Boney admitted that he fell in love with Sridevi after watching her Tamil films during late 1970’s.

Slowly ,Sridevi was getting to know Boney. Boney made all the possible efforts to make her feel comfortable.

Sridevi allegedly started dating Mithun Chakraborty at which Boney decided not to go behind her and opted for arrange marriage with Mona.

Mithun apparently got secretly married to Sridevi but he did not want to leave his wife Yogita Bali.

He refused to accept Sridevi and this hurt Sridevi. At this point,Boney took care of Sridevi and she found a good friend in him.

Boney expressed his feelings about his love at first sight for Sridevi.

Boney was already married to Mona Shouri Kapoor and father to two children Arjun and Anjula.

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