How to Build Trust in a Relationship For Long Time


Falling in love with someone is easy. But building a happy and healthy relationship is not that easy. A happy relationship requires a lot of other things besides love. It requires trust, communication, prioritizing, understanding, giving time, and a lot of other things. Sounds too serious and difficult right? But trust me it is not that difficult. Today I am going to share some important steps to build trust in a relationship.

But before that, you need to know some key points on how to build a healthy relationship. Because if you do not have a healthy relationship, you will not have trust in your relationship. I know you think your relationship is going great. But at some point, you might think there is something wrong in your relationship.

And for that little doubt, an uncomfortable situation arises in your relationship. I am here to help with some basic yet important steps to build a relationship and to build that trust in your relationship.

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People fall in love in very mysterious ways. And that is why every relationship is unique in their own way. A healthy relationship is where you have deep love, trust, compatibility, and communication among the two people.

Having that extra strong emotional connection between the two helps to have that healthy relationship. Most of us know the basic traits of a healthy relationship. But still, there is always some confusion about how to have those things in a relationship.

Important steps to build trust in a relationship

Many couples face problems in their relationships. And that is a very natural thing to happen. But what makes a strong and healthy relationship is fixing those problems together. And that is why I have made a list of some steps to build a healthy relationship.

1. Spending time with your partner

When we spend time with someone, we gradually start knowing them. And to love someone and to build a strong relationship with someone, you need to spend time with that person.

At the very beginning, you spend a lot of time with your partner. Because in the beginning, there is a lot of affection for each other. But with time eventually, that affection starts to fade away.

But if you spend time with your partner on a daily basis, you two have the same affection that you had when you started the relationship. You two have to make time for each other for a healthy relationship. Otherwise, a distance will throw you two apart. That is why spending quality time is really an important aspect of a happy relationship.

2. Giving and taking in a relationship is important

As we all know that relationship is not a one-way street. You can not expect of receiving in a relationship all the time. Similarly, you are not bound to give in a relationship every time.

When you are the one who always receives, your partner feels hurt about situations. And the same goes for you because you can not be happy when you feel the only one to give support in a relationship.

That is why giving efforts and receiving the same effort is very important. When one is always giving in a relationship, they feel exhausted and out of love. And the other one always receiving takes the partner for granted.

And here the problem starts. So, do not turn your relationship in this type. Because the same amount of love is needed badly for a healthy relationship.

3. Having emotional and physical intimacy are important steps to build a relationship

A relationship always needs intimacy between the two people. But intimacy is not always about physical intimacy. Emotional intimacy is also as important as physical intimacy.

And to build a healthy relationship you need to have that emotional intimacy where you and your partner can connect on a certain emotional level. Because that is how you two will come closer and have a strong bond.

Talking about physical intimacy, it is also an important aspect of a relationship. Physical intimacy actually shows how much you and your partner trust each other and connect with each other. You two have that comfort level to get physically intimate.

But if you are not getting physically intimate, it is nothing to worry about. With time things will change and when you two get comfortable with each other, you will feel that need for physical intimacy.

4. Connect with each other through communication

We all know connecting with your partner is very important. And for that you both need to have communication between the two. Telling your partner about how you feel in the relationship and want to their side help to build that connection.

And to connect with each other you need to be a good listener too. If you do not listen to your partner’s emotions and only talk about yourself, how would you know their mentality?

For connecting with your partner, you need to tell everything that comes to your partner and try to know everything about your partner too. Always making them guessing how you feel is not going to help you. And that is why communication is very much needed in a healthy relationship.


Trust is a very strong emotion that builds a relationship. But one way or the other most of us had our trust broken at some point in time. But you can not ignore trust from your relationship. Because relationships are not only about love but they also need immense trust in it.

There are many steps to build trust in a relationship. In the following article, I am going to tell you about the important steps to build trust in a relationship. If you are facing difficulties in your relationship where the matter of concern is trust, this article will help you very much.

1. Express your emotions truly this is the best steps to build trust in a relationship

Words matter to all of us. We always try to read between the lines. It is a common nature of human beings. And that is why expressing your true emotions is very important to build trust in a relationship.

When you start expressing your feelings and genuinely mean every word you say, your partner sees the softer and emotional side of yours. And it starts bringing trust in the relationship.

Also, keep in mind say the things that you can fulfill later. Because only saying too much about things and later not acting on those will not build that trust in a relationship. Even if it is a little thing, without being completely true that and not thinking to act on that do not say things.

Because we as human beings introspect every little word. When you express something to your partner, try to prove that to them with your actions too. This will create trust between you two. Because words have a lot of power to build something and to destroy something too.

2. Communicate on a daily basis

Previously I already have mentioned this as an unavoidable aspect of a healthy relationship. And as a healthy relationship is built on trust, you must understand that these things are all connected to each other.

When you communicate with your partner on a daily basis, you come to know about their insecurities and vulnerabilities. Similarly, your partner too comes to know about you as a person.

Communication is risky too. Because sometimes some topics start which brings back bad memories. But do not fear this because these things will only help you to connect on a deeper level. And poor communication is a major reason that breaks most relationships.

So, if you want a healthy relationship to have that a strong trust level, these are important steps to build trust in a relationship.

3. Respect plays a very important role in building trust

The notion of a healthy relationship always demands a minimum respect level from both the partners. If you do not have respect for each other you can not have that trust in each other.

There are many cases, many of us faced a lack of respect from our respective partners. And it actually created a trust issue within us. So, keep in mine never do anything that reduces your and your partner’s respect in the relationship.

Respect does not mean respecting our elders kind of a thing. But mutual respect where you two can agree on each other’s decisions and perspectives are really essential steps to build trust in a relationship.

Respecting each other does not mean being formal around each other. But when you do not respect your partner or do not get back respect, your connection damages with time. And things get more difficult to trust each other.

4. Necessary steps to build trust are to not take your partner for granted and value the relationship

There is nothing worse than taking your partner for granted in a relationship. It demeans their self-respect. And it hits the concept of trust too.

Trust is built slowly in a relationship. And for that, you have to be consistent in every situation with your partner. You have to show that their presence matter to you even if it is a bad situation.

Having your partner’s support in bad times and then forgetting them in the good times – it will actually shake the faith and belief they had on you. This is not something you do when you value someone. Valuing the relationship is similar to valuing your partner.

Showing them that you truly value their presence and expressing your love will help to build that trust in your relationship.

5. Do not rush and give time to build the trust

Building trust is not a matter of one day. It requires commitment and most important time. Trust builds with time. Rushing into things to build that trust will only ruin things.

You can not force someone to trust you all at once. You have to give them time and you also need to have time to put your trust in a person. Rather than expecting to trust you from someone, give them reasons to trust you. Do little gestures that will represent your love for your partner.

Small commitments and baby steps will build that initial trust. And with the time that trust will grow more and more. Then you can go for big commitments but before that have some time. Know them better and make that effort to have that trust.

6. Honesty is the best policy

You can never beat honesty at any cost. Trust depends on honesty very much. When you are trying to build trust in your relationship, you have to be fully honest with them every time.

You do not want to get caught lying even if it is a tiny and small lie. Because remember you do not want to be on the other side of receiving any lies.

You do not want your trustworthiness to just get destroyed. Just believe in yourself and if you have anything to tell your partner do not be afraid of it. If you tell your side of the story truthfully to your partner, trust me they will appreciate your effort of being honest to you.

In every situation, honesty is the best policy. Your honesty will convey your message to your partner that you are really trying to build the trust between the two.

7. Self-bragging is not always great to do

In a relationship, you need to have acknowledgment and appreciation for each other. It builds the bond between the two people. Appreciating each other and recognizing each other’s efforts are important steps to build trust in a relationship.

Self-bragging portrays you as a selfish person. And being a selfish person does not help you with your relationship. And when you do not appreciate your partner for their partner, you appear as a selfish person.

Always keeping yourself on an upper level does not build trust between the two people. One of them always feels unacknowledged and vulnerable in the relationship. So, keep that appreciation alive to build trust in your relationship.

8. Admitting mistakes is good

Admitting mistakes do not make a person worse. In fact, it helps someone to grow as a person. And growing as a person will help you to develop the trust level with your partner.

If you try to hide your mistakes, you will appear as a dishonest person. But if you are being open to your mistakes and showing your vulnerabilities, your partner will gain trust in you. Not accepting mistakes will portray you as someone who is very adamant.

No one in this world is perfect. And that is why we need to admit our mistakes gracefully. Because that is what makes you good as a human being. Projecting yourself as too perfect will reduce your trust in your partner’s eyes.

9. Help your partner whenever they need it

As an individual, we all face difficulties in our lives. And we need someone to help us go through that situation. And when you help your partner in difficult situations, they get trust on you.

Even if it does not provide any benefit to you, it will gain you the trust of your partner. And being in a relationship means to sort everything together. Whether it is you or your partner, if any of the two faces any problem, there should always be someone to provide help.

And this will build trust slowly in your relationship.

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So, I have covered the important steps to build trust in a relationship. The steps to build trust in a relationship are interconnected to build a healthy relationship. Always remember without trust a relationship can never be long-lasting.

That is why do not stop trying when it comes to building trust between the two. Relationships are more beautiful when two people have immense trust in each other. But do not have full blind trust in each other. Because you do not want to have your heart and trust broken at any point of time in life.

Keep a certain amount of trust that is needed. Doing things over the top ruins things in a relationship. So, keep the spark alive in your relationship. And for any other quarries do not forget to comment and let me know.

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