How To Write A Love Letter To Someone You Love?


We all have that special person in our lives whom we love the most. Every time we pray for their happiness and try to make them feel celebrated. Even after our endless love, we face fights in our relationship. Because we fail to make another person feel how special they are to us. There can be no better way to make your loved one feel precious by writing a handwritten note to them.

Or your case might be different. Maybe you are the person who is in love with someone. And wants to Convey your feelings via letter. But you don’t know at factors to include and what not. Which lines will make them feel special and which lines may make them lose interest even before getting their interest in you.

No matter you are in the first situation or the second one. You are at the right place. By the end of this article, you’ll learn the way to write a love letter. By analyzing every single factor, we have written these points. Your loved one will definitely be left in awe after reading a letter that includes all of these points.

1. In The Question how to write a love letter to someone you love, The First Step Is To State The Purpose Of Your Letter

Facing the doubt of how to write a love letter to someone you love? Read every line carefully and you’ll get all your answers. It’s very important that in the first line itself, you clear the purpose of your letter. So, the next person read it with the same mentality. Just after reading, first-line he/she should know that you are having a crush on them. And writing this letter for the same purpose.

Tell them, that you like them and would want to start a new journey of love with them. But don’t gush, or overflow. It might make them feel uncomfortable as well. Because they might or might not feel the same. Don’t give big string statements in beginning itself.

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It can make another person awkward.  Be confident, first. Don’t write a letter while keeping negative thinking in mind that you’ll get a rejection. Be prepared for the worst but always hope for best and write it with full positivity. Your letter should convey your crush that you are very confident in yourself.

It should never convey that you fear rejection. As no one will consider you with enough but you yourself don’t consider yourself worthy. And that can leave a negative expression. So, write a letter with all your heart but don’t let yourself down at any cost. No one will love you if you don’t love yourself enough. Reminder:- clearly explain in the introduction itself, that why you are writing this letter. 

2. Let him know the moment in which you felt for him the first time. It is an important step in how to write a love letter to someone you love

Tell them, that when you first felt that connection with them. How beautiful that moment was, how awesome you felt. Tell them that your heart went all Mallow when you first saw them. Make them realize how powerful their first expression is.

Also, write about all the memories you had with them. Now you might be wondering that what if you don’t have any memory with them. Sweetheart, memory is not always formed when two people are involved in it. There is also one-sided memory.

Any time, you smiled while looking at them, is a memory. Any time, you got butterflies by seeing them is also a memory and so on. And if there are any memories you both made together, like going on lunch together or you worked together or anything else.

Write about all this. Mention how your heart came out. How it shouted that you are the one when you first fell for them. Mention every little single thing. Because small moments and memories make a huge difference.

3. Mention every single thing about them which made you fall for him/her

State, what you liked in them. What was the first thing that sounded attractive to you? While doing this, imagine the situation in your head. Remember the day, you first felt for them and what was the first thing you liked in them. It can be there personality trait, the way they speak, the way they talk, the way they smile or walk or anything.

While doing this, you’ll be able to write from all the heart. And when something is written from the heart, it connects the soul of the reader. But write something sweet, not sassy. As you look hot or sexy may be a compliment for one but another person may don’t like hearing those words.

But sweet words like you are a beautiful person who is loved by everyone. As you are conveying your feeling for the first time focus more on praising their inner beauty than physical. Make them feel that you have fallen for their soul, not the body. 


Your girlfriend is definitely a queen of her heart. You always desire to make her feel special sometimes by one way or another. Sometimes you give her expensive gifts and sometimes choose another way to make her feel happy.

But you know what’s the thing that makes a girl feel emotional and most special. It’s always the hand made gift or handwritten letter. Because I same, she could see how hard you have worked just to make her smile. Now, you want to write a love letter.

But doesn’t know what to write and what not to. Which factors will upset her and which factors will make her feel precious. Not a problem at all’ after analyzing every single factor. We have written the following points. Considering them all write a love letter to your girl. You, yourself will be amazed by seeing the reaction on her face.

4. Make your crush feel special by writing lines like your life has changed for positive after meeting them:- 

Mention, that till the day you saw them you’re how your life changed. You feel so much positiveness after the same. State, that after you people started talking your life has changed. Specifically mention that life has changed for good. Are your doubts regarding how to write love letter to someone you love being cleared slowly?

Everyone wants to feel special. By doing this you’ll make them feel special. They’ll get the feeling that you celebrate them. Either a guy or a girl everyone wants to get connected with a person who celebrates them. Of course, who doesn’t want to be celebrated?

Make them feel that by their charming aura they spread positive vibes. Their enthusiastic personality has enlightened your life. Your main purpose is to make them feel best about their own selves. Mention some lines which make them know that that they are the best thing that can ever happen to anyone. In all, raise them above in their own eyes and boost their self-confidence.

By this, they’ll feel that you value them. There are many chances that their feelings get reciprocated after they get to know that you are the one person who values them the most. Make them feel that you know their worth because every single human being wants to be considered worthy. 

5. Ensure them that you’ll never gonna break your commitment

We live in an era, full of heartbreaks. Everyone has a different nature. Everyone’s behavior is different. All human beings have a different emotional level. There are so many people, who don’t want to be in a relationship because of fear of cheating and breakup.

Might be your crush is one of them. Ensure, that you clearly state in that letter that you are serious about them. It’s not any temporary attraction or something. Tell them, that you are all prepared to face all challenges with them. Make a commitment that no matter what happens you’ll never leave their hand.

Make them believe in the depths of your love. You have to fit it in their heart that you’ll never let their emotion fall apart. Give them security through the power of your words. Once you make them believe that their emotions will never get used and their partner will never leave their hand. There are high chances that he /she comes in a relationship with you. 

6. Now write your love and feelings

Here, you are advised to write certain thoughts. Those quotes should convey the assurance you want to give. Say that:- I know there’ll be days when we’ll be on bad terms, but I am m not here for good times only, I am here for bad times as well.

No matter whatever I do in my life, one thing I will never do is leave your hand. I would do anything to make us happen. Mention that, no matter where life takes you, you will never ever hurt them.

Say that you’ll stick by thick and thin. And you’ll be by their side forever. Promise them, that you’ll never let their heartbreak ever. 

7 Highlight Their Good Qualities

Of course, you want them to blush while reading your letter. So keep your letter full of compliments. It is very important that while reading your letter that they should continue to smile. They not even get the time to have a second thought as your letter keep them so much happy that they are unable to come out of that feeling of joy.

Don’t be too casual in your letter. Instead of someday staying you have a crush on them. First of all, state all their good qualities and then say that they have come to your crush. So that they get to know that all these are qualities that made them fall for you.

Mention both, about their physical qualities and also emotional qualities. If you tell them that your eyes are beautiful, you smile beautifully and your dressing sense is great. Try to understand, all these are not their qualities, these are only some factors if their physical beauty.

Qualities are the traits of personality. Like, you adore how they handle situations, how bold they are, and how beautiful they are as a person. Highlight all these. 

8 Be yourself, don’t fake anything just to convince them

Be straight forward, don’t control your feelings just because you are scared of rejection. Just say everything directly, only then the purpose of your message will be successful. Also don’t sound creepy, by saying cheesy lines.

What I meant is, write I really adore you, let’s hang out sometime and know each other better. But don’t write, I can’t stop thinking of you, you are the only thing in mind 24*7. Don’t say anything in that letter, which you are not. Because might be hiding something may convince then that moment. But in the long run, it’ll only create problems.

Moreover, a relationship (be it any) if started on a lie or by hiding something, it can never lead to fruitful results. It may start a relationship, but there high possibilities that it may end soon. Instead, if you be yourself. Even If they dislike something that can be cleared out at the beginning only and it will not become a barrier in something which may turn out to be the most beautiful thing ever in the world.

And always remember one bad quality can never overpower your hundred good qualities. Moreover, If /she is the right person and has a positive approach to life.

They will also see good in your bad quality ( that this person is honest) They’ll cherish your honesty. Always remember, no one is perfect. The right person will see perfection in your imperfection. 

9 At the finishing point, end with a paragraph that sums up your love

In the end, write a paragraph that Conveys every single thing in your heart. Let your feelings flow. This should be a concluding paragraph which should conclude every single line. Do mention, that you’ll wait for their reply. Make sure that the concluding paragraph left them in awe.

Your words should be so pure that they feel an emotional connection. In the last, paragraph you have to connect the past, present, and future. Write how glad you feel that you are able to express your feelings today.

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You can also conclude it with a sweet poem. Now, it doesn’t mean that you have to be a writer for the same. Or your poem should be with the proper rhythm. All matters over here are your efforts. Moreover, look at this way that if you aren’t a writer it’s also a plus point.

It’s an effort that matters above all. Make it as heartwarming as it can. Above all, write each and every word that comes directly from your soul. It’ll surely make an impact, hopefully, a positive one. 

Do let us know in the comments that after reading the article you got to know how to write a love letter to someone you love or not?

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