on those things and on your partner. Note down all the good qualities of your partner and the good memories you two had together. These steps will help you to fix your toxic relationship. Your love will reunite you two again and in a better way.

4. Have patience and understanding

Your relationship took a lot of time to turn into a toxic one. So if you think that it will turn into a happy relationship all of a sudden, it is not logical. Expecting your partner to change immediately is really silly.

Everyone needs time to change their bad habits. So, it is quite natural that your relationship will also take time to change into a healthy relationship. And for that, you have to keep your patience. You have to be understanding about the situations.

You and your partner have to put a lot of effort to fix things between you two. It will definitely take time. But eventually, you will notice the result. Having an understanding and love between the two will make things work again.

5. Do not carry the burden of your partner’s emotions

You do not need to carry the responsibility of your partner’s emotions all the time. No that does not mean that you keep blaming your partner for his emotions.

What I mean is that you do not have to think that you are the only one responsible for your partner’s feelings. It is not always your fault about how they behave. You must have certain expectations from a relationship. But if it does not match your expectation, it is not solely your fault.

There may be various reasons behind that. But blaming yourself for everything and carrying the burden will only harm your relationship. Feeling guilty all the time will make things worse for the future. So carry a less burden because you are not the only one involved in this relationship.

6. Do not lose your voice in any case

In a relationship, it is very important to always have your own voice to say things loud and clear. Often in a toxic relationship, you tend to lose your voice because of your partner’s dominant nature.

Even if you love your partner a lot, after being pressurized by your partner you must raise your voice. You should not lose your individuality in a relationship. That is why raising voice is very important when you are feeling things should not be the way they are in the situation.

If you lose your voice and identity in a relationship, your partner will take you for granted. And it is not acceptable at all. Raising your voice when your partner is doing something wrong or when your partner is forcing you to do something will help you have your own weight in the relationship.

These things will make a point clear that you are not a person who will accept everything they do. They will also understand their fault and will try to act on it.

7. Having a headstrong mentality to walk away

Till now you have noticed that I have advised you to try to fix your relationship with your partner. Because I feel giving up too soon is not an option.

But if you feel that your partner is adamant not to change their attitude towards you and the relationship, you should have that courage to walk away from that relationship. Because if your partner is too egoistic to change, it is not your duty only to hold on to that relationship.

Always remember your self-respect matters the most. Whether it is a man or woman nobody should ever lose their self-respect at any cost. You should have that guts where you can free yourself from a toxic relationship.

Show your partner that you will not be sitting and handling their toxic attitude for too long. If you feel you have tried a lot and it is not heading towards anything good, you have to make up your mind to walk away from that toxic relationship for your own benefit.

The point you start losing your self-respect and self-esteem, your partner will torture you more. And that is why you have to keep that headstrong mentality to move on from a relationship.

Remember not every broken thing can be fixed always.

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Last thoughts about steps to fix a toxic relationship

So, I have mentioned all the important steps that will help you to fix a toxic relationship. Now it is your turn to act on them. Because you have to take charge to fix your relationship.

Remember some important things that whether your effort is worth it or not. You are not the only person in that relationship. Never lower your self-worth for anything. Cause you are too precious to be broken.

And reach out to me if you have any more quarries. You can ask anything in the comment section below and I will be happy to give answers. Till then keep loving and keep working on your relationship.

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