Ideas to Spice Up Love Life With Real Intimacy, No Sex



In this era of romance and fantasies which develop by movies and all. People misinterpret the meaning of intimacy with sex. I am not denying the fact that sex is an important influencer of a relationship. But the question is how long??. Have you ever seen an old couple sitting on a bench in the park and smile at each other? Or your parents who may not even hold each other’s hand the whole day but the spark of their love still make you believe in true love. That’s what intimacy is. There is always a stage in a relationship after a honeymoon period is over when the spark of the relationship, romance, sex gets starting fading.

Credit: Layla Martin
That is the high time to look for intimacy in your relationship if you want it for long. Intimacy doesn’t come up with sex, touches, and all cheesy things. It’s come with the sincere gestures of yours towards your partner to show how much you care for them and what can you do to show your love.
And we are here to you like your buddies. Here are some ways with which you can make your relationship alive with intimacy without having sex.

Deep Talks like breathing Fresh air

Have you ever asked your partner why he/she is like this, like why he/she gets angry over pity things?? .why he/she gets insecure??. What are the things that made them like what they are today? Yeah, you read it right. This is not about getting into the past. It’s about understanding them from the soul. These questions will make them free from baggage’s they are carrying for so long time. Because no one asked them. So be a sincere listener and see how this will bring intimacy in your relationship and in your bond.

Hair Massage: A stress buster:

Did you remember yourself getting hair massage from your mother and how much relaxed you always got? Remember honestly, was it only a head massage or a way to spend time and sharing things with your mother or grandmother. Not only your head feels light but also heart. Same goes with your partner. You come home after a tiring and stressful day, what do you want??.. sex or someone with whom you can share everything. I guess in the long term, someone with whom you can share everything with the help of a head massage. What can be better intimacy that your partner slept in your lap suddenly while talking? Because he/she felt so relaxed. Isn’t it cute??.

Little Surprises:

What you understand with surprises?. A surprise actually means to bombard someone with something that they can’t expect from you. It’s doesn’t always means to give expensive gifts, dinners, etc. especially in the long term. Suppose you are the one who always gets up and prepares breakfast for your partner and family. And one day, you woke up and found your partner standing in front of you with breakfast. How will you feel??. Is there any other surprise other than this can make you happy. And what takes it to do it, just a little effort. It can be wearing your partner’s favorite color dress even if you don’t like it. Or waiting to pick up your partner without their acknowledgment. And many more. We always focus on big things, but small things give more pleasure. The impact they leave on the relationship is forever.


Time under Stars

What can be more romantic than sitting under the moonlight seeing the beauty of stars and your relationship? Cracking silly jokes to saying how much you love your partner. Saying sorry for the fight you had to promise that no fights can drive us apart. And forgetting how night under the stars passed so early with your loving partner. Nothing can be better than this, I can bet you.

Dance with Horrible steps:

Intimacy doesn’t always come up with the romance. It’s something bringing yourself with no filter in front of the partner. Intimacy is doing things with your partner that you generally don’t do or feel shy doing in front of others. Let’s say, you don’t know dancing. And you are dancing with your partner like crazy irrespective of the dance steps. The steps and cute things you do with a partner will make both of you laugh like crazy and will bring you more close. As there will no parts of your soul and personality that’s hidden from your partner.


Be in touch during the Day

We all have busy lives. We work hard for our future and mostly our end goal is to fulfill our and our family’s needs. But then we forget, that in creating the future. We forget about those for we are working. That’s our partner. Imagine yourself working hard all day and you didn’t have your lunch and you always forget it. And suddenly, a message pops up telling you to have your lunch on time. Don’t you feel good like someone is there, who cares for me? A day is so long that it seems, so being in touch with your partner even while you are busy can bring your relationship to the next level of intimacy. Going out of your comfort zone for your relationship will make your partner realize your love more.


And the list can be so long, it depends on you how much you love your partner. And what can you do it make it forever? Always remember, everyone likes to be pampered. So think first that how you expect to be treated from your partner and same you do it for your partner. There is a rule of love in the universe. The more you will give love, the more you will get love. So keep loving and never hesitate to show it to your partner. We will come soon to help you with your other dilemmas. Till then make your relationship alive with bringing intimacy.

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