Love vs Infatuation Sign:10 Tips Know Before Fall in Love


Once or more than once in our lifetime. We have to go through the situation of Infatuation Vs True Love. Our heart gets confused to feel the feeling of love, infatuation or attraction. Do not you think experiencing both love and infatuation is an awesome feeling? In the beginning, I know you are not sure about your romantic heart. Whether your heart is in love or just infatuation and attraction. Fine not to worry honey. Just go through my romantic blog to differentiate whether you are in true love or infatuation.

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1. Main difference is TIME between true love & infatuation


Does not infatuation sound like “Love At First Sight”? Yes, I think so the same. This means just only one look makes you fall in love with the person

. Is that really right? We generally consider this quick situation LOVE. But it is not love. This is infatuation, attraction. Infatuation is an instant process.


Love happens slowly, and peacefully. It takes time to fall in true love. Love is somewhere not an instant feeling. Love needs time to nurture.

It is a connection of heart to heart. A secret intimate feeling waiting to bloom. An attachment you wish to another person to understand.

Conclusion – Infatuation is short-lived and Love is long-lasting.

2. Expectation grow in infatuation, not in true love


When we attracted to someone. We only wish to design our life like a fairy tale. We love to expect more and more to satisfy our desire. Am I not right dear?

For instance, if you expect a gift, chocolate, perfume, candle night dinner, long drive every weekend. This demanding expectation means you are not in love. It is just a short term infatuation or one-sided love.


But when you love a person his presence, happiness is the only thing important for you. You know very well that expectation has no place in true love.

And if you expect something. It is not only for you. You expect for both of you. Your love and its real feelings, emotions matter more to you. Rather than fulfilling meaningless expectations.

Conclusion-Infatuation starts expecting a lot of things but for oneself whereas love expects both of them.

3. Confidence is a pillar of true love, infatuation has no confidence


In the very beginning, you feel like you can do anything for each other. You can fight the whole world only for your love. But when the time comes. You lose all your hopes.

Confidence becomes baseless and your love fades away. The fear of family and society is powerful. Then the fear of losing someone whom you love the most.


In the case of true love to be with loved ones is the top priority of your life. After accepting your true love for each other. You become everything. You make promises not be separated ever. Your relationship became strong after some time.

And you are ready to face the family and society. Both of you hold each other to overcome the challenge. And the confidence of love for each other binds you tightly.

Conclusion – Infatuation has no confidence on its power to withstand but love has full confidence to be together standing and supping each other.

4. Jealousy means infatuation, true love has zero jealousy


When infatuation hits you. You started to become jealous. Your only desire is to hold that person tightly. And the person is only yours. You think only you have the right to that person.

And you crave for the individual to belong to you only. If your beloved takes more interest in other people (family and friends), you get jealous.


When you are in true love. You are aware of his family, friend, in fact, close friends. His closeness to family, friends do not irritate you. You are assured that he is only yours.

There is a bridge of trust between you. There is no jealousy in your heart or no more insecurity for sweet love life. This means you are matured enough to eliminate jealousy. And you are on the mountain of romantic relationships.

Conclusion-Infatuation has fear factors in itself which leads to jealousy. whereas love gives freedom so there is no place for jealousy.


5. Being real is the key to true love.


In infatuation, you behave in an extremely fake manner. Because you want to attract the person. And also you desire to appear the best version of yourself but in a duplicate way.

You behave totally different from being the person you are in front of your family and friends. You start to show off more than before.

Your look matter more to you than your feelings. And materialistic things become more valuable to you than emotion, affection, love, relationship, and care.


In case of love your inner beauty, feelings, affection matter a lot for you. Love gives you the freedom to be true to your self. It gives you the reason to flaunt the real you, and your identity.

There is no show-off in true love. If something exists in true love is. That is feeling, care, affection, tenderness, fondness, emotion. Love expects only purity.

Conclusion-Infatuation tends to fake your true identity. but love brings out the truth in you. 

6. Infatuation brings separation, true love bring closeness


Infatuation knows no separation. You want to be with the person every time. You feel “dying” when loves one go far away from you. Both of you are together in happy times only. When you need them, you are alone.


But love knows how to tolerate the separation of a loved one. Love has a habit to go through separation and disconnection. True love does not hold the person to stay together throughout the day and night.

When you are in love you stay with the person in a good time and a bad time also. And if you are alone, you feel the presence of your lover. This is called true love.

Conclusion-Infatuation is temporary and people remain with you in happy times. But Love is permanent and people remain with you both in happy and hard times. 

7. Lack of interest and attention in infatuation, but not in true love


Infatuation is a very rapid action. Heart decides everything very instant. The feeling, attraction, emotion, interest, and affection. You feel these lovely sentiments at rocket science speed.

At the very beginning, you feel a deep attraction for the desired person. You expect his attention and interest in you. In the initial days, you wish to spend countless times with the person.

But as time passed by slowly, you feel the connection is missing somewhere. Yes, dear, this is infatuation and attraction only. This is not love, what you expect in your life. Infatuation & true love has a different perception.


But love is pure, flawless and authentic feeling. Nothing happens in it instantly. It takes time to develop. That is why love has no ground of expiry date.

No such losing interest happens in true love. Have you ever feel the love between your parents? There is no lacking of interest with time. In fact, it grows.

Whereas you have heard about many corporate affairs. These affairs fed with time. Because of infatuation and attraction. So love is permanent and immortal feelings.

Nothing fed in true love, and no expiry date. The more love becomes old more it becomes romantic feeling.

Conclusion – Infatuation loses interest very easily but Love grows each day so there is no way to lose interest. 

8. The craze for a person is sign of infatuation, not true love


You cannot imagine yourself without him. His presence matter more to you. You become crazy in the absence of a loved one. This obsession, dying passion is a real sign of infatuation.

You only want to keep him close to you only. And do not want him to go away. If in case he goes away you sometimes try to blackmail him emotionally.


But love has no such boundary. You left free the person. Because you know he is only yours. And will go nowhere in any situation. If he thinks to go away you respect his decision because his happiness is your happiness.

True love does not hold a loved one strictly. For you, true love means to let him set free. If the person is only yours he will come back countless times.

Conclusion – Infatuation is insecure in its own and so there is space for obsession but there is no space for obsession in love. 

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9. You expect perfection in infatuation


What do you expect in your love life? The handsome guy, with Audi, expensive gadgets, perfect body, fairy tale proposal, gala candlelight dinner. This means all kinds of perfection you wish in your love life.

It is okay. But these are the only perfection. Where is love in it? If you see only good, positive attributes. This is not the love dear. You are in infatuation.


But if you are in true love no such fairytale expectation germinate in your mind. You know it very well that no one is perfect on the earth. And you are aware of the reality of the world.

In fact, You accept the person as he is. You are not blind to his weakness, imperfection. In fact, you love him any condition. And you are open to accepting the good and bad in him. Infatuation & true love has a big difference sweetheart. Only you need to understand.


Infatuation is all about showoff, fairy tale imagination, away from reality. But true love feels the reality. And also know to stay with it in any situation. True love expects no show-off, gifts, jealousy. Infatuation is all about expecting gifts, show-off. Just calm down listen to your heart. Then listen to your mind. Compare the feelings and decide whether you are in love or infatuation.

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