Sridevi & Boney Kapoor Love Story Began After Cheated by Mithun


Sridevi is known for her exotic beauty in Bollywood. No one can beat her in acting and beauty. Her personal life and relationships are more beautiful than hers. The legendary veteran actress Sridevi passed away due to cardiac arrest. Come with me to read Sridevi love story & relationship.

Sridevi & Boney Kapoor’s relationship was a love at first sight romance. It started from a sweet friendship till marriage. Scroll down to read more about them.

Who is Sridevi?

Sridevi the old time, a very famous actress. Her real name is “Shree Amma Yanger Ayyapan”. Sridevi is an Indian actress who worked in Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam and Kannada.

She was the first “Indian Female Superstar” in the film industry. Sridevi was the recipient of various accolades like the Filmfare Award, Best Actress Award etc.

Who is Boney Kapoor?

Boney Kapoor was born on November 11, 1955. He is an Indian film Producer also associated with Tamil and Telugu films. He is the elder brother of Anil Kapoor and Sanjay Kapoor.

One of the most famous films produced by Boney Kapoor is “Mr. India’. In this movie, he cast his brother Anil Kapoor.

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Boney Kapoor’s love at first sight for Sridevi

Boney admitted that he fell in love with Sridevi after watching her Tamil films during the late 1970s. He flew kilometres to see Sridevi on her film’s shooting set.

There he wanted to talk to her but she didn’t notice him. Eventually, through connections, Boney Kapoor got a chance to talk to Sridevi during her Debut Hindi film.

They had only film and work-related conversations. He got to know her choices about films and who handles her projects. Boney Kapoor was gathering so much information about her career so that he could also cast her in one of his films.

Sridevi & Boney Kapoor’s friendship began through a “Vanity Van”

Slowly, Sridevi was getting to know Boney. Boney made all the possible efforts to make her feel comfortable. At that time there were no Vanity Vans facilities for actors & actresses to get ready.

Sridevi was feeling uncomfortable dressing herself during a film shoot. Luckily, Boney Kapoor was present there so he arranged a vanity van for her.

This made Sridevi feel comfortable to instil a friendship bond with Boney Kapoor.

Sridevi & Boney Kapoor’s separation because of Mithun Chakraborty

Sridevi allegedly started dating Mithun Chakraborty. This left Boney Kapoor in shock. It was a sudden news spread everywhere about Sridevi & Mithun’s relationship.

Both of them were so private about it. Even Sridevi had a good friendship with Boney Kapoor but still she hidden her relationship status from him.

Boney Kapoor decided not to go behind her and opted to arrange marriage with Mona.

Mithun Chakraborty cheated Sridevi and Boney Kapoor helped her to heal

Mithun got secretly married to Sridevi but he did not want to leave his wife Yogita Bali. He refused to accept Sridevi and this hurt Sridevi.

At this point, Boney Kapoor took care of Sridevi and she found a good friend in him. Both of their bond started getting more deep during this phase.

Sridevi’s love story began with Boney Kapoor

While Sridevi was healed by Boney Kapoor. She saw a side of him which she didn’t initially. This time Boney Kapoor was all real and true in front of her.

Sridevi & Boney Kapoor Love Story.

Boney Kapoor expressed his feelings about his love at first sight for Sridevi.

Sridevi & Boney Kapoor went through a lot of struggles during their love life

Boney Kapoor was already married to Mona Shouri Kapoor and father to two children Arjun and Anjula. He expressed his feelings for Sridevi in front of his wife.

Even Sridevi was pregnant with Boney Kapoor’s child. This was the extreme reason that his previous left him.

Sridevi’s journey to love wasn’t easy. She was then seen as a home breaker. In an interview, Sridevi revealed that it was difficult, and traumatic for her to realise that Boney was the man she was destined to be with.

Sridevi & Boney Kapoor’s marriage

After expressing his life to Sridevi, Boney took a few years to style things before finally proposing to Sridevi in 1993.

The couple tied the knot in 1996 after working with his brother, Anil Kapoor in Lahme.

Family of Sridevi & Boney Kapoor

Despite all the ups and downs and controversies, they lived a happily married life with two daughters Jahvi Kapoor & Khushi Kapoor.

Love, in the end, has to rule. Despite the trauma and struggles made by the duo, they made it to marriage and more in love. Sridevi and Boney were meant to be together, so even Boney’s marriage couldn’t keep them apart. How cute Sridevi’s love story & relationship are.


What is the age gap between Boney Kapoor & Sridevi?

Boney Kapoor & Sridevi had 8 8-year age gap between them. They prove to us that age doesn’t matter when there is true love.

How did Sridevi & Boney Kapoor meet?

Sridevi & Boney Kapoor met when Sridevi was shooting a Tamil movie. Boney Kapoor tried to talk to her at that time so that he could cast her in his film.

Did Sridevi & Boney Kapoor marry each other?

No, though Sridevi & Boney Kapoor were in a relationship but eventually Sridevi came to know that Mithun Chakraborty was already married to a woman. This led to their separation.

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Conclusion of sridevi love story relationship

sridevi love story relationship is an about extramarital affairs and love at first sight. Both of them weren’t sure what to meet in their life. But Boney Kapoor still had feelings for Sridevi.

True love wins no matter what! Both of them married and had a well-settled family.

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