Best Romantic Birthday Gift Ideas For Girlfriend


Indeed it looks so great to dwell and dive into the deep eyes of your girlfriend! She is like an angel who descended down from heaven only for you. A romantic and cute relationship with your lady, that must seem so lovely to everybody. Be it the eve of Valentine’s day or be it her birthday, a cute romantic gift is something, which every responsible boyfriend has to get. But I understand your confusion, ‘ OH my god! What should I buy for my lady?’ And from here the treasure hunt begins, what are the best romantic gift ideas for a girlfriend?

Firstly, it must be difficult for you to take out time from your busy schedule and visit the market. Secondly, the vibrant market is full of vibrant options. Every angel-like girlfriend is surely the best in shopping compared to her boyfriend. And therefore, it must become difficult for you to get a beautiful and romantic present for her ( Unless and until you can differentiate between mascara and an eye-liner!!!).

It may seem difficult till the end, but don’t worry as I am here at your rescue. Allow me to present you with the hand-picked list of the best romantic gift ideas for girlfriend, that you can buy from various e-commerce websites like Archies and Floweaura.


When you are planning to buy a present for her, try to figure out what things she loves. Your girlfriend might be as simple as the old-town girl who can be happy even with a simple box of chocolates. Or she could be like a modern-day girl having a free-spirit who always looks forward to something interesting. ( Of course! There are types of girlfriends- figure out in which category your woman belongs!!!)

But in the end, she always looks into how much effort you have put. Even when you try preparing a simple cup of coffee for her, no matter even if it tastes bitter. She would be more than happy by the very fact, that his man which is you is trying hard to make her smile. Efforts are what defines the real intimacy between couples.

1)Personalized Birthday Chocolate & Dry Fruit Gift Box

When it comes to gifting a box of chocolates to your dear girlfriend, gift it in a box that has her name inscribed. This exotic collection of dry fruits and chocolates comes packed in a beautiful blue box. Along with the box, comes a cute ‘happy birthday’ gift card. Your girlfriend would surely melt for you, just how chocolate melts.

Best romantic gift ideas for girlfriend
Buy from at Rs.675


  • The birthday box contained exclusive packets of dry fruits and a big bar of Cadbury chocolate
  • If your girlfriend is a foodie or has a sweet tooth, then this birthday present is a sure go!
  • NO need to worry about additional gift wrapping, as this wonderful combo comes in a hand-crafted light-blue colored box.
  • This birthday box contains one pack of 72 grams dark-milk chocolate and a 100 grams packs of plain cashew


  • Your girlfriend might be allergic to either cashew or dark-milk, therefore it is advisable for you to be aware of her allergies to certain food products.
  • This is a one-time use gift product. If your girlfriend happens to like this birthday present, then you might have to buy her another box.

2)Big Soft Fur Teddy Bear with Love Alphabets

You must have gifted a cute teddy bear with hearts to your girlfriend earlier. But my dear friend, have you gifted her a teddy with ‘LOVE’? If not, then don’t miss this chance by gifting your cute girlfriend this romantic teddy bear. Unlike other soft toys, this teddy bear is designed very uniquely and looks highly adorable.

Buy from at Rs.1495


  • The teddy bear is made up of skin-friendly material. So your girlfriend can sleep with it being carefree.
  • This teddy is quite big in size, as it is 16 inches high.
  • The teddy bear looks very adorable because of its light and eye-catchy romantic colors of red and pink.
  • The highlighted bold letters of “LOVE” makes it look even more attractive. Your girlfriend can use it as a showpiece too.


  • Although you can wash this teddy bear, repeated and harsh washing might degrade the initial quality of this soft toy.
  • the cute and romantic color of this soft toy might fade away with time.

3)Green Orchid Perfume with Personalized Bracelet Hamper

What had attracted you the most to your girlfriend? Her cute smile or her magnetic aura? Maybe the charismatic smell of the perfume she uses? Who is there on this planet who don’t desire to smell nice? Applying deodorants and perfumes is not only to attract the opposite sex, but it is mainly for oneself. Because the lively smell uplifts one’s mood and spirit. Whenever one applies perfume, he/she remains active all the time.

Buy from at Rs.895


  • This is the perfume that you can’t find easily because of its exotic flavor. That is, green orchid! The days for sandalwood are gone, it’s now time for the green orchid to bloom!
  • Along with this classic 50 ml perfume, comes a cute personalized classic bracelet.
  • This combo is the best present you can gift to your girlfriend if she is an ambitious working-woman.
  • Both the bracelet and the perfume are for daily use. Therefore this combo falls under the category of the most efficient gift in the list of the best gift for a girlfriend.


  • Although the bracelet is made of stainless steel, it may get easily damaged due to repeated tampering.
  • Kindly handle with care the bottle of aromatic perfume, as it is made up of glass.

4)Glorious Bday Customised Lamp

These days you must have observed that people get their interiors done with customized LED lightings. Isn’t it cool! Even your girlfriend must be using various fairy lights to add a glittery spark into the decor of the room. Lighting is somethings that determine the set-up of every atmosphere. If your girlfriend is someone who is very peculiar about lighting, then this is a present which would prove to be the best romantic gift ideas for your girlfriend.

Buy from Floweraura at Rs.1099


  • This is a supercool multicolor acrylic lamp that comes with a remote to control the color-lighting of the lamp.
  • If you two are on a bedroom date, switch to pink. Or if your girlfriend desire to have a pleasant sleep, she can easily turn to calm green.
  • Moreover, this unique LED lamp is designed in a very rare seen way. It has 4 heart balloons and a message of ‘ Happy birthday’ on the translucent panel.
  • Due to its unique style and the artistic concept, this lamp is something that can be proven to be the best gift for your girlfriend.


  • This product is not battery operated. Rather, it has its adapter. Because it is an electronic device, keep away from the contact of water.

5)Pinky Love Teddy. Your girlfriend will love this birthday gift

You must have seen a teddy bear pouring out his heart. But have you seen a teddy bear gifting a candy? Nobody can help to fall in love with this cute pink teddy bear. This one of its kind soft toys which you won’t find even if you go banging your head around the store. A super boyfriend’s girlfriend is no less than a cute kid. So with no doubt go gift your kid this precious gift.

Buy from Floweraura at Rs.649


  • This cute teddy bear is made up of premium quality skin-friendly material. So your girlfriend can sleep with it, hug it without any worries.
  • The teddy has wide charismatic eye buttons embedded on the forehead. This makes it look really cute and adorable.
  • Because of the eye-candy color, this soft toy is something that relives childhood in everybody’s heart.
  • Even the paws and the toffee wrappers have heart shape inscribed on them Too much of love, right?


  • Although you can wash this teddy bear, repeated and harsh washing might degrade the initial quality of this soft toy.
  • The cute and romantic color of this soft toy might fade away with time.

6)Floral Design Ceramic Mug with Lid

So what if you can’t give your girlfriends flowers personally on her birthday. Send her this cute flower-designed ceramic cup and make her remember you forever. Even if she is a coffee person or a tea person, this mug is the best companion for a perfect evening. A perfect and the best romantic gift ideas for your girlfriend.

Buy from at Rs.520


  • Usually, premium quality cups and mugs come with saucer. But here it is the reverse! This mug comes with a lid! So if your girlfriend has the habit of forgetting her drink then guide her to put this lid back.
  • This way her tea or coffee would remain hot, similar to the way your relationship is hot! (LOL)
  • This cup has a broad handle for easy grip.
  • The designer ceramic cup is 4 inches high and 3 inches wide from the mouth.


  • As this mug is made up of ceramic, it is a product that must be handled with care.

7)Personalized Box of Dessert Soaps – Set of 3

Your girlfriend must have never bathed with a soap that looks like it is edible but it isn’t. Even you for yourself must have never seen soaps unique as this. You must be wondering, even the soaps have revolutionalized now! Nobody will trust their eyes unless and until someone puts these dessert-looking soaps into the water to form a lather.

Buy from at Rs.995


  • A very unique and peculiar kind of present that you can easily find. Because of the creative concept, this product is the best romantic gift ideas for your girlfriend.
  • These soaps not only look good but even smell good. The soaps are enriched essence oils to give a very aromatic turnover to the bathing experience.
  • The soaps are chemical-free and suitable for all skin types.
  • Moreover, you don’t need a separate gift wrap because the product already comes ina unique personalized box with a photo and name.


  • The only disadvantage it has that it can be mistaken to be actual desserts because of its attractive appeal. Make sure you tell your girlfriend that these are soaps. Unless and until you are planning a prank on her.



The chilled atmosphere looks very lively when the golden bells go merry round the town. Christmas is yet another festival, which we celebrate with our families, our partners which dinner gatherings. Even if your girl is currently your girlfriend, or your wife to be, this festival is just like a pre-Valentine’s day.

The whole aura of the environment is very cold due to weather conditions. But it is definitely warm due to heat between couples. I am not talking about physical intimacy, I am talking about emotional intimacy. How well are you both connected with each other via your minds? So let’s go and read your girlfriend’s mind, in order to conclude what can be the best romantic gift ideas for your dear girlfriend.

1)Pillar Candles Set of 5 with Glass Holder

Candles have very blissful importance for every religious eve. Be it Christmas or Diwali, the importance of light never fades away. You may find aromatic candles as the best gift for a girlfriend right away. But this purple-colored set of five candles along with a glass holder is something, which you won’t find easily. The best part, these designer candles are aromatic too.

Buy from at Rs.295


  • A Unique Set of five designer candles that comes along with separate glass holders for each candle.
  • Long candles for long burn-life. Each 10 inches high candle burns up to 24 hours.
  • The fancy design of these special candles makes it look very peculiar and these can be used as showpieces too.


  • This is a fire product, therefore keep it out of reach from minors and children.
  • Because of its crooked design, the melting wax may spread and fall here and there. It is suggested that the candles are placed on clean and wide tables.

2)Shea Butter Hamper in Personalized Tray

Do you know what is the advantage of shea butter? It helps to moisturize your skin for longer durations. So care for your girlfriend’s skin by gifting her this royal shea butter hamper. Your girlfriend would surely feel like a queen, whose charismatic king cares for her so much. The royal surprise does not end here. This cute hamper comes along in a personalized wooden tray in which you can get your girlfriend’s name imprinted.

Buy from at Rs.1695


  • This is an all-in-one hamper. It contains two protein bars, two aromatic candles, and one exclusive jar of shea butter.
  • If your girlfriend is a working woman then this is a hamper through which she can pamper herself after working hours.
  • The aromatic candles smell very exotic by the flavors of apple-cinnamon and fresh vanilla.
  • The entire hamper comes beautifully placed in a wooden tray that your girlfriend can use for serving purposes in the future.


  • The only precaution one needs to take in that the aromatic candles and shea butter come in a glass jar. Therefore, handle this royal hamper with care.

3)Lovely Teddy Bear for your Special One

If your girlfriend misses you too much as you both are into a long-distance relationship by chance, then send her a token of love. Mostly all teddy bears are only multi-use purposes. But this cute huggable teddy bear is only for sleeping. the teddy with green paws and a green cap will become the best companion for your girlfriend’s beauty sleep. And therefore, this is the best romantic gift ideas for girlfriend.

Buy from at Rs.1225


  • The teddy is manufactured with Skin-friendly material. That makes this soft toy the most efficient gift in the list of the best gifts for a girlfriend.
  • Just by looking at this 17 inches high teddy bear would make anybody fall in love with it. Because of its highly creative design, it looks very adorable.
  • Mr.teddy bear comes with an undetectable nightcap but still, you can wash him, dry him, and sleep with him.


  • The stitches might not be sealed properly. They might get loosen with time.
  • The color might fade away if exposed to prolonged heats while drying.

4)Set of 6 Cone shaped Ice Cream Bowls with Spoons

Who on earth does not love ice creams? Every individual loves to indulge in the sweet with all the vibrant flavors chilled in a delicious cream. If your girlfriend lives on this planet ( and is not an alien) then surely go for this best gift. This gift is not only unique for the vibrant colors, but also because of the creativity which the artists have put in it.

Buy from at Rs.2195


  • It is a set of 6 ice-cream bowls. Your girlfriend can not only use it for self purposes. But she can also use it to serve your parents( If they happen to become her in-laws!)
  • The bowls are very uniquely designed in the shape of an ice cream cone. Each bowl is painted with different vibrant colors from the inside.
  • All four inches high bowls are made up of ceramic. Therefore you can easily be assured of the quality of the product.
  • These rainbow-colored ice-cream bowls will aid in an extraordinary level of ice-cream experience.


  • The ceramic bowls can break easily. It is advisable for one to handle them with care.
  • You must assure that once you receive your consignment, it is crack-proof. Report immediately to the dealer if you find it broken from somewhere.

5)Set of 2 Fragrances with Handmade Chocolates in Potli

To make every present special, one must try to mix and match extraordinary things. A combo of chocolates and perfumes might sound odd to you. But it is the very extraordinary-thing that makes it a special combo. I assure you that every girl wants to look great and smell nice. So as a responsible boyfriend you must help her look good by making her smile, and smell nice by gifting her this exclusive set of fragrances.

Buy from at Rs.1695


  • Add a bit of spark to your girlfriend’s Christmas celebrations. This exclusive gift combo comes along with two sweet handmade chocolates.
  • You don’t need to worry about gift-wrapping or a separate gift box. As this combo comes beautifully packed in a jute ‘potli’. This is both sustainable and eco-friendly.
  • Each bottle of 50 ml perfume is from the brand ‘The Fragrance Story’
  • The two handmade dark chocolates add a romantic spark to your present. This would surely make your girlfriend more than happy.


  • The only disadvantage which this perfect gift can have is that if your girlfriends love this present too much, then you have to buy her another one.

6)Wooden Tray With Roses & Designer Watch will be the best gift for girlfriend on birthday

Every ambitious and workaholic woman works with time as her best friend. She is always filled with determination in her eyes. Her goal is to always be able to accomplish all her dreams. And if your girlfriend is one of them, then this is the best romantic gift ideas for your girlfriend.

Buy from at Rs.1295


  • This is the best combo of the gift which any super boyfriend would have gifted to her super girlfriend. The wooden tray is beautifully decorated with five real red roses and a beautiful designer watch.
  • The designer watch which is assembled with intricate hand design can be used as a bracelet too. Surely, this watch would be the best companion of your girlfriend!
  • The surprise does not end here. This whole combo also includes a small aromatic glass candle.


  • Operated via cells, the watch may worn out with the passage of time.
  • The aromatic candle comes in a glass jar which can easily break.

7)Bunch of 6 Purple Orchids with Cupcakes

You must have been wondering why I didn’t suggest a bouquet of flowers as the most ideal gift for girlfriend. Well, flowers are something which always looks beautiful. You go to any florist in your town, I am sure you would manage to pick up the best one for your girlfriend. But the one I am suggesting here is no less than extraordinary.

Buy from at Rs.1600


  • This gift is the most professional bouquet of wonderful purple orchids. A special gift for your special one!
  • To make this present even sweeter, the bouquet comes along with a box of 6 delicious cup-cakes.
  • This is the most unique combo of gifts you can buy from
  • No need to worry about the freshness of the products. Made with hand-picked orchids by experts, this bouquet is very unique.
  • Also, don’t worry about the freshness of freshly baked cupcakes.


  • The cupcakes might contain some ingredients to which your girlfriend might have an allergy. It is advisable to consult the customer care of the site before ordering.
  • The flowers of the bouquet might not match the exact color as shown in the image.


Nothing is impossible as it seems. Finding that one perfect gift for your loved one might sound difficult. But with all your efforts you can surely succeed. What girl wants aren’t actual twinkling stars. They can be more than happy even with a simple present that can keep as a sovereign.

Valentine’s day is just not a lover’s day. It is the eve to celebrate love! And therefore I clearly understand why it must be difficult for you to buy the best gift and scroll through my list of best romantic gift ideas for your girlfriend. Shopping is no rocket-science. It is art! And for that, you need expert advice for extraordinary gift ideas. Let’s see the best romantic gift ideas for girlfriend available online.

1)I Love You Combo

Say it with love with this adorable ‘I love you’ combo. Often when it comes to expressing your love towards your girlfriend, it becomes hard to describe in words. Your girlfriend is not just your lady, but your everything! And therefore, it is mandatory to gift her the best present on the eve of Valentine’s day.

Buy from Floweraura at Rs.749


  • This is the most cost-efficient combo which includes a printed cushion, a printed coaster, and a printed mug.
  • The 12*12 inches cushion has a lovely image of a boy hugging his girl. Your girlfriend would surely melt by such a cute present.
  • The 350 ml mug has a beautiful love quote printed on it. Your girlfriend would surely thank you all the time for this best Valentine’s day gift for her.
  • Although the design of this combo is very simple and sober, this simplicity makes it even more special.


  • The ceramic mug can break easily. Therefore, handle with care.
  • Wash the cushion only with mild detergent. Harsh washing methods can make the cushion color fade away.

2)Valentines Day Love Special Chocolate Truffles Can

Does your girlfriend have a sweet tooth? Then, nothing is better than this exclusives chocolate can which blooms nothing but only loves. Your girlfriend must not have seen a beautiful chocolate-can like this before. The con has an image of two lovers in the romantic background of pink. Clearly, love is in the air!

Buy from at Rs.775


  • Everyone loves chocolates. Especially when it is of premium quality. Moreover, when it comes beautifully wrapped in a golden wrapper inside a lovely box. This is what makes this simple chocolate-can special in the list of the best gifts for girlfriend.
  • This decorative can could also be used as a pen-stand or as a show-piece in the future. Therefore, your environment-conscious girlfriend can easily recycle it.
  • The special chocolate truffles are very delicious and the best romantic gift ideas for a girlfriend who has a sweet tooth.


  • These special chocolates need to be kept under refrigeration. Otherwise, they would melt, just like how your girlfriend melts for you.

3)Personalized Wooden Block Candles

Imagine a special candle-light dinner with two candles each having you two’s initial on them. Doesn’t it sound romantic! So let’s make this imagination come true with this unique set of two wooden block candles.

Buy from at Rs.525


  • The best-personalized gift you can gift to your lovely girlfriend. The set contains two cubical wooden candles.
  • You can easily customize it by giving the first initial of your and your girlfriend’s name to the dealer. The wooden-candle couple is ready to rock your evening.
  • Because of the broad face at all the six sides, you don’t need to worry about candle wax over-flowing.


  • Because it is wooden material, keep it away from moisture and water.

4)Baby Pink Soft Fur Teddy Bear with Heart

A teddy bear with the heart you can easily find in the markets. A teddy bear with a heart that is waving at you, you can only find here. has some of the rarest collection of most unique teddy bears. Therefore I have personally shortlisted and reviewed these cool and cute teddy bears only for you so that you can select from the best romantic gift ideas for your girlfriend.

Buy from at Rs.845


  • The teddy bear is made up of skin-friendly material. Your carefree girlfriend can sleep with it and also hug it.
  • Your girlfriend will not stop falling in love with this cute teddy bear because of its romantic pink color.
  • This teddy can easily bath with mild detergents. Moreover, because of its synthetic material, it dries quickly.
  • One can also use this teddy bear as a showpiece.


  • The stitches of this product might be loose.
  • Hard washing can damage the soft toy.

5)Romantic Personalized Photo Stand with Cadbury Chocolates

Photo frames are very common for a gift item. But this photo frame is something unusual. Rather, I’ll say it is a personalized photo stand that comes along with sweet Cadbury chocolates. The unique creativity of the concept makes it highly classy in appeal.

Buy from at Rs.845


  • This is a unique block style photo stand. Surely this is the most romantic personalized gift for your dear girlfriend.
  • The three-block wooden photo stand comes along with two five stars, two dairy milk, and one fuse chocolate. Your girlfriend would surely love the idea of eating chocolates while starring at your’s two pictures.
  • This is a personalized gift item. You can easily customize it by getting your names imprinted on the wooden block.
  • You don’t need to worry about additional gift wrapping as this combo already comes packed in a beautiful gift box.


  • The photo stand has no special glass frame for protective purposes. Therefore, this product can be prone to dust and moisture.
  • As this is a wooden product, keep away from the reach of the water.
  • This wooden photo stand is like a kid’s toy which you need to assemble for yourself.

6)Love Times Today

Let’s make your love story the headline for tomorrow. Everyone must know the true romantic love story for yours, that would inspire many more people. This is the most unique and the best romantic gift ideas for your girlfriend you can give this Valentine’s day. I am 100 percent sure that this super classic gift is beyond everybody’s imagination. It is a guarantee from my side that your girlfriend would love this present as the way she loves you.

Buy from Floweraura at Rs.449


  • The most unique Valentine’s day present you could ever gift to your girlfriend. If in your boy’s group you all are having a competition that which person would gift the best present to his girlfriend. Then, my dear, the first place is only yours.
  • A creative gift just in the format of a typical newspaper. Let your love story creat a history!
  • It is everybody’s dream to be on the cover page. So let’s make this dream come true on Valentine’s day.


  • The only disadvantage this unique gift has is that it is made of paper. Therefore, it needs to be preserved very carefully.

7)Box It Up With Love

Let’s box up all the love you have for your girlfriend. And pop it all out with two cute puppies attached with a heart. This gift article is as unique as its name suggests. This is so far the best couple gift item you could find ever in your town. If you still don’t believe my words, then check for yourself.

Buy from Floweraura at Rs.699


  • The best and the most premium quality of soft toy in the shape of two adorable puppies holding a red heart together.
  • The big round eyes and the innocent expression of the puppy-couple make them look very cute.
  • This gift is suitable for couples of all age groups. Whether you are a teenage couple, or even if you are that couple who would soon get married. The creativity and concept of this product surely make it the best gift for a girlfriend.
  • The best part, it comes along with sweet kit-kat chocolates.


  • Handle with care the soft toy and wash it only and only with mild detergent. No machine wash.
  • The chocolates are for one-time use only. If your girlfriend is a kit-kat fan, then you have to buy her some more.



No wonder finding the best gift for your girlfriend is a hectic task. But all those efforts are worth your love. My attempt to provide you with this list of the best romantic gift ideas for your girlfriend was only a small aid. The main effort would be put in by you. Be it Valentine’s day, be it your girlfriend’s birthday, a gift is something which makes the celebration forever cherishable. Happy gift shopping!!!

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