Deep Question About Love|My Girlfriend Says No To Live-In-Relationship


In this article, we have answered every possible Deep question answer about love and relationship. Love is the most beautiful feeling in the world. Anyone who gets it feels butterflies in their stomach. Their heartbeat remains high like none another.

Overall, if we needed to conclude in one line about what is love and how it feels. We can say that love is the most beautiful thing that can happen to anyone in the entire world. But wherever there is love. There are doubts.

When we are in a relationship many times situation occurs that leaves us in the position of doubts. Our thoughts contradict each other in the mind and destroy our mental peace. And that creates uneasiness in our relationships and our personal life as well. So, for the benefit of your relationship and your own. We have tried to cover all possible questions.

1. I have been in a relationship for 3 years. Yet my girlfriend says no to live-in-relationship, is it a hormonal problem or a bad signal?

Indeed it is a Deep question answer about love and relationship, but no worries, we have an answer.

We have answered all possible deep questions about love and relationship. After being in a relationship, for such a long time. It is quite normal to feel physical affection. But the thing with your girl saying no to it might hurt you.

But try to understand her. Like most of the girls, she has been raised in the mentality that good girls don’t do sex before marriage.

It has been fixed in their mind by a society that once they do sex. They lose their purity. Girls are also very emotional and scared. The cases of cheating are continuously increasing in this love world.

She might be scared that like other guys you’ll leave her after having sex and she’ll lose her virginity for no reason. It is not about hormonal problems nor a bad signal.

Must Read Love Tips:-

Try to understand her and first be aware of your intentions. Ask her why she is uncomfortable in the same. It’s your responsibility to remove all her fears. Also, by your continuous efforts and listening to her remove phobia of sex from her heart and soul.

From your part, the best thing you can do is. That doesn’t make her do something forcefully that she doesn’t want to. Remove all her fears. 

2. My partner loves me a lot but always stays silent as he is a shy person. I know it is a Deep question answer about love & relationship, what should I do to make him happy?

Understand, man needs efforts too. They might not always say it but they need it. Who doesn’t need to be appreciated and feel special?. Do small things for him. Show him that you are incomplete without you and how important he is to you. Plan dates for him, give him small surprises.

Just like women, man has off days too. Sometimes, he’ll not be able yo handle your mood swings. Don’t think he doesn’t love you. Instead, understand him, that he is also struggling. Become his backbone while he is hurt and having his bag days. Don’t chill with boys he indirectly told you he doesn’t like.

I’d he’s good enough to not stop you from enjoying your freedom. You should also be loving enough to not do certain things. You should know that you have to balance between being mature and childish. Take care, when you become childish and when mature( aft according to situations and circumstances).

Men take respect as love. Always respect him and his parents. Look him in the eyes and compliment him. These small -small things will make your man happy beyond your thoughts. 

3. I have a deep question about love and relationship. My partner never apologizes, how to make him take responsibility & stop hurting me? 

The first thing to do is to talk to your partner regarding the same. Sometimes he/ she doesn’t even know how much their actions are hurting you. They might not know that there are some responsibilities in the relationship they are ignoring. Go to parties, chill with your friends.

Let your partner see how are happy even without him. This will make him realize that you have a life beyond him. It can also be possible that he may have his own definition of bad behavior which may be different from yours.

Scientists say that men have a ” higher threshold” for considering what is wrong, so most of the time they don’t find it necessary to apologize.

So, you have to straightaway tell him his mistake. If he apologizes, do not argue or quibble. Accept his apology and hug him as a good gesture that you accepted his apology. Otherwise, from next time he’ll think that no matter how much he apologizes, it’s all waste and might never apologize again. 

4. My partner doesn’t want to be with me anymore. How to prevent a breakup before it happens?

Talk about your grievances. Ask him/ her wahy he/she wants to take this harsh step?. If after hearing grievance, you think it’s your mistake. Say sorry, apologize by giving a card or any other sweet gesture. Or if you think it’s not your fault make him understand that’s why you did that thing.

If he/ she says that you do something that hurt him/her. Promise your partner that you’ll not do that again and ask for time to prove it. And prove your partner that you are changed by not doing that again. Also, another way is to give each other some space.

Sometimes, we indulge too much in a relationship that we don’t get our personal time and your partner wants to escape from it because of the same. Don’t beg him/her to stay.

That’s the worst thing you can ever do. By doing that you reduce your own importance. It shows your partner that you don’t value yourself. Why will someone consider you worthy enough if you yourself consider yourself important? 


Deep question about love and relationship

When two people are in love, they make a beautiful bond. Their bonding is very precious. Your relationship plays a very important part of your lives. From your mental peace to your success your partner plays a very important role in your life.

That’s why itis always suggested choosing your partner wisely. At the beginning of every relationship, everything’s beautiful. We often don’t face any problem. But as time passes, Problems start coming. With problems, aways comes queries and doubts.

All these create a home of confusion in our minds. To remove all those confusion and bless you with mental peace. We have answered the following questions.

5. Signs that my partner is no more interested in me? 

It is completely okay if he/she doesn’t make you call for an hour or even a day. But if that period extends to a week. It’s a huge signal for you. Always remember, people always find time for the things they want to. One huge signal which we most of us ignore is your partner not showing up in public.

If he /she doesn’t show you up in public, it’s a huge red signal. n case, your partner doesn’t chill with you, doesn’t spend alone time, or don’t make any plans. If you are facing this situation then it’s very natural to have deep questions answer about love and relationship.

It’s your signal to leave. For how much time you’ll hurt yourself staying awake at night wondering what your partner is doing or why he/she doesn’t make time.

If he/she earlier used to be open with you and now he/she is doesn’t talk about their personal feelings to you then it’s your time to leave. If they ask for lots of space, space is required in a healthy relationship but if ask for it in excessiveness it means they don’t like being with you and spending time with you.

Why would you like to be someone who doesn’t see your worth? If he/she gets to sleep even when they know that you are crying and laying on the bed. It’s a clear indicator that they don’t care. 

6. My partner is losing interest in me,  how to make her interested in me? 

Trust me, the best thing is to let it be. The tighter you hold them, the more they want to slip away. It’s pretty difficult to get back the spark that has faded away. Don’t try anything. Spend time with other people, let her realize your worth on her own.

When someone loses their interest in you, understand that they can live their life without you. No matter how much effort you’ll put, nothing’s gonna make them interested in you. Don’t give them more what they actually don’t appreciate.

The best thing to do is to focus on yourself. Improve your bad habits and negative aspects of your personality. Interest is not anything that’s won or earned, it comes naturally. The best thing you can do for yourself is to move on from someone who makes you doubt your own worth.

Understand, if you are asking this question it means that they have made you vulnerable in your own eyes. They have made you think that problem is in you. Don’t let it overpower you, otherwise, it can destroy your mental health. And simultaneously  it’ll destroy your happiness plus joy.

7. My partner and I have 8 years huge age difference, should I continue my relationship? 

As you have huge age Gap, some people of society may disapprove of you. But if there is love nothing else matters. The love story of Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra are living examples in front of you. If they can be in love even after such an age gap, why can’t you ?.

All that is needed to maintain this relationship is your understanding of each other. You have to be aware of your partner’s expectations. Together identify your mutual interests. Moreover, it’s your mental age that matters over physical age. But, there’s one problem that you may face because of your age factor.

That’s it, sexual differences as they vary from age to age. But by compromising a bit for your partner, it can be resolved. The very first thing which will keep your relationship ongoing is to stop questioning that you can continue it or not. Be confident, about it and don’t doubt it. It’s the love that matters, age is just a number. 

8. My partner takes me for granted, how can I stop him from doing so and make him recognize my worth? 

Indeed, it is a very Deep question answer about love and relationship as it is psychological. No worries, as we have given the answer after analyzing every factor possible. Implement it and see the positive results. Don’t be available all the time. When you are available every time. Your partner will think that you are too free, they’ll never understand that you free your time for them. Let him be the one who initiates plans eighty percent of the time. Even after a fight, he doesn’t apologize to you.

Because when is sure that you’ll eventually reach out to him as he knows that you can’t live without him. Let your absence speak for yourself, your presence has spoken a lot. And it made no difference rather reduced your worth. Understand that they don’t value you, that’s the only reason they take you for granted. For making the change, you first have to value yourself.

Try to emotionally detach yourself. The reason being you always going back to the person while knowing he /she doesn’t appreciate you is because you are emotionally very attached and inclined to them. Don’t let your emotions overpower you. Realize your worth and don’t settle for less.

Always remember, you can never make him /her realize your worth if you yourself don’t treat yourself worthy enough. 

9. I am falling in love with my best friend. What should I do? I have a fear that it might destroy our friendship? 

Why are you looking at the negative aspect of the same? Think positive, you have fallen in love with the person you trust the most. You might have heard ” Friendship Is Love”. In any relationship, if you want to be good partners and love each other it’s very very important that you should be friends first.

Falling in love with your best friend is the best thing that could happen to someone. You don’t have to worry about broken friendships. If he/she is understanding enough either he/she will accept your proposal. Or simply ask you to continue with just best friends and not more than that.

If he/she reacts weird and break the friendship. Then it’s very clear that they don’t understand you because feeling for someone is very natural. and why will you want someone as your best friend, who doesn’t understand you? Right.

So, take it a test of your friendship and say whatever is there in your heart. Don’t forcefully stop your heart from feeling for someone just because of the fear of losing a friend. And if / she yes it will be the most amazing thing that could happen to you.

No one can be a more correct person for you other than your best friend. Go ahead! Trust me, its worth the risk. We often regret the risks we never take, so go and say your heart out. 

10. What makes a man interested in a relationship, a few things that a man never likes in a relationship? 

A man never wants his girl to be extra possessive and jealous. If you point him out or might with him for talking to females. He may think that you are trying to control his life. Also, never makes your man jealous intentionally. He will react but almost that reaction comes negative.

If you expect him yo give all his attention to you, there are high chances that he’ll dislike it. Understand this, although you are the first priority he also has a life beyond you. He has friends and family. Just like it here human beings, he also wants to chill with other people beyond you.

Must Read Love Tips:-

Man likes sex, it’s not cheap. Researches have shown that seducing lights up man mood. A man never likes it if his girlfriend lies to him. It creates trust issues and he doesn’t see his growth with you. Cheating emotionally or physically even once in a relationship can literally destroy your man’s outlook on you.

A final thought on a deep question answer about love and relationship

If he’s sweet enough, he might give you another chance but he’ll never be able to trust you fully. Love life is like topsy turvy land. We have to face many ups and downs. But it does not mean we should give up or quit the relationship. Instead of this, you have to seek a solution. And not to worry we are here to answer all your questions. Do let us know in the comment section that how much our Deep question about love and relationship has helped in solving your all queries.

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