Margot Robbie & Tom Acklery’s Love Story: From Steamy Secret Encounters To Forever


Margot Robbie & Tom Ackerley’s love story develops with a unique combination of secrecy, spontaneity, and irresistible desire. Where writings come to life and dreams are woven,  Margot Robbie and Tom Ackerley engraved a love story that defies the standard Hollywood storyline. Their journey has been anything but traditional, from secret encounters on film sets to shared aspirations that gave rise to a flourishing business.

Here is an intimate glimpse at the unseen chapters of Margot Robbie & Tom Ackerley’s love story—an unedited and amazing odyssey that reflects the beauty they create both on and off the screen.

Who is Margot Robbie?

Margot Robbie is an Australian actress and producer who has lit up the silver screen with her ability to switch into the character she is portraying. She is indeed magic on the screen. unquestionable skill and charisma have lit up the silver screen in many movies since her debut in the local Aussie movie Vigilante (2008).

In Martin Scorsese’s dark comedy The Wolf of Wall Street (2013), she was cast as the trophy wife of the main character (Leonardo DiCaprio), ultimately leading to her breakthrough. 

Margot Robbie’s characters are a testament to her versatility and the ever-present screen effect that she leaves on the audience. Her characters range from Harley Quinn, Nellie LaRoy, and Barbie in the movies Suicide Squad (2021), Babylon (2022), and Barbie (2023). 


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Who is Tom Ackerley?

Born on June 13, 1990, Thomas Francis Michael Ackerley is an accomplished English film producer, actor, and former assistant director. Despite being a native of the United Kingdom, his professional concentration is firmly on Hollywood. He is an assistant director and producer on productions including The Brothers Grimsby and the 2015 rendition of Macbeth. Before these roles, he was an integral part of the creation of films such as Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Rush, and War Horse.

Tom Ackerley began his film career as an extra in the first three Harry Potter films. Ackerley returned to the film industry as a production runner for films such as Gambit (2012) and Rush (2013) after taking a hiatus from the industry. He has worked as an assistant director on a variety of television shows and films from 2012 to 2016, including Pride, Suite Française, The Two Faces of January (both released in 2014), and Macbeth (2015).

Margot Robbie & Tom Ackerley’s love story – how it began in 2014

Tom Ackerley and Margot Robbie initially connected through their involvement in the film industry. Margot confirmed their paths crossed while working on the 2014 film Suite Française. At first, they play it cool, keeping their romance on the low, treating it like just another friendship. 

But, spill the beans they did, as Robbie spilled to The Guardian in 2018. And oh boy, when the secret got out, she likens their house to a brief stint on ‘The Jerry Springer Show.’ Chaos ensued, but luckily, things settled down, and all was good.

Robbie spilled that their pals were a bit worried about the relationship causing drama within the friend group. Surprise, surprise—it didn’t. Everything turned out just fine, contrary to the initial worries. The couple made their first public appearance together during a New York Rangers game in February 2015.

Margot Robbie and Tom Ackerley’s low-key marriage in 2016

December 2016 marked the month when Robbie and Ackerley officially said “I do” in a low-key ceremony on Australia’s Gold Coast. Interestingly, the couple chose not to spill the beans about their engagement before the wedding bells rang. Robbie shared that she walked down the aisle to the enchanting tunes from the 1993 film “True Romance.”

Following swirling rumors about their nuptials, The Wolf of Wall Street star decided to confirm the news in her unique playful style. A cheeky amusing Instagram post showcased Robbie giving her newlywed husband a sweet kiss, all while proudly displaying a gleaming ring on her finger. 

Margot Robbie and Tom Ackerley’s business since 2014

In the same year that Ackerley and Robbie kicked off their romantic journey, they also ventured into the business world together. Alongside Robbie’s childhood friend Sophia Kerr and Ackerley’s industry colleague Josey McNamara, they co-founded LuckyChap Entertainment in 2014.

In the early days of their company, the quartet shared living quarters in a London apartment. LuckyChap Entertainment has since made a mark, producing acclaimed films like I, Tonya, Promising Young Woman, and even diving into the world of Barbie.

Robbie spilled the beans that she and Ackerley took their commitment to the next level, even delaying their honeymoon to film I, Tonya. During a chat, she narrated the story about a hilarious encounter with DeGeneres, Portia de Rossi, and Barack Obama.


Who did Margot Robbie marry?

December 2016 marked the month when Robbie and Ackerley officially said “I do”

How did Margot Robbie meet her husband?

Margot confirmed their paths crossed while working on the 2014 film Suite Française.

Is Margot Robbie still married?

Yes, Margot Robbie is still married to Tom Ackerley

Was Tom Ackerley in Harry Potter?

Tom Ackerley began his film career as an extra in the first three Harry Potter films.

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The ending to the beautiful Margot Robbie & Tom Ackerley’s love story

Margot and Tom serve as a beacon as they negotiate the ever-changing screenplay of their shared lives, a reminder that love, in all its complex splendor, can be both the supporting actor and the starring role in life’s grand drama. 

Their narrative inspires us to believe in a love that not just survives but also thrives in the beautiful turmoil of life, with each chapter written in the ink of shared dreams, laughter, and everlasting support. So, Margot Robbie and Tom Ackerley’s love tale lives on as a compelling masterwork that transcends beyond the boundaries of a Hollywood romance.

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