Tina Munim and Sanjay were childhood buddies. They were attracted to each other.

Their cute love flowered into a serious affair. They two were in close relation with each other about the time when Sanjay Dutt’s première film “Rocky” released.

They both started dating since then. However, due to Sanjay Dutt’s unnecessary consumption of alcohol, Tina broke their love affair.

Sanjay Dutt and Madhuri’s affair was a great matter back in the 90s.

According to Source, love flowered among the celebrity while shooting for the film Saajan in the year 1991.

Manyata and Sanjay Dutt were in love and after a long two years of courtship, they both married for 7 February 2008.

And after two years of the wedding on 21 October 2010, the pair welcomed their twins, Iqra Dutt and Shahraan.

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