The story of two young girls, friends for 13 years!


School time is the best part of our lives and as they say school friends are friends for life. We meet a lot of people in our life but school friends hold a special place in our life. We spend 14 years in school and 8 hours together, daily.

The similar story is of two friends Vanshika Khare and Anshika Tiwari. The two met in class 1 and while being bench partners and bus partners , little did they know they would end up being best friends.

We all remember how special recess time used to be in school.  Rather than going to the canteen or playing with other friends they both waited for the recess to spend time together, opted for the same activity every time.

Everything was going good until they got separated in class 5th. Their lives being shattered in front on them. But they didn’t let this affect their friends.They made sure they spend time together.

First day of class 9th, everyone assembled in the assembly ground. The new sections were to be told that day, they stood there with each other holding hand hoping to have same sections and they did. They were on cloud 9 and couldn’t have been more happier. This was the happiest incident after 4 years of separation.

They have a thousand inside jokes, a million memories and a lot of stuff to share about their friendship. There are a lot of ups and downs in every friendship, everyone fears losing the other one when something happens. There was one such incident when Anshika started crying just by the thought of losing her best friend. This shows how much she loves her and how much she values her.

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No matter how much hurt or angry you are if your best friend is sad or needs you , without a second thought you’ll go beyond your comfort zone to make her happy. There were a lot of times when they fought over pity issues or hid things from each other but that didn’t change their bond. They complained to each other and made sure everything was sorted as soon as possible.

The qualities that attracted vanshika towards anshika was her positive nature, how she used to look onto things, how she appreciated other or the way she respected others and the differences. She is honest in every aspect, she cares silently and doesn’t believe in showing off.

They have faced many hardships in their friendship and very happy moments as well. They both are not in the same city now because of college but they make sure they talk daily, they still ask each other for advice and they still know how to make the other one happy.

One such incident is when Anshika decided to miss her college and surprise Vanshika on her birthday. She lives in a different city and it’s not easy to leave everything behind and make such a move but she had her plans clear.

Today, vanshika decided to make her best friend feel special through this post. This was their story, their 13 year long journey with a lot of fights, misunderstanding, ups and downs and most importantly love.

Dear Anshika,

Situations change people’s priority, but you know that’s not the case with me. The day I held your hand till today nothing has changed except for the fact that we’ve grown up to mature adults and our bond have strengthened more each passing day.

There’s a point in every true friendship where friends stop being friends and become sister. I have found one too and that’s you!

From the bottom of my heart I wish you great success and lots of happiness. Happy Birthday Anshika! Have a great year ahead and miss me.



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Jodi doesn’t always have to be about people in love. Jodi’s can be of friends too.

Happy Birthday Anshika!

Team Jodi Story.


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