How To Maintain Long Term Relationship After 10 Years


How is your love life going? I know it is moving at its pace. And you are happy with your relationships. But you are wishing to be your love the same throughout life. In fact, you do every possible thing to keep going relationship smooth. Come with me. I have lovely tips for you dear. Your romantic life is very dear to you. That is why I have brought romantic tips for long term relationships.

You love spending time with each other. It feels like time stopped there. And both of you swim in love only. No fight, no argument, only love, feeling, and emotions stay in life. Is not is sounds extremely romantic? Yes, it is.

A relationship is not always about fun, excitement, romance, and sex. You always have to make an honest flow of communication. And cherish your loved one with your time and efforts.

This thing takes a real commitment to continue the love bond. Relationships are very delicate. At the beginning of romantic relationships, we give our 100% but, as time passes by both the partners tend to take each other for granted. This makes love life meaningless.

Go through my writing. Below are the secret romantic tips for long term relationships

Romantic tips for long-term relationships

tips for long term relationships


1. Do not hide your feelings

You know you love him/her. But feelings need word also. With time the love grows stronger, but not expressing your love to your partner may make him/her think that you have lost interest in a partner.

A small mistake and ignorance can destroy a beautiful relationship into pieces. Never ignore your feeling for someone special. Just express it to fall in love again and again. Every small act of love counts, which can make your love everlasting!!

2. Look into each other eyes and feel the romance ever

This might sound little filmy, but guys this is one of the most romantic ways of expressing love for a partner. New couples seem to do this naturally, but don’t drop this strong bonding behavior just because the relationship has 10 years old. This is one way to keep the “romance alive”.

3. Hold your partner’s hands.

Yes, a very small thing but a great way of keeping your relationship strong. When a man holds his woman’s hand, the woman feels that his man cares for her. And is protective of her and does not want her to go from his life.

whereas, if a woman holds her man’s hand, the man believes that his woman truly loves her and has trust in him. So what are you waiting for? Do not be shy to hold each other hands. Small little things have a great impact on romantic life.

4. Do not forget to surprise

Who does not like surprises? Just imagine you returned back home from a hectic day. And your woman is ready with the most delicious dinner, with wine and dressed beautifully in a dress just waiting for you eagerly to spend time with you!!

Is not sound so fairytale? This small surprise can relieve you of all your stress, isn’t it?? Similarly, you should keep giving your girl small surprises occasionally like making breakfast for her, bringing her chocolates, etc.

5. Summarize loving moments.

Don’t be afraid to give voice to your love. Tell your partner how do you feel to fall in love with him/her. Write a loving note or poem. Handwritten poem or note has a great impact on the human heart. Lovers have been doing this from the beginning of time because it works.

6. Enjoy time apart

Confused?? Why should I enjoy time apart?? When I have a life partner. Actually, when two people are together for a long time they forget each other’s value in their life and start taking things for granted.

When you go out alone on a trip you would find what is missing and the value of your better half. Therefore, visit a friend for the weekend without your partner, enjoy a theatre trip with your friends or spend time with your family but without a love one. Time apart really does make the heart grow fonder.

7. Make life exciting.

Everything has an expiry date. And what makes love expire? I think the dull routine. Boring lifestyle, no creativity. So try to add a flavor of creativeness. It will bring freshness in love and personal life. The question is creativity in love? How is that possible?

Try something new together, whether you choose salsa dancing, painting in the weekend, join music class, try cooking something new from youtube. It will work in two ways. Creative things will make your life colorful. And give you enough time to spend together. It will bring you closer to each other.



8. Go close & find the love again

In general, we do not plan our love life. It just happens. Likewise, you cannot design a relationship. Most of the relationships are based on attraction, affection, and passion.

After spending some pleasant moments together in a relationship. We do not feel the same as before. And then we started taking it as a burden. Or it may not be working as we have expected.

To get rid of it, let go the feeling of boringness. Go close to your partner, try to find the same things again. Which made you fall in love with him/her for the first time.

9. Passion with affection & feelings

My love is made up of smile, care, affection, and passion. What does your love has made from? If it has the same feeling of passion and affection. You dreamt of once. Then You are in a perfect relationship.

If not then no issues dear. Try to recall the passion you had for the first time. How much you were satisfied when you proposed the loved one. The romance you felt when you hug & for the first time.

Close your eyes, put your hand on heart. And ask your heart. If you will start getting the emotional answers one by one. Then what are you waiting for? Your love is still alive….carry on…go with its flow.

10. Make time for a night dating

Date night does not mean to make dating on the night. Yes, but dating at night makes is somewhat very auspicious. You can call it a date night but it is not forced.

The main thing is that you must make time for your partner most often at least once a week. It’s not necessary you should call it a date night!

Just to be with each other giving company saying and listening to things. Feel each other presence. It makes the bond really strong and helps you to understand one another.

11. Steal time to fall in LOVE

If you desire to fall in love. Then fall very deeply. You must try to make exotic love with your partner once every month. It will make your emotional bond stronger.

Intimacy is one of the fastest ways to know each other. It’s not only about sex you can spend time kissing and cuddling, deep hugging. So you won’t think of yourself lusty.

Listening to each other feelings is a great way to make love long-lasting. When we listen it brings close to loved one soul.

12. Honesty pays lifetime

Honesty is the key to any long-lasting relationship. It’s only because of honesty a relationship can work. And work very smoothly without much confusion and delusions like most of the relationships today.

You must tell your partner all of your good and bad things. Sharing your feelings will make you feel better and it will make the connection strong. Do not lie about anything even if it hurts your loved one for that time. Because it will make your image better in the eyes of your partner that is necessary for a relation.

13. Learn to apologize

Apologize is the key to a successful and long-lasting relationship. If you are willing your relationship to last longer you must learn to say sorry. In a relation admitting a mistake is much important.

The ego can make the strongest of the relations to shatter in seconds. That is the reason we always have to be humble to our partner. We have to be sincere and try to avoid the mistakes that hurt your partner.

You should try to accept another person’s apology and forgive them if they ask. You should not try to be stubborn as it may cause your relationship to complicate.

14. Compromise makes you stable

It’s sure neither you nor he is perfect, no one actually is. So forget the idea of finding perfection in your life partner. Do not compare your imagination to reality.

It happens in movies only, not in real life. We have to compromise in reality. Sometimes you may not like or believe the things your partner believes. But you must respect choices and ideologies.

If you try to implement your own ideas or ideologies on your partner. You might indulge in bad arguments and may lose your relationship. So learn to compromise as much as possible.

15. Do not hesitate to compliment

Complimenting is one of the best things to gain the attention of people. So always keep complimenting your partner about his/her looks, beauty, intelligence, etc.

Keep reminding your partner how much you love why you love unconditionally. Say “I love you” without reason or occasion. Compliment sadness of your partner also, ” You look pretty, when gets angry”. It will bring a big smile, and refresh the bad mood.

Often do things your someone special favorite likes the most. To make love one feel very special and happy. So that your partner will remember your love no matter whatever the conditions are.



We all expect a very happy and perfect romantic love life. With the passage of time, we started feeling dullness in our relationship. This is not only happening to you. It is the problem of maximum people on earth. Not to worry. Long term relationship is not a one-person responsibility. Both of you will have to work on it to run smoothly. Sometimes you need to compromise, sometimes you have to go with the flow. Just be mature and sensible in love life. Love is not to hold tightly, or we cannot force someone to fall in love. It is the only feeling which we have to care till last breath. I hope my romantic tips for long term relationships tried to solve your issues. See you in the next romantic blog.

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