10+ Reasons Why Women Leave a Relationship


Being in a relationship is always really great. Having a perfect partner, being in love, and having a romance – all these things are beautiful and over-whelming. But to stay in a happy and long-term relationship love is not the only thing. You have to maintain a balance among many things. Often men and women fail to keep the balance and they break up with each other. Breaking relationships are painful. Often the reasons behind breakups seem to be little but ignoring these things for a long time can be harmful to the relationship. And that is why women often leave men they love. Here I am sharing my personal experience with you. I have discussed 10+ reasons why women leave a relationship even if she loves the man.

Reasons why women leave a relationship

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Reasons why women leave a relationship even if she loves the man

1.Lack of presence of their partner.

If you are in a relationship, it is obvious that you would want to spend time with your partner. Of course, that does not mean being all over each other all the time. But you definitely want to go on dates, have meals together, going on movies, or just be next to each other.

But often, a partner can not give time to his girlfriend. He always comes up with excuses for every situation. Like – he is working or he is with friends or he is just at home doing his own thing. These things actually hurt the girlfriend. She feels least prioritized by her boyfriend. And due to these reasons, women leave a relationship.

It is not necessary that he is doing these things intentionally. It does not mean he is a bad person. But guys, you need to explain your situation to her. And also try to take out a little time for her. Because in your busy schedule, your little time will also matter to her the most.

2. Feeling left alone is one of the main reasons for ending a relationship

We human beings always want to feel special and wanted. We want our partner to make us feel wanted. Women always want to feel that they matter to their partner’s lives. A woman always invests everything of her to nurture a relationship. She focuses too much on the man she loves.

But in contrast, a man often fails to make his partner feel special. Men easily detach from the relationship when they feel comfortable in it. He forgets to support his partner emotionally. But when a woman feels that she is not that important to you, it is not a good sign for the relationship.

Women are really sensitive but also really head-strong. If at any point she feels that she has been left alone in the relationship, she will simply end that. And even if she loves you, she will not continue with you.

So, always try to be with your partner. If you can’t be present physically, try to text her or call her. Check on her that if she is feeling alright or not. Remember it is your relationship too and you can’t just leave her alone and expect her to understand.

3. Feeling unacknowledged every time hurts badly

We all love to feel acknowledged by the person we love the most. And that is why being unacknowledged every time hurts very badly especially to a woman. She will feel you are not listening to her properly.

Words matter to women very much. She wants to feel accepted, respected, and understood. She is conversing with her man because she feels a connection. And communication matters to her very much. It actually shows your love for her. Communication is very much synonymous and equal to love for a woman.

Also, you can acknowledge a woman by sharing her work. Or you can do anything that makes her presence acknowledged in your life. But, never make her feel taken for granted. Cause if a woman feels that way she would end the relationship even if her heart hurts the most.

4. Insecurity makes things the worse

It is very natural to have insecurities as a human being. But, insecurities can be solved if we talk about it. If you are feeling insecure about anything, talking about it with your girlfriend will bring you both closer to each other.

But remember, too much insecurity only damages the relationship. And this is one of the main reasons women leave a relationship. Insecurity makes you feel jealous. And once you feel jealous, you start to control your partner. Women love if their partner is a bit jealous but when it turns into controlling behavior they definitely hate it.

None of us wants to get controlled. Your jealousy and insecurity would make her take permission about everything. And then the worse will happen, you will start checking her phone and keep an eye on her every move. It will definitely be suffocating to her. And then the only option for her will be ending the relationship.

A little bit of insecurity is fine. But when your jealousy starts controlling you, it is definitely dangerous. So, if you are feeling jealous about everything, try to find out why is it happening rather than controlling your partner.

5. They feel the passion is no longer there

In a relationship having an intimate passion between the two is definitely one of the important things. But routined passion is very boring to women. In fact, sometimes women feel no longer desired by a routined and monotonous intimacy.

Routine and boring intimacy can be very upsetting to women. They want some spark and passion for intimacy. Two people getting intimate should definitely be consensual. Forcing your partner to get intimate is not the right thing to do. But if you both want to have some intimate time, add a bit spice into it.

Women have a lot of insecurities about themselves. So, when they are feeling that they are not desired by her man she will leave the relationship. Getting satisfied in a relationship matters to women.

But please remember that passion is not about just being intimate with each other. It is about assurance and connection. A woman wants to feel assured that her man still wants her and she is still attractive in his eyes. So what you can do is to compliment her. You can try different and new things in or out of the bedroom. Try to add some interesting elements in your foreplay.

Doing these things and having fun together will definitely rejuvenate the passion you had lost in the relationship.

6. Comparing her to other women can definitely end a relationship

None of us love comparison all the time. Comparing someone to anyone else for every reason is not a nice thing to do. And if you are comparing your girlfriend or wife with other women, it is definitely a wrong thing to do. Your partner should be the most loved and cherished person to you.

If you are constantly making a comparison of your partner to your ex, your colleague, your friend, family member – I am sorry to say that you are creating problems yourself. Everyone is a different individual and nobody loves to live in anyone’s shadow.

Constant comparison harms an individual’s self-esteem and it emotionally very abusive. A woman having a strong personality and knowing her worth will never entertain your comparison. She will not tolerate this thing and will step out of the relationship. And if she is still in the relationship, probably she has been manipulated emotionally.

If you are comparing someone on a daily basis it means you are making them feel low about themselves. They feel unattractive, unappreciated, and worthless. And let me tell you something if you are doing this on a regular basis you definitely are a wrong man for her. These things make women leave a relationship.

So, try to appreciate her for what she is. Make her love herself even more.

7. Always giving in a relationship can break it

Women are really giving person by nature. But standing in today’s world a woman wants a man who will share the same load and will give back what she deserves. A relationship can not be only one wayed. The two individuals need to give and receive equally in a relationship. A healthy relationship is a two-way road.

The concept of women doing every household works is very backdated. In present-day men and women, both work hard and do household things equally. So, if you think it is your partner’s responsibility to give in a relationship, you are very wrong.

Giving means not only gifts it also means giving time and effort. If your relationship is imbalanced, you might start making it balanced. Cause otherwise, your girl will have no reason to stay in the relationship.

8. Immaturity is a reason to end a relationship

We love being young at heart. But being young at heart and behaving immaturely is totally two different things. Immaturity can harm the relationship dangerously. Often this becomes the reason to end a relationship for a woman.

Everyone needs maturity in their significant another half. Similarly, a woman also wants this quality to be present in her man. If her partner cannot make any decisions on his own or has no life goals or does not know what he wants from life, she will definitely feel frustrated.

If a partner is very impulsive and cannot do any adult tasks, the woman has to handle everything on her own. Often these things grow so much in the head that she leaves the partner. Because she does not want to become the mother of her partner. She might also think that if he is not serious about anything in his life then he might not take the relationship seriously too.

9. Over possessiveness harms the relationship

When we are involved in a relationship, we naturally grow a bit possessive for our partner. But, too much possessiveness is enough to break a relationship. If you are getting extra possessive about your girl, you start getting annoyed about every little thing. You will start fighting with her about everything. And it will definitely harm your relationship.

If you are getting over possessive when she is hanging out with friends or colleagues, she will start feeling irritated. She will feel that you are suspecting her for cheating on you. Too much possessiveness brings controlling your partner’s movements.

No one likes to be controlled. If you are possessive about her a bit, she will understand it. But getting angry for her talking with her friends, family or going out with them is not a great thing to do. You have to understand that this is not her fault, it is your problem if you are always this extra possessive about her. These things are the reasons for women to leave a relationship.

You should try to understand the reason behind it. Maybe you can not trust her and you have to build your trust in her.

10. Emotional unavailability ruins things

In today’s world where men and women are considered equally, a woman does not need a man to look after her. But, she definitely wants someone to be there to support her mentally and emotionally. In our lives, we face many situations where we don’t want any physical support but what we need is emotional support.

If a partner is unavailable when she needs him emotionally, she definitely finds it harsh and difficult to cope with. Often a man overlooks this thing but emotional support is a very important aspect in a relationship.

A woman always wants someone who is caring and sensitive, someone who is not robotic in behavior. If a man is emotionally unavailable in a relationship that means he is a very cold and uncaring person. And these things make her feel unimportant to her partner. And, then the last option she has to move on.

Try to support your partner when she needs you. Your emotional support means a lot to her and it actually builds a strong bond between you two.

11. A drastic change in a relationship – Not very ideal thing to happen

Change is the only constant in life. But when it comes to a relationship, too much change is not good for it. And sadly it ends a relationship.

Sometimes we don’t realize how much we have changed. But, if a woman feels that her partner has changed completely, she fails to love him like before. She also feels completely detached from her partner. Because she fails to recognize her partner and feels no connection anymore.

This leads to the two to separate their pathways. These are very predictable reasons why women leave a relationship. But sometimes change is good for the two. The two individuals separate their ways and grow individually which is good for them.

But if you really want to make things work between the two, you should talk about it with your partner. Cause as they, communication is the key. If you start discussing changes in your life or in your goals, it will be better for you two to connect with each other. You two can grow together individually if you put the effort.

How to deal with these reasons

A relationship has its ups and downs. But you start communicating with each other you can fix any problem together. Sometimes two people are not meant to be together. But you will not know this until you put the effort.

Often, just talking about the problem with your partner reduces it by 50%. If you are in a relationship, regardless of your gender you should feel respected, important, desired by your partner.

And if your partner is doing these mistakes first try to reciprocate with them and solve it. And if still it is not fixed, it is not the right one to be in. And, if you are the one making these mistakes please fix them as soon as possible.

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So, ladies, we have discussed the top reasons why women leave a relationship even if she loves the man. Remember, “Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together” – Marilyn Monroe. So, never decrease your worth for anyone cause you deserve the world even if it means you are giving it to yourself.

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