What is the 10 most important things in a Relationship


A good relationship is not about hugging, kissing, or taking out for dinner. It’s about caring for each other, giving respect, compromise, and more such things.

When your partner is with you they should feel comfortable, safe, and loved. A good relationship is when two people accept each other’s past, support each other’s present, and encourage for future. A great relationship is not something which you had in the beginning but it’s about staying the same.

Below are the 10 most important things to be taken care of in a relationship.

Without Trust, there is no reason to Continue

what is the most Important things in a relationship

It is an emotion that is delicate, hard to build, and easy to ruin. Everything becomes easier when there is trust. Building and maintaining trust is a long-term, never-ending job for both parties.

Trust is built on a regular basis. Small and consistent efforts are better than grand gestures. It is an emotion that you cannot just go to the market and buy for your partner.

It’s a long-term process where you spend time with your partner, share what you feel about each other.

It is something that can be earned. In today’s world where everyone is having multiple shades. They are trusting you for everything. They are relying on you, that you will be there in their difficult time. Not only in difficult times but to celebrate happy moments together. So, not just respect them but their feelings as well.


Don’t try to be perfect, just be Honest

It is one of the key components that lead to openness and helps to build a healthy relationship. It is not just about telling the truth, it is about showing your partner love and respect. An honest relationship is just like water no color, no shape but still very important for life.

As a kid, we all were taught a lesson on Honesty. But what happens when we grow up. We learn new things, meet new people and experience different things. We start knowing how to deal with things. When to be honest and when to not. Being honest every time is not always good. Yes, you heard it right, but wait doesn’t think in a different way. You must know when not to be honest. Take a case, when your partner is wearing their favorite dress. Still, you should appreciate them even though you didn’t like it. By doing this your will be appreciating their feeling and their choice. A list of such small incidents will go on. It was just to explain the true meaning of being honest. Apply it in your relationship and make it a happy and evergreen one.

Be Loyal For a Long-Lasting Relationship

Loyalty is a two-way path if you are being loyal to your partner and you expect the same. It is about the way we hold our ethics and morals for the partner. It doesn’t grow overnight, you have to spend time with your partner. You have to be there for each other at good and bad times. And standby whenever needed.

It is about staying with each other till the last breath. I know it is very difficult to be the same throughout. There will be thoughts coming to get separated. Let me give you a small tip, take out your diary write down the reasons. Trust me a maximum of the problems will get resolved.

Without respect there is no Love

It is the root of love. You much value each other the most. It is about respecting each other’s feelings, opinions, and choices. Relationship without respect has no value. It means you admire them for the qualities they possess and the kind of person they are. It’s one of the important factors for the smooth sailing of a relationship.

It is not something which should be given only to an elder. Everyone wants respect, even the kid. So what about the one who is closest to you. They deserve maximum of your respect because they are the one who is there in your happiness, sorrow, and grief. Respect for what they do for you, even the small things. Like making breakfast, helping in households and the list goes on.

Give respect because they have earned and they deserve it. And one thing to note here is, if you want respect from your partner first start giving them.

Have Open Communication

It is about listening to each other with patience. And not interrupting and pointing out their mistakes. The more open and honest partners are, the more they will be connected and stronger the bond will be. It is also about listening to each other’s happiness and sadness.

It is not like talking about your relationship with others openly. What that actually means is to be open or transparent with your partner. Let them know your feeling towards them. Know each other’s likes and dislikes. If your partner doesn’t know about your likes and dislikes, don’t just start fighting. Maybe they are seeing you from a different perspective. Instead, be open and let them know your choices, likes, and dislikes.

Start Listening to each other

As a good partner, you should listen to one other. By doing this, one will reveal their feelings. If they are stressed or having any issues, just listen to them. Don’t jump and start pointing out their mistakes. Doing this will help them to release their stress. It will make your relationship an understandable one.

When they choose you as a partner. You mean something or say everything to them. There is no such good friend as you are. Who is available whenever needed, can be shared everything, and no one who is as good secret keeper as you are. No one can take your spot in their heart. The only thing they want is someone who can listen to them. There are so many things going on in their mind, they are puzzled. Only you can help them to solve that puzzle or mess. And the only thing you have to do is “Listen”.

What are the qualities of a good relationship?

You have gone through the above points. Start implementing them in your love life. Let’s discuss a couple of more tips.

Compromise For Good

It is understood, to agree with your partner in order to stop the fight. But no it doesn’t work like that. Everyone has a different opinion, different thought and one must appreciate that. Listen to the point they are trying to say, maybe they are right. If not, be humble, reach out to them and put your point. It is about listening to each other and meeting at mutual understanding. It is about accepting each other and not trying to change them.

Adjustment and compromise, are not the same. Adjustment is something that you do out of your will. But compromising is something which you do for your loved ones. You do so to make the relationship bond stronger. And you feel happy doing that, it is because you see happiness in your partner’s face.

Lack of Transparency gives a sense of Insecurity

It is about the feelings you share with your partner. Even their likes or dislikes. Being transparent makes relationship bonds very strong. Hiding something will start affecting the relationship. If you want your relationship to be as it is as it was in the beginning. Then be transparent every time, maybe it will hurt at that moment but will make your future path of relationship smooth.

When you start loving each other’s presence. Be ready to become their companion for lifetime. And the only way to do this is by being transparent. If you have something from your past which is suffocating you from inside. Or something which is going on in your present. Or something that is bothering you for the future. Just let them know. Your partner could be the reason. Be transparent and discuss with them.

Give each other space, Don’t put a cage

Everyone has their own way of living their life. Everyone wants to spend their time in their own way. It is not necessary that your partner must spend their free time with you only. And the way you want them to spend their time. Give them the freedom to do what they want. Doing all these partners will feel suffocated and it will lead to a toxic relationship. Give them space, both of you together decide your plans. And make your relationship a healthy one.

Giving them space doesn’t mean that they are going away from you. It’s is kind of trust you are showing in them. And respect you are giving them. If they want to spend time with their friends, let them do. If they want to go somewhere, let them go.

Sometimes, people can’t differentiate between caring and loving. When you start taking extra care it may become suffocation for others. If you truly love your partner, give them space and let them decide their own things.


Where there is Love, there is a Fight

Where there is love there is a fight. Every partner must have small fights. This will lead to expressing and revealing the things they don’t like. This will give the relationship clarity. Even to partners on do’s and don’ts. This will help them to resolve the issues between themselves without involving others.

When you are angry stay shut because every word you say will affect and mean something to them. Words once spoken can’t be taken back. And don’t say something that you have to regret later.

This doesn’t mean that you have to provoke a fight. When you start getting older these small fights will be the reason for the laugh.

So start fighting. Oops!! my bad. You know what I meant. Start creating memories.

Conclusion on what makes a good relationship last?

I am sure you have gone through the above points. And I Am sure you will start working from today itself. Make a checklist, start working on your partner’s likes and dislikes.

Once done let us know in the comment how did it go.

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