Signs Your Boyfriend/Man is Cheating on You. How to Know?


Do you feel like your boyfriend is acting different around you lately? Do you think there might be another girl involved in between the two of you? I think your’re here to figure out if your boyfriend is being unfaithful to you. Well then dont ignore your gut feelings because you might just be right. How to know your boyfriend is cheating in the relationship? Here are 15 signs.

Cheating, vastly, can be defined as emotional or physical infidelity. Being emotionally or sexually involved with a person who is not your partner is considered as cheating. In a relationship, cheating is the ultimate breach of trust. Once a person has cheated you can never feel the same about that person, except in a few extraordinary cases.

Being cheated on can be an onset of developing trust issues. Sometimes people knowingly ignore the signs and red flags just to neglect the truth. When people get to know the truth about their partner cheating on them most of the time it comes as a shock to them. But if you want to be in a happy long-lasting relationship then you should be brave enough to know and accept the truth.

There are certain signs and indications that your partner might be cheating on you. If you are eager to know then you have come to the right place. Lets’s start!

How to know if your boyfriend is cheating on you?

1. Changed behavior suddenly

How to know your boyfriend is cheating in the relationship? You can see for a few days that he’s acting differently around you. If he is not interested in the conversation.

Or suddenly more interested than usual then you know something’s up. He doesn’t pay attention to you anymore or doesn’t really care about your needs like he used to do before.

If you see all these signs then its time to dig in deep and look into the matter seriously. Without being paranoid. You should first reach out and communicate with your boyfriend.

He might be going through some rough times and can’t talk about it openly. So if you reach out to him he might open up to you.

If he’s avoiding communicating about this matter and ignoring your concerns then it probably means your relationship is at stake and you need to take some actions. Buckle up and be prepared for some bad news.

How to know your boyfriend is cheating in the relationship


2. Now he is avoiding eye contact.

Do you notice your boyfriend avoiding eye contact with you whenever you guys are together? That’s probably because he’s cheating and feeling guilty to look into your eyes. You might notice that he’s unusually quiet in a conversation.

And trying to avoid you as much as possible or he’s checking his phone too many times probably in a secretive way which he did not do before.

3. Suddenly more busy than usual.

Are you noticing that your boyfriend is busier with studies or work than usual? Well, this might be a sign that he’s probably cheating on you.

And being busy with work or studies is just an excuse. So that you don’t become suspicious. If you want to know your boyfriend is cheating in the relationship this sign must be it.

Don’t be fooled by these acts. And be smart enough to look into the matter seriously with great concern while asking yourself if you are being irrational or not.

When a man loves you, no matter how busy he is, he will always make time for you. You will be his priority. Even if he is very busy he will keep informing you.

If he does not make you feel like his priority anymore then somethings are really up. If you feel that it’s not normal for him to do this then you are probably right and he’s cheating on you.

4. Lying about his whereabouts.

Is your boyfriend suddenly lying about where he is or where is he going to? If you want to know if your boyfriend is cheating in the relationship then this might be a sign.

He’s saying he is with his friends at a certain place but his Instagram story says something else? If he has nothing to hide he would never lie to you. He’s hiding something that’s why he can’t tell you where he is or with whom he is.

Trust is very important in a relationship. But when you can see the other person is lying to your face. And hiding things from you.

Then chances are he’s out there cheating on you. You need to trust your gut feelings. And openly communicate with him if you desire to have a long-lasting relationship.

5. Unusual mood swings.

Mood swings are a common thing in every person’s behavior. But when it exceeds normalcy that’s when the problem and suspicion start. If your partner/ boyfriend is involved with somebody else.

Chances are there that he easily gets irritated by you or anything that you say. He might be behaving nicely. And suddenly the slightest of things will be making him angry or vexed.

If he did not behave like this before. Then you have a matter of concern in your hands. Or if he always behaved like this. Then its a toxic relationship and you should get out of it as soon as possible.

Toxic relationships drain you out emotionally. And not at all good for your mental health.

6. Spending too much time on social media. Accurate signs that your partner is cheating

If your boyfriend is addicted to social media and usually spends a lot of time in it then its not a matter of concern because some of us are addicted to social media to some extent or the other. But if your boyfriend is not used to spending time in social media much and recently started then it might mean something.

Social media is a platform where you meet new people. You make amazing friends through apps like Facebook, Instagram etc.

But if your partner is not faithful. He can use this platform to cheat on you especially. And you can understand this if he suddenly starts spending too much time on it.

7. Gets extra defensive when you accuse him of cheating.

Have you noticed your boyfriend’s body language? When you accuse him of cheating on you? Or when you at least try to discuss this topic?

Does he overreact and act shocked?

Does he do things that are not very usual for him to do? Then you’re probably right. He’s cheating on you. He explains how its totally impossible to cheat on you for him and he makes up different excuses and gets hyper.

8. Not returning your calls or texts for a long time.

If your boyfriend does not returns your calls. Or text for a long time then probably its time for you to take a look into this.

If a person loves you he would want to make things work between you two automatically. He would be thrilled to talk to you and spend time with you. If the otherwise happens then either he’s not into you anymore or he’s cheating on you.

Sometime not returning call or text is fine and totally acceptable but if it continues to happen on a daily basis it turns into a problem as you cannot openly communicate with him due to these hindrance and it can turn into a serious matter over time and might do irreparable damage to your relationship.

9.Avoids intimacy with you.

If you have an active sex life with your partner then you would be able to relate to this. Your partner avoids having sex with you or get intimate with you then one of the reason can be that he’s cheating on you. If your partner is being physically unfaithful to you he might feel like he does not need you for this and will keep on ignoring your needs.

A man really loves you when he cares for you and always reach out to you for everything. He always takes care of your needs and knows what to do and how to keep you happy. He would try his best not to mess up. If your man does not care enough about these things then probably he’s cheating on you and he’s not the one for you.

10. Trying to more attentive than usual.

Your boyfriend is being too nice and attentive to you all of a sudden. He usually does not behave like this and you have no idea as to what changed. His behavior becomes so nice that you start being suspicious. Usually, when a man is cheating he behaves too nice because of guilt.

He showers you with gifts. And pays a lot of attention to you. He becomes the perfect gentleman. Ladies! don’t fall for this act. Don’t blind yourself with the temporary good treatment.

If at any point you see or feel suspicious then take immediate action. You deserve to know the truth. And if you’re giving your heart and soul to the relationship then you definitely do not deserve to be cheated on.

11. Finding excuses not to spend time with you.

If your boyfriend is cheating on you he would try to find excuses not to spend time with you and constantly avoid you. A man who loves you would do anything to spend time with you.

But the one who does not would never want to waste his time on you. He would not invest his time or money on you. That’s a sign that probably its time for you to get out of the relationship and save yourself from the toxicity.

If you notice such things in your relationship. You should first talk to your partner. And try to sort it out.

But if he’s not willing to solve the issue. It is better for you to walk out and save your time. How to know your boyfriend is cheating in the relationship? Well, this is a clear sign and you should act accordingly!

12. He does not let you touch his phone anymore.

If your boyfriend does not allow you to touch his phone at any time then its definitely a red flag. There are a lot of things on his phone which he surely does not want you to see. Those might include his entanglement with some other woman. And their chats and call records which are clear evidence of him cheating on you.

The phone is a private thing. But if he acts like he needs to hide something from you for any reason. You should reconsider being in a relationship with him.

When you are committed to somebody. You should be able to share everything with each other. And if that’s what not happening in your relationship then it is not worth it.

13. Being dishonest frequently.

Being dishonest is one of the main reasons. Why relationships cannot sustain and they fall apart. If a person cannot be honest with you. There are high chances they won’t be loyal to you either. Dishonesty shows that you don’t respect the person enough to tell him/her the truth.

Honesty and truth are a must in a relationship. If you notice your partner is constantly lying to you. About where they are or who they are talking to. And if you catch them lying. Then there are high chances that he is cheating on you.

14. Picking fights with you intentionally.

If your boyfriend is cheating on you. You might notice that he is always searching for reasons to fight with you. Even for the smallest things ever. You might feel like they are getting irritated by your presence. They would make you feel like you are better off without them.

This might seriously affect your mental health and disrupt your mental peace. Don’t let him manipulate you. Once you understand that your worth you should go for what’s best for you. He might intentionally pick fights with you and even break up with you. But you should not be disheartened because you deserve so much better than that.

15. He has cheated on you before.

If he has cheated on you before. And you notice serious signs that he might be doing it again. Then probably you are right. The phrase “once a cheater always a cheater” is not true always. But in some cases, that’s what happens.

These types of people do not really care about your feelings. They don’t see how much effort you put into the relationship. They are more concerned about their own selfish needs even though you’re doing more than enough for them.

This kind of toxic relationship affects us to a great length. And we should get out of it as soon as possible. Because the right person is always willing to do more than ever for you. They would go to any extent to make you happy. Don’t be fooled by superficial charms.

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A final thought on signs that your boyfriend is cheating

Cheating has almost become a part of every relationship in this generation. The concept of polygamy seems convenient to some people. As they cannot commit to one person and become exclusive for them. Instead, they go on entertaining everybody while betraying the one they are in a relationship with. This practice is hideous. One should have the guts the commit to a single person and work on them to build a good long-lasting relationship. The happiness that comes from committing to a single person cannot be obtained by being polygamous. Cheating can never bring happiness. Being truthful about your situation and mental state is always the best for everyone.

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