Fawad did his schooling in Lahore Grammar School. Sadaf attended the girl’s school of the same branch.

Fawad khan met Sadaf when they were about 16 years old. Fawad was hypnotized by Sadaf and had a huge crush on her.

But he could not assemble the courage to ask her for a date in person. So, both began chatting online.

So, both began chatting online. At 17, Fawad khan met with a pitiless accident where he damaged his pancreas and acquired diabetes problem.

And when he was admitted to the hospital, his close friends said to him that the girl named Sadaf was asking about him.

After some days the pair finally set up a meeting. Khan, within the very first week of their meeting, proposed to the pretty girl who stole his soul.

And, this was the just beginning of something really extraordinary. When they both went to different colleges, Fawad Khan would usually wait for Sadaf outside her college.

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