Niti Taylor & Parikshit Bawa’s Love Story: School Romance To Forever


Love has many ways of blossoming. People fall in love all the time in this world. But what about that childhood crush in school? That first tingly feeling of liking someone? The first confirmation of having a crush? Well, if you want to read a love story that blossomed in childhood then you have come to the right place. This is Niti Taylor and Parikshit Bawa’s love story.

This is the love story of an army man who serves our country and an actress that has the cutest looks and the best attitude. They are just not an example of the perfect husband and wife but prove to the world that an actress can marry a real superhero and an army man serving our nation can fall in love with an actress too. Read the article below to immerse yourself in Niti Taylor and Parikshit Bawa’s love story.

Who is Niti Taylor?

Everyone remembers this cute little girl with the chubbiest cheeks and the most innocent smile from Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan on MTV India. She is a fan favorite because of her role as Nandini Murthy. Niti was born on 8th November 1994. Her parents belong to two different states. Niti’s father is a Gujarati and her mother is a Bengali Christian from Kolkata.

Her debut was through Pyaar Ka Bandhan in 2009. She was just fifteen years old when she made her debut. Her other popular role was as Shivani Mathur in Ghulaam. Apart from acting Niti has also appeared in some music videos. Her most recent role is as Prachi Gupta opposite Randeep Rai in Bade Acche Lagte Hain 2 on Sony TV.


Who is Parikshit Bawa?

Parikshit Bawa is no ordinary man. He is an Indian Army Officer who serves our country and keeps us safe. He is a real-life superhero. Parikshit is Lieutenant Parikshit Bawa. He was born in 1993. He was born in Gurgaon, Haryana.

His father, Mohit Bawa is a retired colonel army officer and student dean at BML Munjal University. Parikshit’s mother is Aneeta Sood Bawa. Since his father was in the army Parikshit has spent most of his childhood in many places. Parikshit would always get an all-rounder award in his school days.

Niti Taylor & Parikshit Bawa first met in 8th class

Niti Taylor & Parikshit Bawa love story

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan fame actress, Niti Taylor met Captain Parikshit Bawa at a school fest. Thus this romantic love story traces its origin to the couple’s school. Every childhood love story has a fruitful end. A livid example is before us. But don’t be fooled! They were not classmates. Moreover, Niti studied in an all-girls school and Parikshit used to study in an all-boys school.

So now you must be thinking then how did they even meet if they were in all-boys and all-girls school? Well, they met at a school fest! It was sort of a ritual. The girls used to invite the boys over for their fest and the boys used to do the same. This was also when they first laid eyes on each other.

The funniest and cutest part of the story is that Parikshit’s mother was Niti’s class teacher. So, whenever they would look at each other Niti would happily say, ”Oh look how my class teacher’s son is looking at me!” How cute, right? She would make huge fun of this fact.

At that time they both made accounts on social apps like Hi-Five and Orkut. They matched up on these apps and would steal sweet little glances at each other whenever possible. It was definitely a dream come true for school-going kids. But soon Niti left for Bangalore and the couple left things where they were without making too much of a big deal about it.

Niti Taylor & Parikshit Bawa reconnected on Instagram in 2018

Social media has become the carrier of messages and feelings. But in this unique love story, social media acted as the messenger of love. Instagram became the couple’s dating spot just a few months before their engagement. Instagram became the place for the reunion of the couple’s love.

So the story went something like this, Niti became a celebrity and on one fortunate night in 2018, Parikshit was unable to sleep so he was also scrolling through Instagram like the rest of us! Suddenly out of nowhere and very unexpectedly, he got a reply from Niti. Apparently, Niti never replied to Parikshit’s message from a couple of years ago.

Niti herself confessed that she loves stalking people especially her old friends so when she was stalking Parikshit she realized that she never replied back to him and then she immediately sent him a text. Hence they reconnected and then never stopped talking again.

Parikshit Bawa never wanted to get married until he met Niti Taylor

Parikshit would always tell his friends and family that he never wanted to get married. He was in no mood to be tied to one person for the rest of his life. Niti and Parikshit decided to meet each other after talking on Instagram for about four-five months.

Niti’s entire family stalked Parikshit on Instagram and immediately fell in love with him. They all liked him in an instant and told Niti to get married to him as soon as possible. They were all captivated by his good looks, charming smile, and more than six feet of height!

Parikshit often teases Niti that it is she who just captured and bewitched him and made him marry her otherwise he would have never done it and Niti never even denies it!

Niti Taylor & Parikshit Bawa got engaged in 2019

After dating for a few months through Instagram, the adorable couple got engaged in 2019. The couple had the engagement in an enclosed safe space where only family was invited.

They took this first step to become one another’s and share the rest of their life together. As you can see from the pictures Niti and Parikshit were looking otherworldly. They complemented each other really well and exchanged beautiful rings.

Niti Taylor & Parikshit Bawa’s marriage in 2020

On October 6, Niti Tylor took the internet by surprise when she flooded her Instagram with a marriage video of hers. This post was captioned – “My journey from Miss to Mrs is complete. I’d like to share with all my well-wishers that I tied the knot with Parikshit on 13 August 2020. And we had a very small, quiet, and intimate wedding with just our parents, aka, Covid wedding.”

Parikshit Bawa became Niti Taylor’s husband Yahoo!

So, the couple had a very personal wedding with their closest ones during the pandemic in 2020. The video post includes a glimpse of Mehendi, Haldi, and other rituals. And it also includes the newlyweds while celebrating their big day with their families. Niti Taylor was wearing a white shirt and a colorful skirt for the Mehendi function.

She wore a pastel pink lehenga for her grand wedding day. Complimenting her, Parikshit Bawa wore a sherwani with a pink turban. Moreover, the couple took the vows in a gurudwara. The video includes a glimpse of guests using a badge during the wedding that said, “#PARTITAYLES“. It would be an understatement to say that their wedding was just as cute as their relationship.


What does Parikshit Bawa do?

Parikshit Bawa is Lieutenant Parikshit Bawa, an Indian Army Officer from an army family background. He is a real-life superhero who serves our country and keeps us safe.

Who is the husband of Niti?

Parikshit Bawa is Niti Taylor’s husband. Parikshit Bawa is Lieutenant Parikshit Bawa, an Indian Army Officer from an army family background. He is a real-life superhero who serves our country and keeps us safe.

Who is Parikshit Bawa’s wife?

Niti Taylor is Parikshit Bawa’s wife. Everyone remembers her as the actress with the chubbiest cheeks and the most innocent smile from Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan on MTV India.

Which actress married an army officer?

Niti Taylor is married to Parikshit Bawa who is an Indian Army Officer. Parikshit Bawa is Lieutenant Parikshit Bawa, an Indian Army Officer from an army family background. He is a real-life superhero who serves our country and keeps us safe.

How did Niti and Parikshit meet?

Niti Taylor and Parikshit Bawa knew each other from their childhood. But soon this childhood romantic fizzled out and they both reconnected on Instagram in 2018. They talked for four-five months before finally meeting each other.

Who was Niti Taylor dating?

Niti Taylor was dating her childhood classmate, Parikshit Bawa. Niti and Parikshit decided to meet each other after talking on Instagram for about four-five months.


Thoughts on Niti Taylor & Parikshit Bawa’s love story

Niti Taylor and Parikshit Bawa’s love story stood the test of time. They form the cutest and the most adorable couple in show business. Thus they promise major couple goals to the coming generations. The transformation of friendship into love is a major player in their love story.

This promising love story roots back from friendship and thus to marriage. And marriage is the beautiful fruit that bore the seeds of friendship in the initial days. However, one cannot help but think that their relationship and reunion feel like a recipe that fate made to bring them back together.

Undeniably, the two of them walked the paths that brought them back to each other without really knowing what was happening. So I guess it’s true when people say that don’t go finding love because it will come and find you and it will be always in front of you. Just trust fate.

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