How couples are dating after lockdown? A romantic report


Lockdown is over and the process of Unlock has started. But even though we all were stuck in our houses due to pandemic, the feeling of love was something that was never locked. They say it right, that when you love your partner, you will find every possible means to express it to them.

After a couple of months of lockdown, it seems as if the entire world had only long-distance couples waiting for things to get back to normal. And as the world is gradually receding to its pace, the long wait finally seems to come over.

How couples are dating after lockdown

But the danger has still not gone. And safety is still the top priority. In the opening arena of uncertainty how you must take precautions for a romantic yet safe date with your BAE? BY taking a sneak peek into how couples are managing in this environment, let us look at some ideas of how couples are dating after lockdown


So what if you can’t meet your girlfriend physically, thanks to the supernet that would allow you to video call her for days and days. Video calling, late-night calls, and texts, these are some areas where long-distance couples have already excelled. So if one of your friends is in long-distance, then they would surely help you out with these situations and suggest appropriate tips.

Love requires no medium. As it is itself a medium. Even though this lockdown happened unexpectedly, couples managed to resort to online platforms. Yes, it does seem a bit awkward, that you long to hug your boyfriend, you want to hold your girlfriend’s hand but you can’t.

This lockdown has even separated many couples away, especially teenage couples. The lockdown is over but still, it is dangerous to go outside. Your health status might not allow you to go out and meet your girlfriend even though everything is getting back to normal. Or sadly, your boyfriend’s house is in a sealed area due to which he cannot come to meet you.

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A digital cafe instead of the original cafe

Shops, cafes, and restaurants are not operating at their full scale yet. It might happen that your favorite cafe in which you two must go for dates is no longer open. There are endless reasons that couples might not be able to meet each other even though everything is unlocking gradually.

Even if you are able to meet each other, it happens only for a short duration of time. Therefore, you must recharge your net plans to video call, chat with your girlfriend so that you don’t feel she is away from you.

Late-night calls are the most romantic thing to do

Staying at home, calling your boyfriend whenever you get free time. This technological change has helped couples understand each other time table. They have realized both for themselves and for their partner as well. The night is the most romantic time to ask about your partner’s well being.

Your girlfriend would give you a full insight into what she did throughout the day, how much she missed you. You can also share with her what all-new recipes you tried to make and eventually ended up burning one side. Following this, she would laugh and giggle and tell you the proper means of how to properly cook something.

Firstly, you might be sad because of the fact that how wonderful it had been if your boyfriend would have been in front of you. Secondly, just looking at his face via video-call makes you miss him even more. But that is the beauty of love! No matter what you always try finding time for each other. Next time, you can even for an online date with him ( isn’t it a great idea?) But you must be wondering how are these couples managing dating even after lockdown?

Send your partner a surprise online gift

You must greet your girlfriend with a bouquet of roses every time you two must have gone for a date. It might happen that this time you weren’t able to present yourself at your boyfriend’s birthday due to unexpected circumstances. But even after so many difficulties, don’t miss a chance to show your affection towards your partner.

Couples all around the nation have now resorted to sending online gifts to their BAE. And trust me, the gift websites are benefitting even more that they benefit during Valentine’s day. Because every problem has a solution. And every situation has an alternative.

Going around gift shops and buying something physically might be difficult. Also, it is not obvious that all gift shops would be open. So in that case, you can easily find some cool and unique gifts from e-commerce websites like Archies and Floweraura.

A special gift would not only surprise your girlfriend, but it would also make her realize how important she is to you. So don’t back even if this lockdown or no lockdown, stops you from gifting your boyfriend a perfect gift.

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Those couples are really lucky who manage to get time from their busy schedule and are able to meet each other. If you are someone who is beginning to date or someone who has been waiting to go on a date with your partner. You must be responsible and remember that the pandemic is not over yet.

The air is still dangerous, and safety still the top priority. There are many people who are new to relationships. Also, there are many people who are looking forward to a new start in their relationship.

Don’t let yourself back down because we all are temporarily paused due to this pandemic. Dress up, smell nice, and get prepared even if you are going for a virtual date. We are the generation of millennials- the ones who have already taken up to changing adaptability at the fastest rate.

Yeah, it might be challenging for you to decipher what is wrong or what is right. But all you need is some love guidance to blossom up your love. How couples are dating happily even after lockdown, is a secret which would be answered from below mention tips.

Safety is still the first priority

Mask and sanitizer are the two important things you must not forget like you cannot afford to forget your girlfriend’s birthday. In fact, I suggest that if you two are meeting for the first time then a bottle of sanitizer would be a perfect gift along with a chocolate bar. Certainly, this is an answer to why many couples are still intact ( LOL). So, this is how couples are dating even after lockdown.

Yeah, you might desire to hold your boyfriend’s hand, you might feel like hugging him tightly. But because of this thing known as social distancing, you have to control your urge. But like I have said before, there is an alternative to everything. You can easily hold each other’s hands while wearing gloves.

As a responsible and health-conscious boyfriend, you can also wear an additional jacket or shirt kind of thing as an add-on. No! please don’t worry about your fashion, this time you should look from the health point of view. You both can pair up the color of your mask and take cute selfies.

This is the time when you can impress her with your personality

All girlfriends look for a caring boyfriend in their BAE. They want somebody who can silently understand their silence. Who will put around her his jacket without the need of her telling it? Someone who brings her chocolate even before she could speak that she is craving.

The changed atmosphere of new style dating would enable you to present yourself as the ideal man. Someone who is not bothered about looks. But certainly bothered about the matters related to the heart. Act as a responsible boyfriend. Ask her to remind her, is she taking her daily immunity pills? Did she arrive at her home safely after the date? BE considerate and put her before everything.

As an equally responsible and caring girlfriend, you can assure him that you are keeping sound. Give him details about every little thing you do even if you are stuck in your home. Tell him from time to time that you miss him.

Couples these days are celebrating a kind of MEMORY DATE. If they can not meet then they will talk via phone. They will talk about their past date. And with an emotional hope plan for the next date. That’s the beauty of love, don’t let the fire of romance extinguish. Talk! Talk! and Talk! this is the golden rule. Show that everything is normal and soon would become normal. What is love without hope?

This is the best time to plan the future

If you have clearly nothing to do and waiting for things to settle down then start planning about the future with your partner. But think about it with a positive approach. Your planning can range from graduation to marriage to kids to family to grandchildren- everything!

Planning, the best idea of how couples are dating after lockdown. You can plan, you can laugh at your silly yet romantic thoughts. The best part- you can also think about how to impress your to-be-in-laws which has always seemed tiresome to you. Not only will you think, but you can also share it with your girlfriend or your boyfriend.

When you would share, you would also come across their future planning. Would they like to have a dog or a cat as their pet after marriage? Is she planning to make you cook all the dinner? (LOL) In this manner, you would not only understand yourself better, but you would also understand your partner.

You both will have your own vision board, on which both of you can collectively work upon. This sounds much more fun than planning and analyzing the menu in the cafe during dates. Take this pandemic as an opportunity and not as a liability.


Colleges are closed, tuitions are closed. This is the greatest question of how couples are dating after lockdown. There is probably no excuse you can make to your parents like you used to before to sneak out for a date ( if you have strict parents and you are a teenage) Couples might not be able to take out time for each other physically but they are surely able to mentally and emotionally.

Of course, I agree that it times everything seems so tiresome that you cannot go out even on a proper date. Maybe you have to keep wearing the mask along with your girlfriend for most of the time. You can’t even look at her pretty face properly. You may not be even able to spend a greater amount of quality time because shops now close early.

These things are as dull as they sound. But that doesn’t mean that you cannot do anything. Because of all the benefits you are receiving, your only concern should be how to make your partner happy. Try imprinting the happiest thing from the conversation you have with your boyfriend even if the chatting lasts 10 minutes.

Like you make a time table for yourself, you can also make a schedule for both of you. And derive a common time when you can have endless talks. If your favorite hang-out spot happens to be closed, then go out for a grocery shopping ( being a responsible son) and find an excuse to see your girlfriend. All these means only one thing, that love can be unlocked through endless ways.

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Don’t focus on what is wrong. Be grateful for what is right.

Hope and a positive outlook can solve the misery of any problem. Believe it when they say that after every night comes the sunshine. There might be some couples who weren’t even able to talk to each other for weeks. But you are so privileged that you both are able to meet. Simply this means, that be grateful for every deed.

Think about it this way, that there’s a God of love. You bow down to her and ask that with love this world would become a better place again. These things aren’t as childish as they sound. It simply highlights human desperation which can open any door in the universe. You are one of those lucky couples who talk to each other daily, greet each other daily.

So be grateful for everything you have. Don’t get disheartened that you aren’t able to take your girlfriend to a lavish date. A grand date can be always pushed forward. Continue expressing your love like you always do, but this time it could be via an emoji.


This new normal is not as cool as it sounds, but no force can stop two love birds from each other. So be carefree and hang out with your BAE, but keep in mind the safety first. Have a cup of hot tea as your immunity date, or just stroll around the garden wearing couple masks. But never let the spirit of love down! Even if you are going on a date after so long in your town. So, this is how couples are dating after lockdown.

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