Best Teddy Bear Gift Ideas For Girlfriend


Do you know what is the best part of love? That you put all efforts to bring a smile on the face of your girlfriend. But finding a perfect gift for your dear girlfriend is not an easy task. First of all, you may find all things the same, like the similarity between the lip liner and eyeliner. (LOL) Okay, fine let’s skip the idea of makeup as gifts, probably your girlfriend is already more expert in that field. Chocolates and roses- Nah! those are too common things. How about the best teddy bear gift ideas for your girlfriend?

Your girlfriend is no less than a cute child. So gift your lovable childish girlfriend a cute childish teddy bear. But are you confused about which teddy bear to buy and from where? Don’t worry here I am at your rescue with the list of best teddy bear gift ideas for girlfriend.


What can be best, that your girlfriend sleeping with that cute teddy bear of yours which has inscribed on it those magical words totally encrypted by you only for her? Make her fall in love with you even more by gifting ‘ I love you teddy bears’, from various e-commerce sites like Archies and Amazon.

The phrase ‘ I love you’ has a special meaning. Which you can dedicate only to your special-one. These handpicked and reviewed teddy bears carry with them a heart that has inscribed the magical phrase. Here presenting you the list of unique ‘ I love you’ teddy bears.

1)MUPKIN Teddy Bear I Love You Message

This cute brown teddy bear comes with not a red heart but a red t-shirt which has ‘I love you’ written on it. You can definitely go with this cute teddy bear as a present for your cute girlfriend.

Best teddy bear gift ideas for girlfriend


  • It is made up of super-soft plush material that makes it super huggable. So when your girlfriend misses you, she can hug this teddy bear.
  • This product has been manufactured according to European standards. So don’t worry, it is completely a branded product.
  • This cute teddy bear is available on Amazon at the price of Rs. 180
  • This squishy teddy bear is 25 cm big and brown in color.

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2)I Love You Balloon Heart Teddy Bear

Have you ever seen a kid jumping with joy when they roam around with colorful balloons? Well, balloons indeed play an important role in your love life, especially the heart-shaped balloon. So gift your girlfriend a cute pink colored teddy bear with ‘I love you balloon’.


  • This teddy bear comes in a cute pink color holding a magenta heart-shaped balloon.
  • The teddy is made up of soft and non-toxic polyester and fur fabrics.
  • The best part is that this teddy bear has passed all the ‘hug-tests’, so it is user friendly.
  • You can buy this from Amazon at the price of rs. 199.

3)I Love You Teddy With Love Scroll Card

Why gift only a teddy bear to your girlfriend, Why not a teddy bear with a message of love? Your girlfriend would be awestruck seeing such a cute pink color teddy bear which comes along with a scroll card. This is surely the best teddy bear gift ideas for girlfriend.


  • The product comes along with a brown color scroll with an ‘I love you’ message.
  • The teddy bear is made up of soft plush material and therefore highly recommended as it is user friendly.
  • The dimensions of the teddy are -50 x 100 x 150 Millimeters
  • Buy it from Amazon at the price of rs. 499

4)I Love You-Pink Color Soft Teddy Bear

When it comes to gifting hearts, don’t just give one heart but 4 hearts. Not only your girlfriend, but you also would be surprised seeing such a wonderful concept of design in the category of heart teddy bears. This bright pink-colored teddy bear comes with four hearts. Take a look at the picture and surprise yourself!


  • The teddy is made up of soft and non-toxic material which is washable also. So no worries about the hygiene of the product.
  • This product ranks highest on the scale of product quality.
  • Buy this cute teddy bear from Amazon at the pocket-friendly price of rs. 359.
  • Embedded with dark black-eye buttons, this product is the best teddy bear gift ideas for your girlfriend.


When it comes to showing your big love, the show it with a big teddy bear. Whether it’s your girlfriend’s birthday or the occasion of Valentine’s day, a human-sized teddy bear is worth all the happiness to gift to your girlfriend. She can not only sleep with the big teddy but also hug it and feel it as if she is hugging you.

There comes a lot of variety for big teddy bears in the market. But it is difficult to select the best which is easily affordable and consumer-friendly. No need to worry because I have personally reviewed some of the finest big teddy bears which will fit easily in your budget.

1)Hug ‘n’ Feel Soft Toys Extra Large Very Soft Lovable/Huggable Teddy Bear

A very cute, smart-looking handsome teddy bear with a bow. Your girlfriend will fall in love with this teddy bear just like how she fell in love with you( indeed- love at first sight!)The design of this product is very simple yet highly attractive. Because of the simple and sober color that is a shade of cream.


  • The teddy bear is as big as 121 cms, which is almost 4 feet.
  • The product is made up of the finest of fabrics and the best part, it is washable.
  • Buy this from Amazon at price rs. 999
  • The teddy has big wide hands and feet which your girlfriend can use as a cushion.

2)NP Toys Orignal Teddy Bear

Has your girlfriend met a smart and adorable yellow teddy bear almost half of her size? No- then definitely go and gift her this super classy and adorable yellow-colored teddy bear. This teddy bear has such a cute color that even you can’t help falling in love with it.


  • This teddy bear is only 2 feet long, hence it is very easy to carry it around.
  • The teddy is made up of super premium 100% polyester fabric.
  • The product is super soft to touch and weighs only 490 grams.
  • You can order it from Amazon at the price of rs. 249

3)GURUDEV 3 Feet Huggable Teddy Bear with Neck Bow

Chocolates are brown and so is this unique teddy bear. This cute little chocolaty fellow with awestruck everyone’s face. Nobody can deny praising this cute teddy bear. Firstly, the teddy bear comes in a rich dark brown color. Secondly, it looks so adorable and cute. A perfect combination of traits that hits at the top of the list of best teddy bear gift ideas for girlfriend.


  • The teddy bear is made up of plush material and is 3 feet high.
  • Because of the simple design and elegant expression, the teddy bear looks highly lovable. Your girlfriend would love to hug it all day.
  • Buy this unique gift from Amazon at the price of rs. 699.

4)OREANCE Soft Toys Teddy Bear for Girls

This product is not just a teddy bear or a soft toy. So your girlfriend can use it as her pillow, her part-time bed, or even like a soft cushion to sit upon. The very cute pink color can make this teddy itself as your girlfriend’s best friend. the highlighted brown nose makes it look so adorable and classy.


  • Can’t believe if I say this teddy is just for rs. 599. Visit the site of Amazon and check for yourself.
  • This 3 feet long teddy has a soft and cuddly filing
  • It is made up of environment-friendly materials and the fiber used is skin-friendly.
  • Materials used are cotton fiber and synthetic fur.
  • The fabrics used are non-toxic and hence it ranks high on quality standards.

5)SPECSYBEAR Soft Toy Teddy Bear for Girls

If you are facing the problem of which color teddy bear to buy or if by chance you have forgotten your girlfriend’s favorite color, then go with this super cute white teddy bear. This teddy bear is available in various sizes ranging from 2 feet to 7 feet. Not only this product is available in various choices of desirable sizes, but also in various colors. Hopefully, this one product will stand-out on all your required parameters. But it’s better not to forget your girlfriend’s favorite color from next time!


  • The 2 feet teddy bear is available in rs. 449. For prizes of other sizes, checkout on the Amazon site.
  • This adorable teddy bear is made up of soft and environment-friendly fabric.
  • It is the best teddy bear gift ideas for a girlfriend for several occasions like anniversaries and birthdays.


For special occasions like anniversaries or Valentine’s day, check out these super cool and unique couple teddy bears. Often you would have gifted a single solo teddy bear to your girlfriend, but like you two are one, these couple teddy bears are also one. You may find a couple of teddy bears as two similar soft toys in different colors. But the ones I have reviewed, are firstly unique and secondly exceptional.

1)Jassi Toy Cute Someone Special Couple Teddy Bear

Take inspiration from this unique couple teddy bear. the product contains two teddy bears who are in an adorable hugging position and their hands are intertwined with each other. Not only the unique and exceptional posture, but the cute soft light colors make this product even more classy.


  • The soft toy is 18 cms long and made up of soft cuddly material
  • The teddies are of non-toxic and soft fabric which is easily washable.
  • The attractive appearance of this product gives a good feeling all the time
  • Buy this cute set of the couple teddy bears from Amazon at the price of rs. 299

2)PI World Valentine Gift Kissing Couple Teddy Bear

Wanna get nostalgic remembering the first kiss you shared with your girlfriend? Then this product is a must buy which would bring a cute flashback and re-create that similar romantic scene. Both the male and female teddy bear are placed on a cute red colored cushion. As a result, even my words will fall short describing this cute product. Check the picture!


  • This product is made up of skin-friendly material so your girlfriend can hug it without any fears.
  • The product comes filled in with soft and cuddly material.
  • This cute product is available on Amazon at the affordable price of rs. 349
  • Firstly the product is unique. Secondly, the design concept is something rare and unseen.

3)Grabadeal Couple Teddy Bear Holding I Love You Heart

Wouldn’t it be a wonderful site to see two teddies holding three hearts? Yes, you got that right! A cute couple teddy bear that you haven’t seen before. The extraordinary concept of this soft toy is what makes it unique. Therefore it’s a must buy in the list of best teddy bear gift ideas for girlfriend.


  • A very huggle love product you would hardly find in the market because of its lovable appearance.
  • This is a made in India product. So shop with pride on amazon at rs.1599
  • The cute teddy bears are not only adorable but big enough too. The product is 30 cms long.
  • Made up of environment-friendly plush material.


Archies is one of the most renowned online gift shop websites. Moreover, you won’t only find the best of products, but also The most unique of gifts. Firstly, your girlfriend would love the premium quality of cute products. Secondly, branded products are easily available. We have hand-picked and selected some of the most unique teddy bears as a perfect gift idea for your girlfriend.

Some teddy bears come with roses, some with a smile. But the top three listed below are a must-buy for a very special occasion like your girlfriend’s birthday or Valentine’s day.

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1)Dark Brown Teddy Bear

You must have seen many dark brown colored teddy bears. But I am suggesting this special one because of its texture. If you closely observe the fabric you will notice diamond-shaped patches which makes it easier to grip and hug. In addition to that, the rich brown color makes this teddy look for classy and adorable.


  • This cute teddy bear comes all dressed up in a cute ribbon tie.
  • Buy this cute adorable teddy bear from Archies at rs. 399
  • Your girlfriend can also use this as a showpiece

2)Stuffed Beige Teddy Bear With Rose

That moment would have been so special when either of you must have proposed to the other one( nostalgia indeed!) Also, would you like to relive that wonderful moment? Whether it was you who proposed to her, or it was her who proposed to you. Go down the memory lane with your girlfriend by gifting her this cute beige-colored teddy bears with rose.


  • This is a small teddy bear 15cms high but as cute as your girlfriend.
  • The product comes in a unique and rarely found color- Beige.
  • The teddy comes with a hanging thread, so your girlfriend can hand this on her windows panes or attach it with the chains of her handbags.
  • Buy this lovely teddy bear at rs, 399 from Archies.

3)Glorious Roses N Teddy Bear

Buy this glorious and unique gift from the combo section which contains a bouquet of roses and a cute small teddy bear. This is the best teddy bear gift ideas for girlfriend on the occasion of anniversaries or Valentine’s day.


  • A perfect combination of six white roses and six yellow roses added with the spark of a cute teddy bear. This is the best gift you can give to your girlfriend whom you adore.
  • The combination is blended perfectly to give an elegant and unique appeal.
  • Easily available on Archies at the cost of rs. 695

A final thought on best teddy bear gift ideas for girlfriend

Be it your girlfriend’s birthday or the eve of Valentine’s day, getting a perfect present for her is a must. firstly, your present should be extraordinary. Secondly, it should be made up of fine materials. And lastly, it should fit in your budget. Keeping in mind all these things, it’s definitely hard to find the best gift for your best girlfriend. Moreover, which boyfriend likes shopping? But if you are buying for her then your gift must stand out on all parameters.

Therefore you may have always ended up with those common roses or chocolates. to sum up, Teddy bears are those soft toys that never become out-dated with age. It’s a thing via which one can always relive their childhood. Here, presenting you the entire list of the best teddy bear gift ideas for your girlfriend. Whatever the occasion it be, or even if there is no special occasion. Just go ahead and get the best gift for her from the best list of best teddy bears above. Happy teddy bear shopping!

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