Who knew that this chivalrous man had been dating for 10 long years, with his childood lover- Parveen Shahani.

After the famous and big hit, Raaz, Emraan and Praveen were ready to take their vows and devote their relationship to the highest level by tieing their wedding knot!

Though a celebrity, they decide to have more of an intimate wedding which occurred on 14 December, 2006.

In an interview, Emraan had confessed that he is a terrible lover and not even close to what he is on-screen!

But Praveen as understanding she is, does not need any expensive gifts, but just a true lovable husband!

She is truly an amazing wife for she accepts Emraan for what he is and has never raised any issue about his intimate scenes on-screen!

Well, they also have striked a deal where Emraan has to buy her a bag whenever he has to perform a kissing scene in the movies!

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