12 TIPS to Impress Favorite Men/Boyfriend on First Date


Oh my God, so you are willing to impress your prince charming. Great because you found someone to fall in love with. And planning to gain his attention. Let me help you. How to impress favorite men or boyfriend on first date? Below are romantic and creative tips to impress men and boyfriend.

Be the real girl, show your best version, wear pretty dress it gain his attention. Make him feel you like him secretly, stay positive, follow your passion. Be innocent & friendly in behavior. Be bold & confess your romantic feeling. Never misuse his innocence.

How to attract a man?

Before impressing your favorite men. What is most important is to know your men. How can you attract him towards you is a big question?

So your first step should be to know about that particular guy. All men are not the same in habit, character, thinking & behavior.

Some guy likes simple girls. Some like a creative girl and so on. You may wonder sometime how a normal-looking girl attracts more guy in some case.

how to impress favorite men and boyfriend on first date

The solution is so logical you must do what your favorite men or boyfriend like. It is the first step to impress men and makes him fall for you.

Follow these cute tips darling. Even I have tried some tips from it for my boyfriend. And now he is my fiance. Is not it sound so romantic?

You need to be real, no fake behavior, no show-off, etc. Let me give you the best tips on how to impress favorite men or boyfriend on first date?

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Keep this in mind then impress men & boyfriend

Have you ever thought not all men were successful to impress you? You are not attracted to all men.

Because you are looking for someone who can impress you. Am I not right?

Of course man has that same feeling in case of love and romance. Men also look for girls who can impress him.

And to impress favorite men always keep in mind. Men are not robot they do have some expectations, feelings regarding dream girls.

Men love beautiful and intelligent girl. It would fascinate him When you try to impress him. So don’t be shy go ahead and try to impress him.

You cannot gain his attention in the first attempt. You have to do many things to attract your favorite man and rule on his heart.

Just by doing what he likes or dislikes is not going to impress him at all. You have to approach the favourite person in a multidimensional way.

Now come with me to explore the best way on how to impress favorite men and attract him.

Ideas on how to impress favorite men & boyfriend on first date?

1.Show your best version

You know what men like most in the girl? Most men like a competitor girl to fall in love with.

It fascinates him very much when you say I know how to ride a bike. I love swimming, karate is my favorite. Cooking different recipes every day is my cute time pass.

Men don’t want a dumb girl to date with. Why would a man approach boring, confident less girl, think yourself?

Would you like to date with a boring boy, silly, nonsense? Of course not. And men have the same conception.

2. Be the real you to impress boyfriend

Never try to fake yourself. Comfortable with what you are. Let me give you my example.

I am girl of normal skin color & I never tried to express my self as a fair complex girl. And my boyfriend is okay with it.

Be confident in what you are. Would you like a man with a fake personality? The answer is no. Never show the false side of the character.

For instance, if you are not a technology lover, don’t confess it in front of the man just to gain his attention.

Never try to pretend youself as a sports lover, or adventurous girl. If you are not. Be real darling your man will be impressed. Men like a girl with a true heart. So forget it not.

3. Be pretty in your dressing sense

What attract men instantly? Your lips, hairstyle, talking sense? No of course not. Men like your sweet dressing sense.

Take care of your style. Some boys like the western outfits, some love girls in Indian dress.

Dressing choice is up to you and your man. Because alredy you know him. This means you are aware of his choice.

Wear what he like. But this does not mean to wear revealing outfit or low cleavage dress.

In this way you would lose the tag of an innocent girl in front of him.

Now question may be popping up in your mind which type of dress I should wear? Let me solve this confusion.

If you are going for street food with him, try some indo western. You would appear cute.

Planning for movie try denim jacket with big ear rings. It would make him feel to look at you during the movie. I did the same and caught my fiance winked at me during movie.

Remember one thing darling when you wear a different dress than regular. You really look very smart. And men fascinated by girls’ different looks.

It draws attention. And does not miss the chance to become attention grabber in front of your man.

Even your men would praise your look and of course, secrety adore you. Is not it so impressing ideas on how to impress favorite men and boyfriend on first date?

4. Make him feel, you like him secretly & impress favorite men

Generally, we girls are so miser in praising boys. In my case, I never praised my fiance until I proposed him. But you do not do as I did.

Men also expect praise, accomplishment. Why do only men express his feeling of like or dislike?

You may make him feel by your action. That there is a soft corner in your heat for him. You like him secretly and waiting for the green signal to say I LOVE YOU.

Is not it sound pretty and romantic? So why are feeling shy to give him a clue of your feeling?

Give him a sign of your romantic feeling for him. Now you are thinking how to do it?

Let me share my experience. Before confessing my romantic feeling for him. I gifted him with all the colors of rose on his birthday. And on my birthday I gave him chocolate of heart shape.

It was enough to realize him. And he read my feeling of course impressed by my sweet gesture.

On new year I sent him diary written I LOVE YOU. Then confessed my love. Now I am with my dream prince charming.

So give it a try to praise him. Show your likes & love in actions and words.


Men like a competitor in love also. Wondering? Competition in love? Yes, men desire to fall in love with a girl who is demanding & highly attention seeker. That everyone desire to make her dream girl.

That is why you have to become attention grabber, talented, skillful. You will have to become his addiction.

It means in words, & actions he could only imagine you.

Express yourself sweet, simple, sober, but your sweetness should not be fake. Men are fan of the sweetness of girls.

If he is doing flirt let him do. But do not flirt because it shows you are cute and innocent enough. (hehe and he would remember this cuteness day & night).

You need to open the window of your romantic heart for him. But before flaunting any feeling.

Let him realize that you are a demanding girl. And many are wishing to make you dream girl. It would make him more crazy to fall in love with you.

5. To impress favorite men & boyfriend, find common thing between you and him

Is not it became so interesting for you? when you find similarities between you and best friend. The same thing happens in love, feeling, romance.

It became easy to impress favorite men on the first date. When you found many common traits or similarities between you & him.

Imagine both of you like a long drive, scuba diving, morning walk. And you spend time with him on a similar action.

Now it is very easy to be in touch with him for long hours. Or there is a good chance he suddenly start liking you.

Because common habits are enough to impress favorite men & boyfriend.

Most interesting thing is when both of you dislike the same thing. It becomes the reason of laugh together.

In my case, I and my fiance dislike oily food. And this became the reason for him to impress in little time. It means dislike for the same thing also brings him close to you.

6. Stay positive, it attracts favorite men & boyfriend easily

Positivity attracts many. You do not like yourself to surround yourself with a negative person. Love, romance & men are also a fan of positive behavior.

Be positive in your talk, nature, behavior, and body. Smile no matter you are little bit suffering.

Because everyone is suffering on earth. Make the atmosphere happy light and cool.

Men are the fan of girl’s sweet smile. It takes his heart when you laugh & smile with him.

Greet him in a friendly manner. Say good morning, good night, take care. This positivie gesture is enough to impress favorite men & boyfriend.

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7. Follow your passion, chase dream

Who does not like to become a friend of a passionate, ambitious person? And when a girl follows her passion it stole the heart of men.

If you are crazy to follow a passion. This means you are attracting favorite men & boyfriend in the first meet.

Of course, it works. Because I am a passionate writer. And my fiance firstly fell in love with my writing than with me(hehe). Be career lover.

When you plan for the future, achieving goals. It fascinates men. Every man has a desire to date an intelligent, passionate, career-oriented girl.

Your love for career, passion, the dream will lead you to a prince charming and beautiful career. Is it not so cute? What are you waiting for?

Be a passionate girl. It would give you identity and love of life also. Wow.

8. Be innocent & friendly in behavior

Friendly and innocent attitude attract everyone on the globe. It would cost you nothing to be sweet & humble girl.

Never hesitate to behave sweet & humble with waiter, a street vendor to everyone. It shows you respect humans, not by money and designation. But by being a human.

Social behavior is the key to men’s hearts. Your cool and warm behavior for everyone you meet, would melt his heart. Friendly behavior is your plus point.

You can won his heart very easily. Put smile on your lips. A combination of sweet smile with sweet personality & behavior is enough to impress favorite men and boyfriend.

9. Be bold & confess your feeling for him

It is a dream for every man to be wanted in love. Men do want a girl who can confess her feeling of love.

Everyone’s desire is to date a girl bold in nature & character. Already you have impressed favorite men with your smile, behavior and amazing talk.

Now it has time to be bold and make your man a fan of you. All you need to do is plan adventures, creative or surprise dates.

It would surely impress favorite men on the first date and he will become your lifetime partner.

Actually, before the ring ceremony, I proposed my fiance. And my bold decision impressed him beyond imagination. Basically I planned a long drive.

On the way, music on the stereo, cool air, romantic road with trees. I stopped the car, we came outside of the car and I proposed him between the valley.

Now he is mine only. So never afraid to go bold sometime. It would become a memorable and mesmerizing moment.

Go ahead, listen to your heart. And express your romantic desire.

10. Be childish, funny sometimes

You know before your intelligence what attracts men most? It is your cute childish behavior.

Already men suffer a lot regarding career and responsibilities. He adores it when you act funny, carefree sometimes.

Your childish nature attracts men instantly. Try to propose to him like you are rehearsing.

It would make him realize that somewhere there is a soft corner in your heart for him. Laugh to make him smile.

Your carefreeness will force him to think about you. Is not it so easy way to impress favorite men on the first date and rule over his heart and mind?

11. Remember likes/dislike/favorite things to impress favorite men

It satisfies you most when someone says I know you like chocolate. I know you dislike oily food or I remember your birthday.

Isn’t it so adorable and mesmerizing? It gives us feel like there is someone in life who cares for me.

In the same way when you remember his small things like to dislike. It would develop a soft corner for you in his heart.

Congratulation you are on the way to win his heart. Your Caring nature will impress men in no time.

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12. Never misuse his innocence

It is okay if he is innocent and sweet. But his sweet nature does not mean you can use his innocence to fulfill your need.

Basically boy is of helping nature. He pays your bill, makes your project, solves your problems.

That is why never try to derive only benefits from men or boyfriend. It hurts him when you use him like your credit card or timepass material.

If he is sweet, get up and become part of his innocence. Try to understand his feeling, emotions. It will bring you close to his heart and mind.

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