Eijaz Khan was 1st love of Anita Hassanandani. As she met Eijaz on the set of famous T.V serial “Kkavyanjali”.

Because of the serial, both fell in love with each other. And Anita started dating him since 2001.

Because of ignoring Anita was upset. And then she came to know. About Eijaz’s cheating with her.

He was dating with two more girls. Canadian singer, Natalie & Nidhi Kashyap other than Anita.

After the breakup, Anita was looking for true love. Fortunately Rohit Reddy knocked into her life. And he met Anita in Jim.

It was love at first sight for Rohit. Rohit Reddy is a Goa-based businessman.

Although Anita was unaware of Rohit’s feelings. She was unaware of Rohit’s love for her.

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