15+ Things Not Do In A Relationship With Boyfriend


In this imperfect world, each one of us is imperfectly perfect. Similarly, there is no relationship that is perfect. Men and women both are imperfect in many ways. But we can try to do things that will make our relationship better. Women tend to try to be a perfect girlfriend in a relationship. They try to make things better or try to involve themselves in their other halves.But in many cases, things do not turn out as planned. So, ladies, I have made a list of 15+ things women should stop doing that ruins a relationship.

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Things women should stop doing that ruins a relationship

Things women should stop doing that ruins a relationship

1. Stop talking about other men

Ladies, it is not a nice feeling for you when your man talks about other women or stare at them. You definitely feel self-conscious and angry. The same goes for men. Generally, men are really chilled about you having any celebrity crush. But when it comes to other men, they do feel self-conscious just like you.

If you are talking about different men and how attractive they are. Then it is pretty obvious that your man will not feel great about it. He may realize that you find other men attractive. But it is not a good idea to talk about it with him. Because he may not want to hear this thing. And that is a thing women should stop doing cause that ruins their relationship.

2. Things not to do in a relationship with a boyfriend. Stop talking about your ex all the time

Men are also very jealous and insecure about their relationship. Just like women they also want to believe that they are the only person you have ever loved. That does not happen all the time obviously. And it is fine that you have previous relationships.

And if you think that you want to talk about the people you have dated in the past, it is cool. But, that does not mean you constantly talk about your ex-boyfriend with your current one. Also do not compare your current relationship with the previous one. It will cause nothing but argument and drama in your relationship. It will only break your bond.

3. Talking nonsense about other women is not good

Men like if a woman stands strong for other women. So, talking inappropriately about other women is not good quality. It will only show your low self-esteem. It is not necessary to pull other women down in order to feel better.

Even if someone compares you with other women, you should not talk nonsense about them. Try to remember you have good qualities. It is fine to feel insecure about anything. But talking bad about other women will not help the situation or increase your self-esteem.

Rather than talking trash about other women you share your insecurities with your boyfriend. Share the reason for your insecurity with him. Feeling insecure is very normal but never act like that. It will put down your image in your man’s eyes.

4. Not giving him enough space and privacy

It is quite normal that you will want to spend more time with your partner. But expecting to spend every moment with him is a bit irrelevant. Do not suffocate your partner by being on his face all the time.

Every human being on Earth wants some private space. They want to cherish their other relationships also. Let your partner have his space and alone time. If you try too hard to be around him all the time it will only destroy your relationship.

Let each other have some space. It will rejuvenate your relationship. It will also help you both grow individually which is really important. So do not suffocate your partner.

5. Do not avoid your own friends

It is quite similar to the last tip. Do not neglect your own friendships just to have a relationship. Keep in mind that you have your own space also. Keep in touch with your friend. Hang out with them on weekends.

Always remember you need your partner as much as you need your friends. Don’t cut off with them. Strong friendships always help you in difficult times. Your friends will always give you useful advice and also offer a break from life.

So, try to maintain a balance between your relationship and friendship. Because even if your partner leaves you, your friends will never abandon you.

6. Things to avoid in a relationship is Texting other when you stay with your partner

It is normal to answer one or two texts while being with your partner. But constantly being busy on the phone while being with your partner is definitely not cool. It will make him feel neglected.

We all know how it feels like to be ignored. You definitely don’t want to make your man feel about himself. And think it the situation would have been vis-a-vis, you would also feel terribly neglected.

If you are out with your partner on some special date, try to keep your phone away. Spend some quality time with your partner focusing only on him. As an old saying “You should dance with the one that brought you.”

7. Not listening to your partner is not a great thing

We always think that it is men who never listen. But women can also be guilty of the same reason. Not listening to your partner is a very bad thing to do.

If you love someone obviously you will expect him or her to listen to you. And you will also not want your partner half-listen you. So, give proper attention to your partner while he is talking.

Give your partner the amount of respect that you will also expect to get from him.

8. NEVER lose your self-respect

Women are really giving characters by nature. Often women give so much into a relationship that they also forget about their own self-respect. But losing your own self-respect in a relationship is the last thing one should do.

It is natural that you want to make your relationship work with your partner. But that does not mean that you involve yourself with your partner so much that you forget your own self. Having self-respect is mandatory no matter what the situation is.

If you start losing your self-respect once, there is no coming back from that. Always remember you are a separate individual. You do not have to mold yourself like someone else by giving up your self-respect. Your own self-respect should matter to you the most. Otherwise, no one will consider it.

So, never lose your self-respect just for the sake of a relationship.

9. Dominating the relationship always – avoid this

Dominance is a trait of every human being. We tend to dominate each other knowingly or unknowingly. But when it comes to your relationship, it will be better if you keep away your dominant nature.

If you are constantly dominating your partner, it is obvious that it will definitely ruin your relationship. No human being loves to get dominated all the time. So, it is natural your partner will feel frustrated if he is being dominated all the time. It is not nice to make someone feel inferior to you.

So, please don’t be so dominant in the relationship.

10. Do not take your partner for granted

Ladies, if you have been taking your partner for granted then stop doing it immediately. If your partner is taking you out on dinners or drives, please appreciate him for making the effort. He is doing all these things because he wants to do these genuinely.

It is not compulsory for him to do these gestures. So, always be gracious and thankful if he is making efforts for you. Whether it is small or big what matters is the fact that he is trying to make you happy.

In relationships after a certain time, we tend to take our partner for granted. Naturally, we expect that he will do things for me. But, it is also necessary that you show them how much he means to you. Make him feel wanted and let him know how lucky are you to have him.

11. Suspecting your partner all the time will damage your relationship

A lot of women experience being cheated on in their relationship. Naturally, they become a person to whom trusting men become very difficult. But, that does not mean you will suspect your partner for every little thing.

Men have a trait of lying for small things. They just want to avoid drama sometimes. But if you get to know small issues where he lied to you, it is not necessary that you will make a big deal out of it. Doing these things will only pull you two apart from each other. Suspecting your partner even if he is innocent and creating issues are things women should stop doing that ruins relationship.

If you are fighting with trust issues, let your partner know the reason behind it. Elaborate the whole issue to him and see if he understands or not. But only fighting with him without telling him anything is not a solution to your problem.

12. Trusting your partner blindly – not an ideal thing to do

This tip is connected with the last one but is the opposite of it. I know I told you not to suspect your partner all the time. But, that does not mean you always should trust your partner blindly.

If there are incidents happening in front of your eyes that are not trustable, please confront him about these. If you catch him lying red-handed, rather than trusting him try to inspect why he is lying to you. Sometimes, women start to trust a man so much that they forgot to see the truth which is just in front of their eyes.

Trusting your partner is acceptable. But trusting them blindly ignoring everything is just not acceptable. I am forbidding you ladies out there to make this mistake because I have gone through this. And, it is very bad for your own life as well as the relationship.

Trusting him blindly and then getting hurt starts the trust issues primarily.

13. Fighting with him for every small thing – avoid this

We all know that every relationship has its fights. It is normal to fight with your partner sometimes. But if the repetition of fighting turns often, it definitely is a problem.

There will be times when serious issues will occur. And expecting to keep your calm every time is a little bit funny. You and your partner fighting with each other is fine but keep in mind that the reason for the fight is genuinely serious. For example, if you are fighting with your partner about why didn’t he call you in the morning is not a reason to fight.

Creating big issues out of small things will only detach your partner from you. These are the things women should stop doing that ruins a relationship. Try to fix your problem calmly with your partner. This will be a lot more good option for you two.

14. You do not need to apologize all the time

Do not get me wrong from the heading. If you have done something wrong, you must apologize for that. But, don’t say sorry if it is not required. For example, you don’t need to say sorry for not wearing makeup or wearing casual thing.

Do not pressurize yourself for small things. Go easy on yourself and ease out a bit. You don’t need to take a lot of stress for little things. It will lower the tension of the relationship and it will get easier between you two.

15. Getting involved in his family matters every time is not impressive

If you are with someone, it is natural you will come to know about his family. But it is not appreciable if you tend to involve yourself in every little matter of his family.

Getting involved too much in his family will make things difficult for you. If you have the tendency to talk in every family matter of his, his family members will never admire you. You can support him if any difficult time occurs in his family. But, if you see him dealing with some family issues try to keep yourself out of it.

Try to comfort him but never give suggestions about anything. As it may turn into the wrong thing. If he needs your opinion he will ask you himself. Women should stop doing this cause it ruins the relationship. Get involved only where it is required.

16. Don’t ask him to choose between you and his family

Family matters to us the most. But that does not mean you are not valuable to him. He definitely loves you and values you. But, asking him to choose between you and his family is not something anyone would love.

Just to prove his love towards you he doesn’t need to choose you over his family. Nobody can take the place of family. So putting him in this tricky spot intentionally is really inappropriate. Remember it will be difficult for you to choose between your family and him too.

So, just to test his love do not ask these difficult and sensitive questions. Don’t make things hard unnecessarily.

17. Too much flirting is dangerous – stop it immediately

So, you have passed your single life and now in a relationship. And it is obvious too much flirting with other people will only harm your relationship nothing else. If it is just the beginning, a little flirting can be considerable. But if you are in a serious relationship, you have to stop flirting with other people.

Relationships require commitment. And if you are constantly flirting, it will only destroy your image in your partner’s eyes. He will lose trust and faith in you. If women do not stop these things, it definitely ruins the relationship.

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So, we have discussed a lot of things that women should stop doing. Moreover, do not try to make things hard for your partner. Always place yourself in his situation before asking any sensitive and improper questions. You don’t want to ruin your relationship by asking illogical questions. Cherish your partner’s presence in your life and try to make your bond stronger.

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