Love at First Sight Quotes and Signs. It Exists or Not?


Almost all of us have heard of the phrase ‘love at first sight’. However, not all of us have first-hand experience of it. Believers like to believe in this concept of ‘love at first sight’. It is a feeling, where someone feels a strange long-lasting pull of attraction for another individual. Mainly, it is the fiction, the works of literature that have made us more inquisitive about this concept. In other words, we get fascinated by our favorite characters and how they fall in love. We want to experience the same feeling just like them. Keep reading for love at first sight quotes and signs.

Whether it is Romeo’s falling in love with Juliet instantly or Colonel Brandon falling for Marriane in Sense and Sensibility, we all just love the concept. Certainly, we start developing a fascination for this concept. On the other hand, we start relating our lives with that of our favorite fiction.

In the same way, we want to experience the same feeling in our lives as well. We look for the same attraction for a person from the first moment we meet them. However, I think, we only develop the feeling of ‘love’ from the initial attraction later. After knowing the person in a proper way, attraction gets converted into love.



Love is a phenomenon that is different for every person. Every person’s experience of love is different from the other. I can bet that all of you in some phase of your life would have heard from your friend how they fell in love with someone at the first sight. You might have experienced it yourself as well.

There are a lot of myths and facts about Love at First Sight which you may or may not have heard before. So, let’s get to know about Love at First Sight all over again.

‘Love at first sight’ is a sudden feeling of attraction for another individual at the first meeting. For instance, imagine yourself sitting in a cafe. Now, maybe you get attracted to the person sitting across the table.

Starting from their appearance, their smile to their activity, you can get attracted to anything. You find a sudden urge to talk to that person, to bond in a better way.

According to scientists, this urge is a result of ‘oxytocin’ or ‘the love hormone’. In fact, it is a combination of hormones that is responsible for the newfound excitement for someone new. Dopamine, Oxytocin, Adrenalin, and Vasopressin work together to make it happen.

However, the big believers of the magical feeling of ‘love at first sight’ hate giving credits to hormones only. In other words, they believe in the magic of ‘love at first sight’. According to them, people can fall for someone from the very beginning. Well, it needs a longer discussion. Keep reading for love at first sight quotes and signs. You will also have an idea if it exists or not.


Have you ever gone somewhere and seen someone whom you would like to know more about or see an instant connection with? That is how ‘Love at First Sight’ feels like.

However, unlike the name suggests, you don’t instantly fall in love with someone. You might feel an attraction towards them. Your conversations with them would be easy and effortless. In short, you’ll enjoy their company. The reason is simple. You can’t simply fall in love with someone without knowing what their personality is like.

Now, the most important question is whether it is real or not. Well, it is like the concept of God. The believers will believe, cynics will criticize. It is better to look at the percentage to gain a better understanding. For instance, according to studies, every 6 people out of 10 believe in falling in love at first sight.

The most important fact is that men are more prone to falling in love easily. To clarify almost 41% of men have experienced this and it is more in number than women(29%). Certainly, it becomes difficult for those who haven’t experienced it to keep the faith. However, science says falling in love at the first sight is very much possible.

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We can relate the tendency of falling in love with the human urge to procreate. Similarly, according to scientific data, the brain takes 0.1 seconds to decide whether it is attracted to an individual or not.

Keeping both of these factors in mind it seems that love can really happen at first sight. In fact, ‘love at first sight’ is very much real. Love isn’t love in the beginning but the initial attraction.

However, this basic attraction is very much necessary for two persons to bond. In other words, this urge for bonding usually remains full of excitement and full of fun. In short, the feeling of ‘love at first sight’ is nothing but a basic attraction that may or may not develop into deep love. Therefore, it is very much real.


As I have mentioned before, the feeling of ‘love at first sight’ is a very personal feeling. People who have experienced it like to believe in it. on the other hand, people who do not, choose to criticize it. However, for the believers, and the first-hand experiences of people we get to know the common signs of love at first sight.

The signs associated with ‘love at first sight’ are generally the same ones- usual butterflies in the bellies and extreme interest in that person. Let’s have a look at the common symptoms of the disease known as ‘love at first sight’. Keep reading to know more about love at first sight quotes and signs.

First, there is generally the sweet feeling of butterflies in the belly. In other words, you feel queasy when that person is in front of them. This happens due to the tension of being liked by that person.

Second, you want to know everything about that person. Third, believe it or not, bit all of a sudden one starts noticing that person only amidst the crowd.

Sounds cheesy? Well, this is a general opinion. I think it happens due to the strong bond between love and eye contact. In addition, one seems to love everything about that person and finds a strong familiarity and strong bonding.


Does God exist? if you place this question before a room full of people, you will definitely get various opinions. The same goes for ‘love at first sight’ as well. People who have experienced it or people who are a believer by nature believes in it strongly.

On the other hand, some people are cynical about the concept and they believe in developing love from friendship over time. In order to read more about love at first sight quotes and signs keep reading this article.

However, as per the scientific facts mentioned before, bodily attraction depends on the secretion of different hormones. In other words, due to the decision swift making ability of the brain and the activities of the hormones, one feels attracted to another individual. When that happens, the doors of possibility open automatically.

All these bodily organs conspire together to keep the initial attraction alive. Due to this, a person wants to know more and more about that individual. Subsequently, the feeling of love gets generated over time.

So, yes, ‘love at first sight’ exists. However, initially, it is nothing but the pure attraction that needs time to bloom into something beautiful as ‘love’.


Love is a feeling that needs much depth and consistency. In other words, love can be defined as a promise- a promise of loving forever. True love does not demand anything in return. In short, true love is nothing but unconditional.

This kind of feeling only gets generated after knowing a person for some time- after seeing that person through both good and bad light. To clarify, such a deep feeling of love does not appear out of anywhere, within a single moment. Read this article till the end to know more about love at first sight quotes and signs.

However, in order to grow that kind of love, it is important to get to know that person. The basic attraction is nothing but the doorway of the introduction. It is the beginning of wanting to know a person in a better way.

According to the scientific facts mentioned before, the brain decides really fast whether or not it likes a person. So, the brain takes only 0.1 seconds to give judgment upon the initial attraction. The bodily hormones help in this process.

Due to this initial attraction, a person wants to know another with extreme interest. In addition, they want to be liked back by that person as well. This leads to a conversation of two souls. Finally, over time, it may get developed into love.

So, if we associate the basic attraction with the future feelings of love, ‘love at first sight’ seems really possible.


‘Love at first sight’ is everything poets write about. It is like sunshine after days of clouds, like a breeze on a rainy day, like the sounds of birds in the morning. People start feeling happy out of nothing. In other words, one starts craving more and more for the proximity of the person they are attracted to.

In addition to that, they want to know the person better. Similarly, they want that person to like them back. Maybe because of that, they get all out of breath when the person comes near. Meanwhile, the tension piles up, the heart starts beating faster.

Suddenly the person starts feeling a deep attraction towards that person. They fail to notice anyone else in a room full of people. In addition, everything feels magical where they fail to notice any flaw in the person.

So, ‘love at first sight’ is basically experiencing magic, experiencing a fairytale. Maybe because of the hormonal activity or the new excitement, but it feels exactly the way poets describe it. Keep reading to know more about love at first sight quotes and signs.


The initial attraction, the instant liking is popularly known as the magical feeling of ‘love at first sight’. Now, if you have had a similar kind of feeling for your partner, reminding your partner of that might be just the sweetest way of expressing love towards them.

Similarly, if you are just experiencing this feeling for the first time, express your attraction by using these love at first sight quotes. Send these beautiful love at first sight quotes and signs to your partner to rekindle the romance of the initial days.

1.”I never believed in love at first sight until I met you.”

2.”it took that first moment of eye-contact to fall for this lifetime.”

3.”I felt this strANGE desire to know you from the very moment i met you.”

4.”People may fuss about science and hormones. Love at first sight for me is magic, the magic that you are.”

5.”Every time I see you, I feel a magnet in your eyes. It is constantly pulling me towards my destiny.’

6.”After meeting you, I have stopped thinking about the world. You have become my world now.”

7.”There is no true love if it does not happen at the first sight.”

8.”I was bewitched by your smile from the very first moment. I still am and wish to remain so forever.”

9.”From the very first day I met you, I knew I had met my destiny.”

10.”For me it was not love at first sight because I have fallen in love with you every single moment, forever.”


11.”It’s all in that first exchange of glances. You know whether you’re saved or doomed for the rest of your life. For me it was both.”

12.”Love at first sight is so overrated. Nobody ever mentions lust at first sight. I mean have you ever looked at someone and wanted to slip into their skin in that very moment?”

13.”Loving you was so effortless that it only took me a moment.”

14.”From the moment i set my eyes on you, i knew i had found a friend. A friend i wanted to have a family with.”

15.”I don’t know if i loved you in that first moment of our encounter, but what i do know is that when i laid my eyes on you, everything else disappeared.”


16.”magic happens to those who believe in it. So do love at first sight and fairy tales.”

17.”Who says love at first sight happens once? Each time you walk through that door, baby, I find my heart hanging around my neck.”

18.”No matter how tough times get, i simply close my eyes and remember the first time we met. Magically, i always find myself wrapped in your strong arms. I reach my home- sound and safe.”

19.”Isn’t iT the most wonderful feeling that the complete stranger of a moment ago becomes our world? We start dreaming about spending every moment with that person.”

20.”I felt like I have known you for a lifetime from the very first moment.”

21.”yes, it’s that smile, that breath-takingly, soul satisfying damned smile of yours that stole my heart.”

22.”It was your kindness that made me fall for you from our first encounter.”

23.”I realized from that first hello, how it was the voice i wanted to wake up to. Those were the lips i wanted to kiss every day.”

24.”Maybe love at first sight is not just about laying eyes on someone but having the eyes to understand that someone.”

25.”first eXchange of glances, first touch, first kiss: everything with you was pure magic.”

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A final thought on love at first sight quotes & signs

Finally, there is no ending of the debate on the existence of love at first sight. Believers want to believe in magic. On the other hand, some are bound to criticize the concept. They will laugh at it and talk about scientific facts and factors.

However, the point is that it does not matter. The first meeting might be a simple attraction. But there is no denying that the attraction is the first push one needs for something beautiful in the future.

In conclusion, I must mention, that falling in love is indeed a magical journey. It really does not matter when you fall in love. In other words, whenever you realize that you love that person, the reality turns magical. You start seeing the world with pink glasses on.

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