10 Signs He Is Worth Marrying


Marriage is a serious and all time huge commitment. These days marriage are not meant to be kept for life time so it’s better to choose a life partner worth your interest. Marriage should have all the essential ingredients that make it strong and ever lasting. When you are in a relationship the only question that revolves around is when are you getting married?

But to marry there should be a person who loves you differently and you feel differently for him. You love him and he loves you but marriage is a serious thought which should be given great time. It means you jvar to live with a person till your life. Before making a wonderful pair there are certain qualities that you should find in him, if you found them then congratulations! He is the only one.

You feel free

You are very much comfortable in expressing your points and ideology with him. He never stops you from exhibiting your view points. You are free to judge anyone and share your opinions.

Considers you in all his decisions

Relationship is of two partners who are in love whereas dominance is considering only yourself and this word is of no use in relationship. If he want to share his entire life with you then he should consider all your decision in his life.


You are now a part of his life and your sessions should also be taken care of. It should be an easy task to share your decisions with him because first and foremost rule of love is taking each other into account.

He put efforts in the relationship

Solving relationship issues should not only be done by you, he should also take efforts in handling the relationship. He should know what efforts should be put into a relationship to make it long lasting. Should work hard and be good in his job and should be able to provide you a comfortable lifestyle. He should try to become best version of himself.

You Can Always Rely On Him

In marriage a time comes when you fall down but until and unless there is someone to hold your back, the meaning of marriage is not justified. A couple that know how to face the difficulties together and have trust on each other only form up a best marriage. In your tough times you know that he is there to hold you tight always.


He loves to listen you

If you are a chatterbox then obviously you need a man who is ready to listen all your talks with interest. A guy who is more obsessed to tell you his schedule is not a perfect keeper. The one who takes interest in knowing all your talks is a perfect man who you should find out and marry as soon as possible. He should be able to listen to both your good and bad day at work even at the midnight is a perfect match.

He Cooks

It is not that a woman should always be cooking sometimes a man too should do it to please his woman. When you are back from your long day he should be ready with some delicious good to lit up your mood and day. A way to a women ‘s heart also goes from her stomach.


He Is Honest And Tells You Everything

He is honest and loyal towards you is the biggest plus point in any relationship. Should allow you to intervene in his social life and should be frank in telling you about everything. Should be ready to share all his personal things with you and should be comfortable and happy while doing it all. All these qualities if found then just grab him and marry.

He Makes You Laugh

The only essence if true and long lasting marriage is that he should have a great sense of humour to make your day. If you are feeling blur he should tickle your bones and make you happy all day long. He should know how to keep a smile on your face even after a dreadful day. Not only now even after 50 years this quality of him is going to make your day perfect.


He Has Similar Future Plans As Yours

You both have same future goals will help you in achieving them soon and early. His plans should align with your so that you both can make a perfect match. Your goals for buying a house, car, travelling and settle comfortably should not crash with each other. It would take more efforts for you to make a relationship work well.

He Makes Sacrifices For You

Everyone has different lifestyle if he is ready to cut down some of them makes him a man worth marriage. If he had a habit to drink , smoke etc. and if he is ready to sacrifice it all. If he loves you he can make any alterations in his lifestyle just to get you in his life.

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