A True Love Story of Karan And Leena Never Have Endings


Long-distance relationship- It is a thing from which most of the couples are scared off. ‘Will it work?’, ‘How do I trust my partner’, ‘What if he gets attracted to somebody else’, ‘How can I assure that She would reject if another guy proposed her?’ Amidst all this confusion somewhere we fear that due to distance, we might lose the true essence of true love. And hence I see many couples parting ways because they think the long-distance relationship is too hard to handle. Because of the fear of distance, the true love story might end even before it begins. But if we take inspiration from real life love birds, we can surely belive that a true love story never ends.

A have a true love story of a real-life couple. Their journey began with long-distance friendship and bloomed into a lovely long-distance relationship. To all the wonderful couples out there, this story is a must-read for all of you. The long-distance relationships might look difficult but it’s not too hard to handle. Especially when your love for each other is magnificently strong. Here, presenting you the true love story of Karan and Leena.

The true love story started with the planning & plotting of their mutual friend.

Karan lives in Mumbai and Leena lives in Delhi. It all started when Leena’s cousin’s brother planned to set up the two. This person who set them up was Karan’s friend living in the same city. He carefully plotted and planned and introduced both of them to each other. A WhatsApp group was created in which these three used to chat. At first, their conversation was normal and friendly. You know those types of talks about how is the weather and everything, or the political talks.

All the chatting happened in the common WhatsApp group. They first saw each other When Karan was at this friend’s home who was video chatting with her sister. Their first video conversation only lasted till a ‘hi’ and ‘Kaise ho’. At that time, who knew that love will blossom to a never ending true love story.

From group chat to personal chat.

A true love story always has a beginning, but it never ends. It seems as if the third person’s plan worked. Karan and Leena soon shifted to chatting personally with each other. Their bonding as friends intensified and sometimes they both used to video call each other.

I guess this is the way any relationship grows- by understanding each other. Thanks to modern technology and the internet for connecting people all across the globe and of course these two love birds as well.

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A short true love story begins with the first phone call.

Karan happened to visit Indore for personal reasons in the year 2016. And that’s when he received the first phone call from Leena. Wait! don’t get your idea wrong, she didn’t call him to express her feelings or something like that, she called him to ask about her cousin’s brother, yes that third person!

A virtual proposal during Valentine’s eve.

Feelings grew into love, but I guess it was hard for both of them to express. It was during Valentine’s week when Karan finally expressed his love indirectly while chatting.

But our dear Leena No less than a perfect-girlfriend-to plays around and said what if she declines the proposal. Somewhere, Karan, had a gut feeling that the answer to his proposal would be yes. He also said that He will give Leena time to think and answer. And guess what Leena accepted the proposal. From here the journey of a true love story began.

Karan and Leena met each other face to face for the first time.

After two years of a long-distance relationship, they both finally happened to meet in the year 2018. Karan visited Delhi to attend a family occasion. They both used to roam around places, exchange gifts, enjoy, and have fun.

Even meeting after such a long time, they both felt as if they have known each other since forever. They were very excited and happy to see each other.

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They continue to meet & a true love story begins

Whenever Karan used to get time from his busy schedule, he would visit Delhi and spend time with Leena. They together went to gurudwara, they watched films, they went to the garden.

Sometimes they weren’t able to make through and see others due to busy work life. But they made sure to avail every opportunity they get to spend time with each other.

Long-distance relationship has its own advantages and disadvantages. With distance, you may either grow apart or understand each other much better. Things aren’t easy as they seem to be. It wasn’t always when Leena or Karan’s schedule matched up. There were unattended calls and unanswered texts too.

The true love story never has endings. It grows like a beautiful rose

Like all couples, sometimes they fought. But whenever they happened to meet all their disagreements vanished. Once Leena made a chocolate cake for Karan that had sorry written on top it. I guess this is what makes love beautiful. No matter you will always end up smiling with the person you truly love.

Once they had a disagreement and weren’t talking to each other. Leena’s one of the cousin sisters who knew about the two decided to dissolve this argument. She arranged a holiday and called Karan also.

As Leena and Karan saw each other they forgot that there was any disagreement between the two. You see readers, When you love someone from all your heart you never think about the past. You only think about living in the present with that person.

After almost six years of relationship, Karan and Leena are an inspiration for all of us. They have taught us that even long-distance relationships can work. The only thing you ought to have is true love for each other. Also, thanks to the third wheel in their love life- Leena’s cousin brother who set the two up. Karan and Leena truly inspire us that no matter what, a true love story never ends. We wish a happy life ahead to both of them!!!

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